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Caelyx and hair loss

Hello, I'm about to start a course of Caelyx on Monday for my first re-occurrence of PPC and I wondered if any of you had used a cold cap during treatment? I only got my hair back in March so would like to have a go at keeping it since hairloss is only listed as a possible side effect of Caelyx rather than a definite. any advice would be most welcome thank you.


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Hi Jane,

I have just had my third cycle of caelyx and no hair loss or thinning to date- My onc said it was unlikely I would lose my hair with Caelyx but it may thin, but so far so good-I don't think I recall hearing of anyone with total hair loss with this chemo but I may be wrong, I'm sure others will respond,


Jan x


U don't loose your hair with caelyx

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Hi Jane, I didn't use a cold cap. It got thinner after five rounds of carbo/caelyx, but not so anyone would notice, except my friends when I moaned about it! All the best for your treatment xx


I start this regime next week my onc said I wouldn't loose my hair but it might go a bit thin x


Hello Jane. My Mum had Caelyx as her 2nd line chemo. She had Carbo/Taxol originally and did lose her hair with that. But with the Caelyx, although her hair did thin out a bit, it was hardly noticeable. She used to spend ages putting rollers in her hair each evening before she was diagnosed with OC. Now she has her hair short and straight and it looks great. Although she misses her curls, she saves so much time each evening!!

Best wishes. Jane X


Hi Jane, I've had three lots of cargo/caelyx combined without any hair loss. I seem to have lost a bit of natural wave but other than that there's no change at all.

Best wishes,

Joan x


Hi Jane,,

Just had the full six rounds of carbo/Caylex with no hair loss or thinning. Good luck.


Hello again

Thank you all so much for replying. I'm very happy to give the cold cap a miss and take my chances. My hair has grown back very thick so a bit of thinning will save me a trip to the hairdressers...

All the very best

Jane x


Hi. I am on Caelyx and have had no hair loss compared to my other chemo. In all the brochures it does say that your hair just might thin a bit but to no great degree. So hopefully you will be like me and not lose your hair whilst on Caelyx. Regards Maria


Hi. I'm on Carbo/caleyx and was told that there should only be hair thinning rather than loss. I've only had one treatment but haven't experienced any thinning.

I was advised not to go down he cold cap route when I was starting my first chemo of taxol as apparently it is really painful. Maybe it's tolerable for some but I just didn't fancy putting myself through even more pain than I was already in at that time xo


Hello Julie & Maria

Thank you for replying. I had my first session of Caelyx yesterday without any problems so far (touch wood). Took the anti sickness meds, went to sleep around midnight and slept through which I never did with carbo/ tax. I've bought some Cetraben cream for my feet & hands to hopefully keep the chaffing away. Do let me know how you get along and I wish you the very best of luck. Jx


Hi Jane - I think you'll find you won't lose your hair with Caelyx. It may thin a bit but I wasn't aware of much loss, or at least it didn't show. I certainly didn't lose it as I did with paclitaxel/carboplatin. My oncologist said this would be the case and she was spot on.

Good luck with the treatment!


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