My beautiful mama has passed on with the Angels

My beautiful mama has passed on with the Angels

Well, Mama never got to go on that vacation. She passed away at 9:05 am on February 27th. Tomorrow the viewing. My Mama went very peacefully. She stayed up all night staring at me. She was so sick that I spent the night with her. Once she woke up she was restless and in pain. We began to pray with her, her favorite prayer. She placed her hands one on top the next across her stomach and closed her life. I am comforted a bit in that she committed her life to God. I am comfitted a bit in that my great Mama gave me all I needed. She gave me trust. She trusted me with all decisions about her life, her money and her family relations. I am comforted in that she did not have a long suffering. I am comfitted that she is no longer afraid. I am comforted, yet I am still devasted. I have much support. I have massive family in my city and neighboring cities. I have family traveling in from Sera Lione and from Senegal, England and all over the US. Still I am in such pain to have to bury my dear mother. I am in so much pain. I love her so much. Now I am getting phone calls from all over the world with people she communicated with. I am saddened, I am grateful to have had her. This is not yet real. My mother whose hands went from warm to ice cold. My other who I shared everthing with, my mother who I massaged, cuddled, hugged and kissed into eternity. Crushed. I am crushed. Love you Mama forever and more you sweet beautiful person.

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  • I'm so sorry to hear this news.

    But it does sound as if your mother did have a comfortable end and especially with you there.

    And I hope the funeral will become a wonderful gathering of the clans from all over the world.

    Thinking of you. xx

  • It was indeed Mac27

  • So so sorry to read your news however so glad you were with your beloved Mama, that must have been a great comfort to her and you.

    Having lost my own mother last year I understand your pain, it is immense and it will be hard. I send you my prayers.

    Your mother is now at peace, friends and family who are left with that huge gap are now in turmoil. There's no other way to say it, embrace her life, celebrate her life and the impact and lasting impressions she has left on family and friends. Speak to her still, pray for her and cry for her but also laugh and smile at the special fun memories. They are still here and still valid.

    Thinking ofyou

    Take care

    Clare xx

  • Amazing advice that I will heed.

  • Hello Venessabr,

    My heart goes out to you and your family, now your beautiful Mama is now with the angles.

    How wonderful that you had that special time with her.

    Lorraine xx

  • Yes, feeling sad but grateful.

  • So sorry to hear you mama has passed Vanessa!

    May she rest in peace with the angels.


  • Thanks, HogwartsDK

  • I'm so sorry to hear this news but comforted to hear your Mama's passing was so peaceful. My thoughts are with you all and I'm glad you have such a huge support network at this very sad time.

    Jemima xx

  • Yes, My support network spread across the globe. Amazing!

  • I am so sorry to hear this. You and your mama sound like you had a wonderful relationship and I expect she drew a lot of strength from your support.


  • I surely hope so Yoshbosh

  • I am so very sorry your dear mama has passed on. I can really understand your devastation but in time it will be a comfort to you to know she was peaceful and that you were with her.

    Celebrate her life and the lovely times you had with her. Together you will have made happy memories that will become a comfort to you in time. You have shared a beautiful picture of your mama with us and this is how you should try to remember her as a serene beautiful lady.

    Take some comfort that she is no longer suffering and that she is now with the other teal angels who will have welcomed her with love and open arms.

    Sending my love and a big hug to you, you are in my thoughts. ❤xx Jane

  • This advice I shall heed Cropcrop

  • I'm so sorry to hear the sad news of your beloved Mum's passing. I hope your faith will support you through the dark times ahead so that you can ultimately remember all the love and good times you shared with happiness. X

  • Thanks Alikay

  • So dreadfully sorry to hear your news. Having lost my own dear mum 11 years ago I fully understand your pain. Take comfort that she is now free of pain in gods arms. God bless. Kathy xx

  • Thanks Kathy.

  • I am so sorry Vanessa...but I am glad that your Mum is no longer frightened and in pain. One day you will only remember the kisses and cuddles and this horrible disease will just be a small footnote to all the love between you and your Mum.take care Lyndy xxx

  • Lyndy, I look forward to that day.

  • Hi Venessabr

    I'm so very sorry to hear your news. I lost my mother last summer and know your pain. Please take comfort in her peaceful passing and from the fact that you had a warm and living relationship. You sound such a wonderful daughter and I'm am absolutely sure that your mamma appreciated everything you were able to do to support her.

