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Large Ovarian Cysts, back pain

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Was wondering if anyone has similar problems. I have had back pain for a while, bad back pain. And an enlarged belly, finally went to orthopedic Dr and had MRI done of back, back was ok, but they found 2 ovarian cysts, right one 12 cm, left 13. I now look 9 months pregnant, no joking. Went to GYN nurse practitioner Friday, my Dr. wasn’t in.She did an ultrasound, my left cyst is now 16.4 cm, about a week after MRI has grown 3.4 cm. She did a CA 125, the left cyst is complex and septated, my cysts are so huge they are pushing my intestines up under my breasts. My bladder is compressed, so it can’t fill up, I have to pee frequently and don’t go very much. Miserable and in pain, they gave me pain pills, helping a little. Constipated and laxatives are not helping. Also itching a lot. Have an appointment with my GYN Dr. Tuesday at 2:00. I’m trying to be patient, but so miserable it’s hard. Just wanted to know if anyone else has had the same big cysts like I do? They said I have to have surgery, and possibly a gynecologist oncologist. Scared it’s cancer, but preparing myself for that! Help!

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Hi Bella take time to breathe xx this time waiting for appointments, tests and results is so anxiety provoking and the worse!

Tuesday isn’t far away but I know to you it seems a long time off! Try and distract yourself with doing stuff you enjoy even though you may not feel like it!

I’m sorry you find yourself here but this forum is a great source of support, friendship and information so welcome xx

Keep in touch and let us know how you get on xx

Sending hugs


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BellaBleu in reply to BeeWild

You are right, I am stressed at this time! Thanks for you advice and encouragement!

Hi Bella, It does play with your head and it's very normal to feel this way, I hope you have support at home you can talk with and let out all your worries and you can always at any time come on here we have some amazing ladies to correspond with.

I hope arfter Tuesdays appointment you have all the answers and a plain in place, then I'm sure you will feel better ,,Take care Lorraine xx💙💙

Thank you, yes I have a husband who is very supportive and my daughter flew in from Florida last night late with my grandkids, waiting to see them at any minute this morning, maybe it willl take my mind off of it. Live those grands!

A gynecologist oncologist is your best bet to have surgery even if it doesn’t turn out to be cancer. Sorry to hear about the discomfort you have been in. 💕

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BellaBleu in reply to bsooner

I think you are right, the only ones in this area would be Shreveport which is two hours from my house, which would be a drive for my husband and daughter, but I really think that’s what i need for this surgery. Just worried! Thank you!

Hi, yes I had all those symptoms. I had a hysterectomy and a huge cyst was taken away. Glad I had it done as I was in alot of discomfort, breathing difficulties and lack of energy. That was three years ago and I am back at work doing all the normal things again. Best wishes and give yourself treats.

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BellaBleu in reply to Pishi123

I’m so glad to see you’re post for me and you! Thank you for the response!

Hi Bella. This can be a scary time indeed. That said.. if you can, hold on to the thought that it doesn't have to be cancer. An important thing for you is probably to get a referral to a large/experienced oncological hospital gyn unit where you can have your operation, just to make sure you are in the best possible hands and get better soon. This should not take longer than 1-2 weeks following Tuesday's appointment, I hope.

Meanwhile, can you ask for some relief through a tummy drain, to get rid of some of that liquid which pushes against your organs, if possible? I experienced that myself, and it's quite a burden prior to the operation. The drain was painless and such a relief for me.

All the best and trust your experts. Xx. Maus

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BellaBleu in reply to Maus123

Didn’t know about that , it would help, short of breath, and just feel really bad. I live in a small area, so hopefully I can have surgery soon!

Is the itch all over? I had the same when I was waiting for my first appointment which was 11 years ago now. It felt like prickly heat all over. It turned out to be caused by stress and it disappeared as soon as I knew what the treatment plan was and I was more relaxed. Morag

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BellaBleu in reply to govanhill

Yes, all over but mostly my back, and I can’t reach it! I am feeling rather stressed, and tired. Thank you. Hopefully will get better after my Tuesday appointment, and I know what is going on.

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