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Caelyx and Myocet

Dear ladies,

I've noticed that Myocet keeps coming up in the questions, and some of you have been offered it. Last week my oncologist told me that Caelyx is coming back in production, after having been out of circulation for more than a year. Caelyx is made of the same substance as Myocet, but is formulated specifically for ovarian cancer, and has a higher rate of success than Myocet. I've had it, and had 6 months remission on the back of it. If you are being offered Myocet ask your oncologist for information on Caelyx.

Hope this helps.


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Hi Francesca,

Although this diesn't affect me....this is such useful information...thank you for posting this love and best wishes x G x


Hi, my wife is just about to start Caelyx as 4th line treatment so its good to hear that you got a 6 month break after it......we would be more than happy with that right now.


I have last week been offered Myocet as 3rd line treatment. I have been doing research on the drug eversince as i was worried why i had not been offered caelyx or another of the drugs that i had heard of. Have been told Myocet and Caelxy are exactly the same drug, however Myocet is licensed for breast cancer and Caelyx for ovarian cancer in the uk. I think caelyx and myocet is the generic name for the drug. Will keep you posted if i find anything else.


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