    I hope that you are able to celebrate her life with family, friends and loved ones.

    May your beautiful angel rest in eternal peace, never ever forgotten ❤🙏

    Much love

    Marian xxx

  • Thanks Marian

  • Although you must be very sad in your loss, you are lucky to have such fond and positive memories of your mother. Your extended family will help you at this time and so will your faith.

    All the very best! Helen

  • Absolutely January_2016

  • So sorry you lost your mother to this illness, I hope the funeral will go to plan, Maybe when the fuss dies down and you are calm, it would be a good way to remember your mother by doing the trip anyhow yourself, my sincere condolences

  • susuki, my aunt just suggested that we do the trip in her honor.

  • So very sorry for your loss ... your mama is no longer in pain she's free to join the teal angles spread her wings and watch over you 💙

  • I hope she can see how truly amazing her going home celebration was. Every seat was taken and every space for standing.

  • I'm so sorry you've lost your mother my thoughts are with you and your family xxx

  • Thanks.

  • I'm so sorry you lost your beautiful and wonderful Mother. She was lucky to have a daughter like you who loved her so much and supported her through her illness, please take comfort in the happiness you gave her right to the last moment. Thinking of you. Sophia xx

  • This is the only thing that is keeping me sane. she had her wish of not wanting to be alone when she took her last breat.

  • God bless her .. very sorry to hear this. She sounds like a really special woman.

  • More special than even I had known. Even the mail man and the UPS delivery men came to her funeral.

  • I am so sorry, I cannot imagine your pain. However, the way she passed on her bed with you next to her is a huge blessing - what a grace! Stay strong, I'll pray for you and her too xxx

  • We need it BIscuitqueen. Thanks

  • My deep sympathies for your loss. Jesus promised that he would come and meet us at the moment of our death and bring us to a place prepared for us in His Father's house. (John 14:2-3)

    I hope you can find comfort in the knowledge that your dear mother has passed from your loving care into his. Hugs.

  • May he embrace her with love and eternal life, in Jesus name.

  • I'm so sorry to hear you have lost your darling Mama. She looks beautiful. But you know that she knew how much you loved her and it must have helped her so much that you were there when she left. Of course you are devastated but it's wonderful that you loved each other x

  • Thank you Lesley. The moment of her last breath on earth though devastating, I try to find some solace in it.

  • So sorry you lost your beautiful mother, but you do have the beautiful memories of the two of you being together. I pray that God takes away your sadness and your Mother is in a beautiful place, looking out for you. 🙏🏻💕🌸

  • I recieve that.

  • My sympathy is with you, so very sorry!


  • Thanks.

  • Dear Venessabr

    I'm really sorry to hear that your beautiful mama has passed away. Like you I was with my mother when she died two years ago. It gives me such comfort now that I had cared for her for 8 years and was privileged to be there in her final moments. I think you too will get that same consolation and you know so well that you did all you could for her. She knew that too you can be sure . May she rest in peace.


  • Very comforting reply MollyO. Thanks.

  • May peace be with you

  • Thank you Ayanj43

  • So sorry for the loss of your beautiful mama.

    Take care xxx

  • Thanks Howick01

  • I am so so sorry to hear you lost your precious Mom. Your story made me cry. I know you will miss her terribly and I hope you are comforted by your loving family. How wonderful that the two of you had such a beautiful relationship. You were truly blessed! What wonderful memories you will have of her now and forever Kim xx

  • Indeed Kim. My memories small and big shall be with me forever. I lay today in the room in my house that I built for her in the last weeks of her illness where I smell her very presence in the room.

  • I have just seen your sad news and send my very deepest sympathy. Hoping that you will find comfort in fond memories. I lost my dad in November and am still finding it to be unreal.

  • Neona. It feels so unreal. Those are the correct words.

  • So sorry to read this. You sound like a really loving, kind daughter, who adored and cared for your beautiful mother until God called her home. I'm sure your mother is at peace now , watching over and helping you through this devastating time in your life. Sending you my deepest condolences 😘💕😇 xx you take care of yourself x Meg

  • I appreciate you 1924

  • Your mother was indeed beautiful. She gave you life and you held her until the end. She would want you to put her to rest with love and tenderness and then go out into the world and live your best life. Your large and loving family will bring you much comfort in the days, months and years to come.

  • Twala_7. Thank you so much for your kind words.

  • Thinking of you. So sorry your mother has gone. Warm regards Carole H x

  • Thanks so much.


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