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recovery after ooperactamy

3months ago i have done surgery for endometriosis cysts and adynomiosis utrus. Both ovaries and utrus completely removed. Dr said endometriosis was spread up to the urine bladder and all removed. Now i am taking only calcium pills. Dr said take hormone tablets only after six month because if any cysts remain in the body not to allow to flair. my question is if hormone tablet not taken immediately heart related decease and other problem will effect body?now i am feeling un healthy and pain in stomach also. kindly suggest what step i have to take for my recovery and led normal life. what symptoms seen by lack of hormon

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Hi Basilia

I hope you are feeling a little better and are not having too much pain. Go back to your hospital where you had surgery and ask to speak to the gynaecology specialist nurse to get some help. They are so good at helping with post-op pain. You don't say if you had any other follow up treatment so I'm guessing not. There are a lot of suggestions on this site for healthy eating, exercise and alternative ways of supporting your body after a big operation . Just type the key words into the search box at the top of the page to read lots of ideas from women who have found ways to support their health. Also, there is a good site if you google penny brohn cancer support. They were pioneers of healthy eating and alternative ways of supporting cancer patients when they were called the Bristol Cancer Centre. It is worth a look on their website for info about eating, supplements and CDs for relaxation.

In the mean time, just start with a gentle walk every day, and try to increase the amount and speed that you do each week. It certainly helped me get back on the road to fitness after my operation.

Good luck

Love, Wendy xx


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