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Weekly Taxol with Avastin

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Good morning ladies. I have just had my second of weekly Taxol treatments for a first recurrence ( unfortunately after 3 months so platinum resistant) . Dr is looking at combining with Avastin is we can get any shrinkage in the tumours around my bowel.

Two questions

1. Anyone else had weekly Taxol with Avastin, any major issues?

2. My hair is just back and I love it! What effect did weekly Taxol have on your hair! I am told that because the dose is much smaller some people find it just thins?

Thanks guys.


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Hi Lesley, I am on weekly Taxol, no avistan. Haven't lost all my hair but it has thinned a lot. So am back to wearing scarves. I do have a wig but so conscious when I wear it, good luck with the treatment 😘😘🌻

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Thanks Chris, I have very thick hair which always requires thinning so I am hoping that for once in my life there might be an advantage. The thought of losing it again when it has just come back is worse than first time! I suppose a bit of vanity is good - shows I am still alive and kicking!!

Lesley my reply is probably a bit of a chocolate fire guard because I'm not on weekly taxol. I am waiting for a referral to see about a trial called Javelin 200 Avelumab, for early recurrence. I wish you much luck and am sure we will see how we both get on here on this forum in future posts.

Take care, Netti xx

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Thanks Netti. How quickly did you recur?

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Operation early December, last chemo end October 2016. CA125 creeping up mid Jan 2017 scan Feb. Nodule and granularity in what is left of omentum, partly due to scarring and partly not sure if cancer but not large. Nothing else of note. It's a strange thing to accept but I feel well so am being positive.

Netti x

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Hi Netti, pretty similar to myself. Finished treatment end of Nov, bloods and scans all good, recurrence confirmed a couple of weeks ago. Pretty rubbish to be back on treatment so soon but not much I can do about it than to crack on. Good luck! I am sure we will compare notes again soon!


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Hi.I'm in the same boat as you.I have a few particle they are keeping an eye on in my omentum. They don't know if it's scar tissue or cancer.My next scan is next week.If it's growing more I guess I will be on chemo again.This will be my second reoccurance. I went away for a month to Florida.I also staying positive and feel good, but I am rested and will deal with what's to come.The hair loss will be devastating and this would be my third time losing it.Best of luck to you.Lynn 💙

I am using the cold cap for 3-weekly carbo/taxyl. It is early days but still have my hair-just thinning a bit on top. My first treatment was on 6th Feb. I am not finding the cold cap particularly uncomfortable and think it works well if you have thick hair as you expect to lose up to half of your hair. My hair is thin but it seems to be working at the moment.

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Good for you, I hope it continues to work for you. It wasn't something that was offered to me first time round and I did lose all my hair. First time I was on 3 weekly cycles but now for 2nd line I am having weekly Taxol and hope to hang on to my new locks!

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The cold cap seems to be a secret in hospitals as they don't want to give you the extra time that is needed. I wasn't offered it and, even after asking, I found that I had not been put down for the extra time. Was glad that I pursued it!

Hi Lesley

I'm on weekly taxol just had my 6th and using cold cap. I haven't lost any hair at all yet and still washing it and drying it, even coloured it at the weekend! I am, however using the cold cap so not sure if that's what's working or not really, the nurses are really surprised so I think it probably is the cold cap. I do have another 12 to go so watch this space I guess but a third down with no hair loss and looking completely 'normal' is a great result for me so far anyway. I'm also feeling well so would recommend the cold cap to you if you feel well and up to it, it is a bit uncomfortable and not enjoyable of course but worth it.

Good luck with it

Jo x

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Thank you Jo, that is encouraging, I will ask about it at my next consultation.

I've been having weekly Taxol 8 sessions pre-op, and 6 post-op to date (had 3 lots of Avastin too so far) and used the cold cap. Still got hair but significantly thinner. My treatment plan is 3 more Taxol & will continue with 3 weekly avastin for maintenance x

I had weekly Taxol without cold cap. I didn't lose my hair completely, but it thinned noticeably, & towards the end I wore scarves when I went out. Di

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