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Borderline ovarian cells

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I am new to posting.

In Nov 2020 I had a routine scan for hip and back ache I am 63 and was sent for ultrasound and found to have 2 cysts one on each ovary. Recommended to have hysterectomy but as my husband was ill asked to have ovaries fallopian tubes and cysts removed as recovery time was quicker. I had this surgery done on Jan 2021 and biopsy from omentum.

I did not hear anything from results but received an appointment 7 weeks later which I assumed was follow up from operation. This was to inform me that cells were borderline but we're also in the omentum. So recommendation to have hysterectomy and omentum removed.

I am a bit confused and anxious as i had not heard of borderline or omentum before.

Just would like to hear from someone who has gone through this operation and what recovery time is.

I am due for surgery in the next 10 days

Thank you

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So sorry to hear of your diagnosis, Gakaxy57. It is always concerning when one is advised to have surgery or treatment and this is just the place to have those concerns "lessened" via the experience of the strong and compassionate women on this forum.

I understand you are facing a total hysterectomy and removal of omentum (or part thereof). Most of the women here have had the total hysterectomy and many have had the omentum removed and I'm sure they'll chime in as the day goes on.

As one who has gone through the surgery, I can say that recovery was not as hard as I imagined it to be. I had two nights in hospital and then was released for home recovery. There is soreness, of course, and weight lifting/activity restrictions, etc. but many recover in a week or two - enough to move about the house, do light chores, visit with friends, etc. Driving, heavy lifting, strenuous activity, etc. is limited for about a 4-6 weeks but one can do most other things comfortably and your strength increases daily. You should do well if you haven't any other particular challenges. Planning ahead to have extra groceries around or pre-made meals in the freezer helps. Letting go of your daily "chores" or expectations for a perfectly kept home, etc. during those 10 days also helps. Give yourself time and space to heal. Your going to be fine.

Surgery is the best way for your Dr. to determine what is happening and also quite impactful on mitigating disease growth. I am sure your team will have more info and a plan of action, if needed, after your surgery.

Wishing you well and hoping your surgery and recovery go well. Do keep us informed.

Thank you for your kind advice.I will let you know once I have had surgery and I am back home recovering.

Hi, I had total hysterectomy and omentum removed also. It seems like cancer cells like to spread to the omentum because of the richness of blood and fat cells. I had this surgery in January of 2020. They also found two nodules in my intestine and abdominal wall. The surgery went fine with no complications. I wish you well with your upcoming surgery. Hugs from the USA, Donna xx

Thank you for your kind words. Nice to know that I am not alone in this type of surgery.

I had a mucinous borderline ovarian tumour though didn’t actually know until after removal. They thought it was most likely a benign cyst but it was very large (they thought 30cm, though ended up 40cm on removal) so only option was full hysterectomy. I had this 6 weeks ago and diagnosis 4 weeks ago. If you’re on Facebook thrre is a really helpful group Hysterectomy Sisters (make sure you get the UK one!) with loads of info on recovery etc. I e found the worst thing just the tiredness, still not back at work. The pain has been manageable for me. You will need some practical help for a few days at least.

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Gakaxy57 in reply to Danteandsam

Thanks for the advice and support you sent recently. Glad to know that there are lots of other ladies who have been through this operation don't feel quite so isolated now

Hello Gakaxy57. I totally get where you’re at. You just weren’t expecting this and it is very confusing.

I was 49 when I had removal of what was thought to be an ovarian cyst. They found what they thought was ovarian cancer at the time so I was fast tracked to gynae oncologist for hysterectomy and removal of ovaries. They also removed Omentum. Following surgery the histology came back many weeks later as it was sent to a specialist lab and I actually had widespread Borderline Ovarian Tumours. This changed the plan drastically as suddenly I wasn’t going to be having chemotherapy.

Borderline is not cancer however it is not, not cancer is how this was explained to me. The cells are abnormal and divide slowly.

8 months later I had results of a follow up CT scan which showed a “node”. More surgery revealed what turned out to be Low Grade Serous Ovarian Cancer along with Borderline tumours. Borderline tumours can sometimes (and I stress sometimes) turn into Low Grade so they will monitor you closely. Borderline and Low Grade grow like little implants, deposits or plaques so often coat the inside of the omentum.

As for the surgery, the ladies before me have given great advice. Hyster Sisters is a great site and fb group so do look them up. Good luck... sending you hugs. Diane xxx

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Gakaxy57 in reply to Levanah

Thank you for replying to my post with advice and support. Not many people I know have heard of borderline cells in ovarian diagnosed not even my doctor but I'm reading and learning more about this now.

