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Snowy white

Well I have just finished 8 rounds of carbo/taxol and Avastin. Results show ct scan clear some small low grade activity on PET which I am assured i shouldn't worry about, but obviously will. Feel exhausted and nervous of the future. Good news is that my hair started to come back after chemo no.5 and is growing rapidly. Looking like an ageing Annie Lennox but so good to have some hair for the warmer weather if we get some and ditch the wig.

Have to have Avastin every 3weeks for the immediate future. Hope it works and side effects aren't too drastic as had enough of them since last feb.

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Hi Michelle

Congratulations on finishing chemo! Can think of worse looks than Annie Lennox, ageing or otherwise and it must be GREAT to have some hair. My Onc. is also talking about giving me Avastin on a maintenance basis when I finish (four more weekly treatments to go - will it ever end) and would be very interested to hear how you find it.



Hi sounds good looking like Annie Lennox I have lost most of my hair now but I don't mind how it comes back as long as its does next year. Hope your treatment works Love and hugs Babs x x


Hi Michelle

Well done...good news thankyou for sharing love x G x :-)


Hi all

This site is sooooo good for just finding other people at the who can give advice just when it is needed!

I am having carbol/ taxol and have just had my 4 lot of chemo 2 more to go. I have had hysterectomy and there was a 3cm tumour either left behind or grew between the op and starting the chemo 6 weeks later. The good news is that it has reduced by 50% after 3 treatments. However I am thinking about what next and want to plan with the consultant about maintenance. What is the criteria you have used to have the maintenance and also to use Avastin. I know that to use it we will have to apply for funding and want to get on with that now in case I need it. I am aware that people use this site from all over the world .i live in Northamptonshire in uk and would welcome any advice about this. I have been told the cancer I have is aggressive and rare and even though treatment going well I want to make sure every thing is happening to prevent reach urbane. All advice gratefully received.


Hi Newlife,

Following a hysterectomy in January and then 6 rounds of chemo, I started 3 weekly maintenance Avastin in June and will stay on it for a year as long as my body can tolerate it. I was told by my consultant that at the moment Avastin has only been approved for patients at stage 3 or 4 who are undergoing first line chemo. I think anyone else might have to find private funding for the drug. I don't know whether health authorities differ in their rulings on this - I'm under Trafford.

I'd be interested to hear how others get on with Avastin - side effects, what they've been told etc.

Liz X



I wish I could assist with what was the criteria, I only questioned having Avastin with my oncologist as I had read it was the latest drug for Ovarian cancer. Mine was recurrence, I initially had grade 1 in May 2010 and was treated with a hysterectomy and carboplatin only at that time. However I was told it was quite a low dosage. This time around I had carbo/taxol and the Avastin. I had scans after no. 4 chemo which had shown an excellent partial response and by no. 7 no tumours showing on the CT scan. The oncologist has said that as Avastin is a preventative maintenance drug and as my recurrence was so soon, that is why he is keeping me on it for a year. I have to say I am being seen privately under my company scheme and the Avastin was approved. I am aware it is a lot harder on the NHS.

I know how you feel with trying to do everything you can to prevent recurrence.


Thanks Liz

Thats helpful. I will speak with consultant. research what they do here as I knew there was criteria but not sure what it is. I have been staged at 2 and having first line chemo but concerned about how aggressive i have been told this is. we have caught it now but from what i have read it tends to re occur quickly. so want to space these times out.

Thanks again



Hi! I know it's easy to see all the women who post who are having treatment and whose cancers reoccur. There are also quite a lot of us who are still ok. In my case, nearly ten years down the line. Try typing in survivor or good news into the search box at the top of the page. It may unearth some good news stories. Good luck with your treatment. If you have any medical questions the helpline nurses are excellent. They are on 08453710554. They work Monday to Friday, office hours but there is an answer phone I think.

All the best,

Love Wendy xx


Dear Newlife

I'm sorry to hear about your diagnosis. I have Stage 3 serrous tumours - the most aggressive undifferentiated type. Apparently these types of cancer respond well to chemotherapy and I've been told the tumours tend to return quickly. However this is just a statistic. I'm looking forward to my 9 month check up in September and feel fine so far.

Unfortunately there's no way anyone can predict what will happen and how the disease will progress or stay in remission. I think the best thing is to enjoy your good health while you have it and if you can not worry too much about tomorrow.

Hope this is helpful. xxx Annie


Hi to all,

I'm about to start 2nd line chemo ( gem/carb plus Avastin) Could anyone tell me what their experience of the side effects are? have been told I won't lose my hair again but it might thin? It's returned SO thick and curly I won't wworry about that. I too will be on Avastin every 3 weeks after for a year. Have any of you girls out there had positive results after? Let me know! This site has helped me no end- don't feel so alone? Does anyone ever return to some kind of normal life after it all???


Thank you ladies for all your kind comments. At the moment, I'm feeling good and positive, it sure helps get me through. xx


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