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Hi newbie here, worried about CT scan results


Hi everyone, I've been meaning to sign up for a few days but kept putting it off lol.

I've been having stomach problems on and off for around 2 years now mainly constipation and trapped wind, last year I had a breath test which came back negative but nothing else after that no further tests, it settled down for several months but flared up again last weekend and in a big way, I ended up going to A&E last Monday evening as I was in agonising pain all in the left side if my upper and lower abdomen and going into my back, after 6 long painful hours if waiting and going from one doctor to another they finally sent me home after an examination telling me to continue taking pain killers and to wait for an outpatient appointment for an ultrasound scan.

Anyway the next day I got a call from the doctor at the hospital telling me to go in the following morning for the ultrasound, I went for the ultrasound then received a call the same day telling me to go in the next day for a CT scan as they found 3 spots on my liver. So I go for my CT scan on the Thursday which included the dye through my veins.

So I had a call Tuesday from the hospital telling me my liver is fine but they want to do another scan in 3 months to keep an eye on. But they found something inside my uterus 15cm big and I need to see a gynecologist, i told him i had a swab taken a couple of months ago as i was losing dark grey discharge and he said that wouldnt puck anything up as its inside my uterus!

So I'm now waiting for an appointment with the gynecologist and going out of my mind with worry, I know it's only been a few days since they called but it feels a lot longer, I'm still getting bloating feeling and pain in both lower back and abdomen.

Has anyone else had similar experience if so what was your outcome? Obviously I've done the wrong thing googling my symptoms which has fed my anxiety even more. I'm currently on setraline for my depression and anxiety.


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I forgot to add that the last couple of months I've been urinating a lot more than usual and feeling sick most days

Another big hug coming up, Debbie. Waiting is c**p because our minds are so good at going into overdrive and it’s natural to fear the worst BUT for most women this ‘something’ turns out to be benign. It’s just us select few on here who had the not such good news, the thousands who had better news are elsewhere, probably worrying about other things! As Lindy says, treats and distraction can help. Hope your outcome is the very best Jo 🌼🌻🌺🌹🌸

Thank You, trying to keep positive, it's just been a horrible 2 years with one health problem after another just seems never ending, they probably know me on first name terms at the hospital lol x

Sending you a big hug Debbie. Waiting for results is just the worst.... I can tell you ‘try not to worry it might be something else entirely ‘ but I know it won’t help much. Please stay away from Google-you will end up imagining you have everything under the sun. Do something nice for yourself today and try to distract yourself from the process.

All best wishes. Lyndy

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Thank You, I've been doing lots of housework to distract myself, although my back and tummy keep reminding me to slow down lol x

HI Debbie, Waiting is always hard and having to deal with this for the last 2 years can only add to your anxiety, good the liver scan results came back clear and that they will keep a eye on that, so try and relax I know it's hard but when ever you feel the need for support we are here for you, sometimes just being able to correspond with someone who understands is a help and we all do understand.

I hope when you do post next time it's with good news take care Lorraine xx

Thank You, that's why I came here to talk I don't want to keep worrying my family with my thoughts and worries especially this time of year, I called the doctors yesterday to get an appointment see if he can speed up my appointment with the gynecologist because the pain just isn't getting any better x

Hi lovely and welcome, I’m so sorry you’re experiencing these health problems, I’m glad they were able to do the scan quickly and that the liver has come back ok. Hopefully they’ll be able to give you an equally easy explanation for the other issues but it certainly needs investigating urgently as you shouldn’t be having such pain.

Did your doctor do bloods tests? You need to know why you’re nauseous all the time, have they ruled out infection? Have you tried ginger nut biscuits for the nausea? I had awful nausea and they helped me a little and I knew the cause of my nausea.

Please try to stay away from Dr Google, it can make us believe we have things wrong with us that are way off the mark and cause so much unnecessary extra worry. Try not to worry, easier said than done I know but it really doesn’t help you at all.

Let us know when you have had your gynae appointment and what they say. In the meantime try to keep as well as possible. Big hugs and love ❤️Xx Jane

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Thank you for your kind words, I have tried ginger biscuits but they really haven't helped, they did my bloods but heard nothing back and haven't mentioned infection, I'm just trying to keep positive I need to for my family x

Oh Debbie, you poor thing. The waiting is always the worst part, I'm sure a lot of us can confirm that but it doesn't mean bad news. These things happen all the time and many, many results turn out to be nothing to worry about. It is natural to worry and we all know it doesn't help anything but we an't seem to help it.

Try to cope with your different tummy problems day by day. Perhaps keep a diary so you know exactly what has happened when you get your next appointment.

Also, don't forget not everyone on this site has bad news. Many of us are coping well and have been for some time.

There is light at the end of the tunnel, sometimes our worries stop us seeing it.

I do wish you all the very best and like you keep my fingers crossed for good news.

Best wishes, Zena xx

Debs, it's always the worst outcomes that our minds reach for initially. Here's the thing, it may very well turn out to be no big deal. However, if the news turns out to be scary, then you will rise to the occasion like so many great ladies before you and you will have amazing support and we will help you find your strength.

Whatever you find out from your results, you are not alone. :)

Sending you hugs,


Would just like to thank you all for your kind words it means a lot xx

Was supposed to go to docs yesterday to ask him to speed up my appointment with the gynecologist, but he wasn't in so they had to change my appointment Thursday instead.

It's been a rough couple of days as ive come on my period and its been really heavy with lots of large clots ( sorry about tmi) and the pain has been unbearable. Hopefully the doctor will chase up my appointment with the gynecologist on Thursday.

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