valerie harrison

at 03.00hrs my beautiful mother valerie lost her brief but dignified battle to cancer,her 5 days at st richards hospice gave her serenity and tranquility to the very end,with her family around her bedside,nursing staff in assistance she was hugged and loved until she left this place,thankyou to all of you who gave me support over the past 4-5 weeks and offered advice,she is now out of the clutches of her "octopus"...r i p mom will love you for eternity

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  • So Sorry Shaun I have no words of wisdom just sending you all our love and hugs. Lucy x

  • Hugs, Shaun. At least she is no longer suffering.

  • Am so sorry for your loss Shaun. Hugs Kelly x

  • Dear Shaun

    Thank you for letting us know. I'm so sorry. This must be a terrible loss for you but at least you did everything possible to make your Mum's last few days and weeks as comfortable as possible. Valerie was clearly much-loved by all who knew her. Annie

  • So sorry for your dreadful loss. She was very lucky (and I'm sure pleased) to have your support through the last few horrible weeks. You have been fantastic. I hope you can now rest and recouperate from your loss and shock.

    Very best wishes,


  • Hugs.


  • So sorry Sean. I don't post very much but have been following your posts. You are such a lovely son. You're Mum was blessed to have you.

    Chris x

  • So sorry Shaun.

    Monique x

  • My deepest sympathy Shaun! I am so glad that she had peace at the end.

    Thinking of you all at this time.


  • So sorry Shaun though glad your mum's last days were peaceful. Thinking of you.

  • Shaun I'm so sorry that this terrible disease has struck you and yoour family.

    Take care of yourselves.


    Charlie xxx

  • Really sorry to hear about your mum, it's never easy even though we know what is going to happen, lots of hugs to you and your family xxx Jorja

  • Dear Shaun,

    I am so sorry, I hope you will take comfort in the fact that Val (your mum) had a firm hope and assurance of Eternity, Heaven is richer and us poorer....she has given you this sense of love and care that she had (and you obviously have)...and I hope too her legacy of her faith will remain with you....thank you for sharing this at this difficult time my thoughts prayers and love are with you and your family love x G x

  • So sorry to hear of the loss of your mum Shaun. Lots of love and hugs for you and your family. xxxxxxxxxx

  • Dear Shaun,

    Now your mum is at peace and I hope after the grieving you and your family may find peace.


  • Dearest shaun.. So so sorry for your loss.. May she rest in peace for eternity. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family at this sad time.

    Lots of love



  • So very sorry for your loss

  • I don't post very often but I have followed your mums journey! Heartfelt sympathies to you and your family. You sound like a really caring and loving son. Love Susanx

  • Sorry for your lost, my thoughts are with you.

  • Thoughts are with you Shaun, lots of (((((hugs)))))

    So glad that mom had a peaceful end with her family around her, this would have meant a lot to her.

    Take care.

    luv trish x x

  • All of us at Ovacome are so sorry to hear of the death of your mum. We know she had a hard time but hope it will be some comfort to you that her last days were peaceful and she was so well looked after at the hospice and had her family with her at the end. If you ever need to talk things through do please feel free to get in touch with Ovacome either by phoning 08453710554 or emailing us at

    Our thoughts are with you at his time and I am sure she will have appreciated all that you did for dring her illness


  • So sorry for your loss Shaun, I feel for you I truly do. She was so lucky to have such a lovely caring son.

    Love Linda xx

  • Hello Shaun,

    I'm so sorry that your precious Mom has passed away. Although you must feel heartbroken, try and take comfort in the fact that she died in a very peaceful, caring place, knowing that she was very much loved by you, and all her family. You'll be in my thoughts as you make all the necessary arrangements in the next few weeks,

    With love and sympathy, Solange x

  • Shaun, I am so sorry to hear the news...Its one of the hardest things in the world to loose your mum and I do feel for you and your family, but your mum is at peace now.....

    Hugs to you all xxx

  • So sorry. You were a wonderful son to her.

  • Dear Shaun,

    I am so sorry. I will be thinking of your family. you did your best for your Mum but she is at peace now.

    Love Marilyn

  • So sorry to hear your news. She had a wonderful family, a wonderful son and the love of many who knew her, Shaun. I know you will miss her but you gave her so much at the end of her life and she is at peace now. My thoughts are with you. R.I.P.

    Love Wendy xx

  • Dear Shaun

    I was so sorry to see your news. My thoughts and prayers arewith you and your family.



  • Hello Shaun, Love and dignity are so precious, your mum had these, you may be proud of her always.

    With hugs. Cara

  • Dear Shaun

    I am extremely sorry to hear of your sad loss. I have followed your mums

    story and although it is a blessing she has now passed on, I know how

    devastating it is to lose your mum.

    Love and Hugs to you and your family

    Angie xx

  • I'm so sorry to hear about your mum Shaun. You are a wonderful son and couldn't have done more for her.

    Cathy xxx

  • Deepest condolences Shaun. You have been so good to your Mum being with her right to the end.

    Love to you and all your family.

    Liz XXX

  • So sorry Shaun to hear of your loss even though prepared its always a shock.I believe your dear mum is in a good place now,looking down on you knowing what a great son you are,and have been to her,So try to remember all the good times shared and our thoughts are with you at this sad time,big hugs jenny

  • Dear Shaun ,

    So so very sorry to hear that Mum has passed away , your Mum had a brilliant son in you .

    Caring kind and loving , you fought for her dignity peace and comfort right to mums peaceful passing .

    Mum will always be with you ..Never far ...

    Thinking of you and your family xxx

    Love Jan xxx

  • Oh Shaun,

    I'm so sorry your Mum had so little time since her diagnosis.

    Thinking of you at this sad time.



  • Dear Shaun

    So sorry to hear about your Mother. Losing a mother is hard to bare, but she has left you a legacy of gentleness, love and strength to help you always but especially through the sad times. May these be replaced with happy memories.

    Love Sue

  • Dear Shaun, I am so sorry to hear about your mum,my thoughts are with you and your family,deepest condolences.

    Love Sue x

  • Dear shaun

    She has gone in body but her spirit wil be with you always

    Many hugs x

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