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I am just starting 2nd line chemo, carboplatin and caelyx. I understand it will be for 6 sessions every 4 weeks, I am needing to get travel insurance for Europe. I read that many ladies do a lot of travel, and therefore must have found affordable travel insurance. I would welcome any info on insurance companies that are sympathetic to ladies undergoing chemo treatment. Many thanks .

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  • I have travel insurance as part of my bank account package which means I'm insured at all times wherever I am for theft of possessions, loss, medical treatment, but I've had to declare I have ovarian cancer so I'm just not insured for anything related to that.

    I've travelled extensively in Europe over the last four and a half years on treatment and in remission. I just take a note of how to get home should I need to. I think if I had a presentation that threatened bowel blockages or had a history of A&E admissions I wouldn't take this light-hearted approach.

    I know others have found travel insurance covering ovarian cancer but thought I'd offer my take on travelling abroad. There's no right answer.


  • Hi

    I am the same as you and have just got travel insurance for £133 from MIA. I am going on a cruise to the Northern Lights in November for 12 days and they will cover any health problem but not cancellation insurance. I just have to be given a letter by my oncologist to say I am fit to travel. They are very helpful and nice and I was given their name by another patient who is in the same situation as me and she was travelling to Majorca for a week and got hers for £98. She has been on holiday and is now back and there were no problems.

    Hope this helps and I hope you have a good holiday and come back revitalised!

    Best wishes


  • Hi there,

    I do a mixture really - for short trips to Europe I take Annie's approach as I feel the risk is pretty low and the cost of a flight home at short notice is often less than the insurance premium. However for a longer forthcoming trip - a month in Australia with a stopover in Abu Dhabi (wahey!) I got the clear2go coverage from MIA for £160. They were excellent. if you want to have a look.

    Hope you have a fantastic time!



  • I too have medical insurance but the insurance for my illness is not covered. But that has not stop me travelling I been away so far four times I between my treatment and have. Just booked my fifth holiday next month we have made sure that we have air flight home but I. Go for a week at a time

  • I got a quote and it was very expensive do ended up taking a health insurance policy that covered me for worldwide travel with no exclusions on pre existing conditions.

    It works out about £ 90 a month but it is full cover and I had a few holidays planned so thought it was worth it.

  • We recent got a quote from Insure & Go for my mum who's just completed second line, which was extremely reasonable - starting with basic cover excluding ovarian cancer at around £16 for a week in Portugal. We are off in a few weeks so I'll be having a proper look at the quote over the weekend. Worth looking there! 😀

  • Link here for Insure and Go....

  • Thank you for the web address ,Holly

  • I have the same as Whippit. Insurance through my bank. They cover my high BP and underactive thyroid. Also all the other stuff i need. But not the OC. They know about it as it has to be declared. But for a weeks hols its fine as i am usually just chilling anyway. Have been all over and its great. But i have been 5 years free, so far. Also i did not take first trip till my chemo was finished.

  • Hi I too start second line chemo Carboplatin and Caelyx this Wednesday coming. The best travel insurance was MIA online I got it from a cancer magazine in the local cancer hospital. You need a letter from your oncologist/consultant to say that you are ok for a holiday. It cost £63. Letter from consultant sometimes they will charge you a fee of £30. I had quotes from other insurance companies some wouldn't even touch me and others charging more than the cost of the holiday for two!! It does annoy me all you want is a holiday and you are penalised for something that is not in your control!! Hope you can manage cheap insurance and a lovely holiday take care Lynn Xx

  • Dear Lynn, Thank you for this information. The 1st quotes I had for 5 days in Europe was £1400...sympathetic! I will try Mia as several people have now mentioned this.

    Many thanks

    I am most grateful

  • Wow,thank you ladies,Mia seems so reasonable. Like Annie ,i use my bank insurance ( not covered for oc) only go around Europe for easy return should i need too. But it would be reassuring to be covered for oc while away. Thanks again Terrie x

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