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Hi ladies,

I have been having pain during sex for two years now.

I was diganoised with IBS a year and a half ago but have recovered apart from bloating i have a oddly weak bladder and often end up crying during sex because of the pain.

My mum had fibroid and ovarian cysts what had to be removed surgically, my auntie had ovarian cysts, removed surgically, my other auntie has polystic ovaries.

I went to the gp's when i first had pain they give me this device and told me i needed to stretch my vagina didn't work, then they gave me lube, didn't work, they vagisilk didn't work the problem is higher up.

I then spoke to another gp because i felt a lump, she had a look goes oh thats your ovaries, and told me to try different postions which it still hurts

i then saw another gp who told me its in my head.

I have not at any point been offered a scan, i am thinking of going privately but am unsure about what i should do or go where, i am in the norfolk area any help would be fab

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Ask your doctor to do a blood test on your ovaries called CA125


I agree with Ann get your GP to do a CA125 test when they get the results, ask them to tell you the number. If it's raised I'd push for a scan. Call & make an appt today to put your mind at rest.

Good luck x

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Hi, Do your GP's know your family history? If so I find it very odd that they are not arranging a scan to rule out possible ovarian cancer.

A CA125 blood test is a good indicator that there may be an issue. It is not, however, the only indicator and levels can be raised even when there is no cancer present so a CT scan alongside bloods could really be the best option. Speak to your GP again and stress how anxious you are. If they are just treating the painful intercourse you have presented with they won't necessarily be looking for other issues. IBS can be diagnosed when ovarian cancer is present as the symptoms are very similar initially so given the ovarian issues in your family you need to be referred if only for peace of mind.

I really hope you do not have anything sinister but either way you need to know for peace of mind and, more importantly, for necessary treatment if there is something there.

Good luck with this ❤xx Jane


Dear Chickendippers

I am the Support Service Manager at Ovacome. As the forum members who have replied to you explained, requesting via your GP a CA125 blood test and a referral for a scan of your ovaries will hopefully provide some clarity regarding the cause of your symptoms. I just wanted to add that if you decide to pursue a private scan, please do contact me (by private message through this forum, or email support@ovacome.org.uk or freephone 0800 008 7054) and I would be happy to pull together a list of private scan providers in the Norfolk area for you.

Best wishes



I also had similar problems. One GP told me to buy a hot water bottle, another prescribed ibuprofen. Finally got a diagnosis when I was taken into A & E with an infection. Definitely go back to your GP and ask for the CA125 blood test adding your family history. Good luck.

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Hi there, the fact you have found this site & have already received excellent advice puts you are on the right track.

I can't really add to this but can say I had lots of symptoms that you have & constantly went to the GP even informing them I have a high risk of ovarian cancer & breast in my family. They came up with the most daft ideas. No one checked my ovaries. Sadly I didn't know about this site at the time if I had I would of asked for a ca125 & to check my ovaries. My cancer started in my left tube by the time it was found it had gone silly.

You might not have this at all but it's worth having it checked out especially with your family history.

Good luck keep us up dated take care Cindyxx


Oh my god, bless you that is awful its sad to say but it seems to be a problem doctors not taking it seriously i am so sorry to hear that it was cancer i have booked a doctors appointment for next week and am hoping they will finally listen to me but not holding much hope x


yes to all suggestions here and be insistent on the CA125 and scans. I was was in so much pain logic didn't kick in and l left the GP surgery none the wiser so many times . perhaps write down your symptoms for a week or two ( i use notes in my iPhone) and call them out to the doctor on your next visit .

hope you get some answers, please keep trying and you are the only one who knows YOUR body.

good luck with everything



When I was diagnosed,I had some pain having sex.Then I found a lump that my medical team thought to be a cyst.They did do a lot of test on me finally plus scan which did not show anything.While having surgery to remove lump,they found I was full of cancer.So I would suggest not just a scan,but a CA125.The ca125 was an indicator for me.Other symtoms besides pain during sex, plus lump near my ovaries were bloating,constipation (iBS). Push for more test for peace of mind.Good luck.Lynn💙💙


I had some pain before being diagnosed and this was one of the symptoms that made me go to my doctor. I think it's definitely worth pushing. I had a private ct scan after my ultrasounds to quicken things up. Sc


Please see a gynecologist that specializes in dyspareunia (dis-puh-ROO-nee-uh) - medical term for painful intercourse - NOT a GP. Use the term to decrease embarrassment on the phone when making the appointment. Giving the GYN MD as much info as possible. ASK for an ultrasound! Tell the MD what you are worried about and your family history.

As for the GP that said it was all in your head - report that person and never see him or her again!

This is your health, your life and you deserve better healthcare!


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