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Surgery this Monday

Came on here few months ago and posted...I am finally going in for surgery this coming Monday. I feel that 2011 has been consumed with this problem and took a lot out of me, although I've kept my head together today the nerves are ramping up. Last time I posted I was waiting to see what was on the CT scan...7.3cm complex mass with septation...small calcifiation on edge and still can't tell me what it the docs room that day the blue panel that was up on PC screen was titled Ovarian Cancer Staging then below was write up of what Ct had seen...I have tried to ask questions on here in the last few months but never been sure what to say...It seems that since I woke this morning all the worries have kicked in and I've done so well these last 9 months of waiting with pain increasing all the time and carried on with life work and family, feel I need to pull myself together and cope just a little bit longer but struggling to...and of all things have a 50th surprise party to go to tomorrow night so part feels let it out today. any tips ?

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You have done brilliantly! Not surprised all the worries have kicked in now, but let it all out. You are nearly there - after Monday the task is recovery.

Now it's time to let someone else do the coping and to concentrate on getting through the op and any chemo they say you need, and getting well.

My advice is talk about it, cry about, get angry about it and get through it. You will continue to be brilliant!

Isadora, xx


Thank you made me well up again lol....Its the is it or isn't thing about it all...even they can't answer me that until they get in there...I think whats held me back from asking so much on here is because nothings comfirmed or not yet...partly feel I have no right to be here on this forum until it is...but when I'm being talked through the surgery as pre warning of OC how else am I supposed to react with others, especially as I don't know of anyone around me who has gone through this so kind of feel a bit alone in what I'm experiencing, all I say to family and friends is it probably will be nothing and all will be fine...



I don't know how you have coped with the worry and uncertainty the last few months. This is just the forum to use when you are going through those times. I will have my fingers crossed for you on Monday and I am sure that you are mentally equipped to deal with whatever the news. But Isadora is right - time to let others take the pressure while you recover. And do let yourself deal with the variety of feelings that will overwhelm you. If possible find someone outside the family to talk to about your feelings and responses. I have found it so helpful to be able to talk about seemingly unconnected questions and background thoughts.

Best wishes for Monday and do let us know the outcome. Remember - you are not alone.

Angela xx


Thank you Angela I will let you know what happens although I will feel rather sad for others to come back and say all was ok too :(...all seem such strong women here when I've read comments...admiration to you all


Hey, Ally,

If your results come back clear you will still have been through all the worry, surgery, etc. Your experience is as valid as anyone's. I hope you are absolutely clear and never have to give it another thought.

However, there is some truth in the old adage 'whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger'.


I xxxx


Hi Ally

Good luck on Monday I hope everything will be ok.

Chris x x



Will be thinking of you on Monday, you are strong and will get through this.

Just go with the flow of everything, have yourself a lovely time at the party.

Take care x


Hi Ally just want you to know I am thinking of you and whatever happens we will always be here for you. Just hope its not OC but when I was diagnosed my cousin said, "Remember we are strong women". Whenever Ive needed support I always told myself that.

Lucy1dog x


Hi Ally

Alll the very best for Monday: I'm sure you will be fine as it took a great del of courage to wait so long.

Love and hugs



Hi Ally!

We'll all be there whatever the outcome of your op. I just want to echo everyone else's messages. You have done so well to put up with the waiting for so long. I think I would have gone berserk with someone, although I was fobbed off with all sorts of explanations for about 3 years before I was diagnosed. It is frustrating. By Monday, you'll no doubt feel like you're on a course where you will be well looked after. It will be fine, I'm sure. I found the op was nowhere near as bad as I feared. And yes, Lucy, we are strong women! Nice one!

Will be looking for news when you're back on here, Ally, and hoping things go well on Monday

Love, Wendy xx


Update from Monday...Home yesterday morning and they went in keyhole although surgeon said although not much outside, major surgery inside. A 10cm cyst on the ovary was fused to the bladder and bowel by adhesions and also took something which he thinks may have been a bit of the left ovary not taken out from 12 years ago. He said it didn't look like anything more when they took it all out but have to wait for the histology to come back in about 2 weeks...will let you all know when I get the all clear *fingers crossed* but I'd say good sign with nothing being obvious for now.


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