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Recovery after my op

Hi everybody, i have been out of hospital since tuesday, went in on the 23rd my op time was suppose to be half 12 but didnt get into theatre until 6.30pm so was a long day of waiting around, spoke to many doctors and they was all happy with the procedures that were going to be taking place and me too i was quite reassured with what was happening still abit anxious as the wait felt like forever. My surgeon said the op could be between 40mins to 4 hours as he didnt know in detail what exactly he needed to do until he got in there, ended up being an hour in sugery and he was really happy with how the surgery went he said it went better than expected :) and as i was telling you about my bowel before fortunetly the tumours had not spread onto my bowel just my pelvic side wall. He has removed any remaining disease and sent it off for biopsie and to be tested so fingers crossed, that the tumours is still borderline and hasnt got any cancerous cells so hopefully no change. If there is and it isnt no longer a bordeline tumour then he has suggested a few months of chemo/radiotherapy but he said i should get results in 2 weeks.I am feeling ok was in alot of pain first few days and abit now but i feel like im recovering better at home now so its been 6 days since my op and im feeling ok mentally but still taking it easy and resting in bed. hope everyones doing ok xx

jasmine xxx

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Great news, Jasmine!

After my surgery, I routinely took the high dose paracetamol and ibuprofen the hospital gave me, whether I was in pain or not. This seemed to control it very well, but I did get very tired and couldn't stand for very long. Glad to hear you are taking it easy. You'll recover so much more quickly.

Fingers crossed for your results!


Hi Jasmine Rose, Lovely to hear from you. I was wondering how you got on. Glad that you're back home and on the mend. Fingers crossed that the biopsies come back as Borderline again, keep us posted, love Kerry x


Hi Jasmine. Glad to hear your op went well and you are home. Remember to take things easy, hope you get good results. Love Jennyx


That's really good news Jasmine. Rest up and don't lift anything heavier than a bag of sugar :)

Take care, Irene xx


Hi Jasmine

Thanks for the's great news that your operation was technically less difficult than the doctors feared. Do take things very easy and fingers , toes and everything else crossed that everything will be borderline again.

Charlie xxx


Hi Jasmine Rose, how are you x


hi Jasmine, how are you x


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