Hello. Sorry to hear of your news but please be hopeful. [Edited by moderator] I had 'the works' removed plus omentum as cells were also evident near my diaphram ( all originated in fallopian tubes). Realistically I would say at least 2 months recovery time. I was 5 days in hospital. I would stress following all the instructions about exercises, including coughing regularly after surgery and breathing exercises. Its much harder to get back on your feet if you dont. If your husband is still ill can you enlist help from family and friends? Be kind to yourself and prioritise yourself for a good while. Im sure you will be ok. Good luck xxxx

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Gakaxy57 in reply to Kaitlinsmum

Thank you for your kind words and advice.

Hello, I had this operation at 45 - also due to a borderline tumor. I left the hospital after 12 days. Of course it took a few more weeks to recover completely. But I think it is worth it. The chances that nothing will return are -according to studies- much higher with no visible tumor cells left.Take care !

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Gakaxy57 in reply to Salambo

Thank you for your kind words and advice.Hopefully I will be on the way to recovery once I have had the operation.

Hi Gakaxy57,You did the right thing contacting this forum because so many of us have been through the same procedures. So much good advice has already been given here that I'll just add my best wishes for a speedy recovery. It's time to think of yourself but do take it easy x

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Gakaxy57 in reply to Ge0rg1na

Thank you for your email and advice.Looks like a lot of ladies gave gone through similar experiences thanks once again

Hi- my doc did it as part of my hysterectomy. I healed well. Just take it easy for a few weeks. I slept in a recliner for the first few nights. Hope your do very well! Ps- I didn’t know what an omentum was either, until a few days before my surgery.

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Gakaxy57 in reply to Leniko

Thank you for replying and for your advice. Not many people I have spoken to know about the omentum or borderline cells but thank you for your kind words.


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Gakaxy57 in reply to mupash

Thank you I know surgery is the best way forward.

Hi! I had exactly the same diagnosis at the age of 52. The surgeon removed everything, including the omentum, and my womb. There was borderline cancer in both ovaries and my omentum. There’s a good info sheet on borderline ovarian cancer on the resources section of It’s worth looking at their info sheets, there is a lot of help on there plus a telephone helpline you can ring for support. In my case, the op was successful. I’ve been healthy with no further evidence of cancer for about 19 years. I was told that borderline is a slow growing type of cancer so the surgeon was fairly sure he’d removed all traces. The op wasn’t too bad. I was back home within five days and going for walks, slowly building up to exercise, within a couple of weeks. However, I wasn’t allowed to lift anything or drive for about six weeks. You’ll need some help with that, I think. In the longer term though, if the surgeon recommends you have the op, it makes sense, doesn’t it? I didn’t need any chemo or radiotherapy, although, sometimes now they offer you a shirt course to ‘mop up’ any possible spread. However, I was glad not to have this and my surgeon was convinced he’d got everything sinister out. Good luck with your op.

Love Wendy xx

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Gakaxy57 in reply to wendydee

Thank you Wendy for your comments and advice.I have spoken with Ovacome regarding my diagnosis and perhaps setting up a web chat or Q @A to help others best understand this type of borderline cells changes.

Hopefully once the whole operation is completed I can work towards getting better and as i have just been made redundant look to work for a cancer charity for a few days to keep my mind active.

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wendydee in reply to Gakaxy57

I’m sure that all the advice you’re getting will be helpful. It’s important to look after your well being too. Having an aim, a wish to make a positive out of a negative, is, in my mind, so important. I started trading as a volunteer with Ovacome after I got better and I am now involved in my local hospital’s Gynae oncology support group, COPES (Essex Gynae Oncology Support). Ovacome and Target Ovarian are often looking for women to speak out in their quest for raising awareness. However, I’d just let yourself over the next steps first. Good luck.

I had mine the other way round. Had the hysterectomy and one ovary removed and then a couple of years later had to have the other ovary removed due to pain and thank god I did as it was borderline. Total shock and didn’t show in any pre-op bloods. Then had to go back and have full washing’s and omentum removed. My gynaecologist basically explained the omentum is a layer of fat that goes from the ovaries up to the breast and is the way ovarian cancer travels to the breasts, so is vital to have it removed.

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Gakaxy57 in reply to CarolB1969

Thank you Carol for your kind words. I am having the omentum and hysterectomy with the full washing so hope they will get all these borderline cells removed this time round.

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