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White Christmas??

Don't panic, it not a weather prediction, It is the colour of some of my new hair.

Last chemo Oct 12th. At last my hair has decided to return. Last week it was like baby's fluff, now it has started to lie flat. The only trouble is I look like a badger. It is white on the sides and dark in the middle !!! I hope it mingles nicely when it gets longer.

I'm not sure I want it back, it was so easy to pull on a scarf, hat or on some occasions I was known to wear my wig. The other plus side was the money I saved on having it cut every 4wks, coloured and highlighted regularly. Hair products from shampoo to hairspray and everything else in between. I used to have my eyebrows and eyelashes tinted every couple of weeks. My eyebrows what I had of them (they were plucked to within an inch of extinction in the 60's) were very fair hence the tint. Haven't shaved my legs since I don't know when and I didn't need a bikini wax this summer. Every cloud eh?? May continue to shave my head !!

Have a wonderful Christmas one and all

Chris xx

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Hi Chris,

I know what you mean re your hair growing back, mine is completely white well the little bit I have my last chemo was 22nd November. My eyebrows are still very sparse but with a few layers of mascara I do have eyelashes. I am looking forward to the day when I can ditch my wigs and hats as I find my wigs do make my head itch after a while. I bet by the time I get round to having a hair cut the prices would have gone up.

Love Babs x x


Dear Chris

I loved your blog. It does put it all into perspective - particularly for new members who have so much to worry about ... and sometimes the final straw is fear of losing hair with Taxol.

You've certainly filled me with more confidence. I only had carbo-platin last time but have been told in no uncertain terms that I shall have the both next time and will lose my hair.

Having just spent £46 this morning on a hair cut I can start to appreciate the perks of hairlessness.

I hope you have a fab Christmas. I'll look forward to admiring the badger look in the New Year.

xxx love Annie


Oh god even the little that returned during my "op break" is v v light grey, almost white too! I had to go to a family party at the weekend and EVERYone commented. Honestly family have NO tact! Funny blog post on a shared dilemma, well done!




Loosing my hair was never a big deal, my daughter got married 2wks after my 1st chemo but they omitted the taxol so my hair wouldn't come out before then, the most important thing was getting this beast tamed. I didn't have a break after surgery, I had my op the day my chemo was due, couldn't make that one but had my next one 3 weeks later much to my surprise.

I wasn't fussed on my wig although it was very nice, it just never felt 'me'. I never took my hat off if there were other people around except my closest family, I even went to theatre with my hat on, not sure if it was removed I forgot to ask.

If it all comes back white or silver I don't mind, I always had it dyed blonde with highlights anyway.

Family are not known for their tact, we just have to grin and bear it.

Chris xx


I just regret the fact I always stockpiled hair dye the past few years - I have about 8 boxes stacked up I can't use. Talk about the colour of money...!

Really for any whose hair is back by then we should all go "teal streaked" or highlighted for ovarian cancer month in March....anyone dare? I'm game (and you can buy clip-in teal hair extensions too, somewhere, I am sure!). Great PR pix for the local paper girls....



If I have enough hair in May I will have a Teal stripe, seeing my hairdresser today (my granddaughters are having their hair cut) and will put the feelers out about Teal colour, I don't think it will be long enough for a clip extension. Great idea xx


Just Googled Teal Hair Colour. There are some very nice pics of teal hair, I may just get a block done or the tips lol

Chris xx


I also saved lots of money not visiting the hairdressers, buying shampoo, not shaving legs etc. and on the days when I was recovering from chemo or surgery, I was really glad not to have to faff around washing and blowdrying.

Mine was also a bit badger like when it grew back, I hadn't seen my natural colour for years. The hairdresser I went to was one recommended by the hospital and gave two free sessions to chemo patients. On my second visit I was given some highlights and lowlights which were a tremendous improvement. (They do need touching up now.) My previously overplucked eyebrows grew back more defined than before which was a bonus.

Mary xx


I like white.... I have been white for as long as I can remember...I didn't go grey gradually (or mixed) but white all over and when I lost my hair the first time I was worried it would come back a different colour but it came back the same, the second time it has come back a little bit duller (not quite as white) and I hate it, but not much I can do about that, it is also thinner taking longer to grow and still not long enough to do anything with. I loved not having to style my hair but now I have hair I feel a fraud wearing a wig... but I still wear it when I go out as it makes me feel better...looking in the mirror is a constant reminder to me what I've been through...I am still losing my eyelashes and eyebrows after twelve months, probably took more of a battering the last time...still I am glad to be here and don't dwell on it... life is still great ...just my inner thoughts coming out (sorry) things could be worse lots of love x G x :-)


I don't mind white at all, I shall be perfectly happy so long as it's all over, tho' I will have it coloured if it isn't. My hair wasn't important, I just wanted this beast sorted !! I no doubt will loose it again as more chemo is inevitable when it comes out of it's slumber. I also liked my hats and scarves.

love Chris xx


Hi Chris,

I agree I was glad that mine was the same all over, people couldn't tell whether I was grey or blonde I was described as the lady with the light hair haha then the chemo messed it x G x :-)


Hi Chris

It's strange that it comes back so different. Like you I had mine highlighted blonde and had never seen the natural me. It has grown back darker in some places than others, but mainly grey (my daughter says brown at the back!) It's also curly and seems to be growing upwards. It must be a good 3 inches now, but I really don't know what to do with it. It seems to be getting to the stage where I can't just wash it and towel dry, I think I shall have to start the blow drying again. Having had a year off, not looking forward to that. Have saved myself a fortune in hairdressing bills and hair products, but so love having it back.

I also kept my hat on during the op, I explained to the anaesthatist (?) that I just couldn't bear to be seen bald and he said no problem, so at least I woke up with my dignity intact lol!

Rather like Sue's idea of going teal streaked for March, mind you that's if I have any as my chemo will probably have started again by them.

Have a great Christmas, whatever colour.

Love Linda xx


I had my hair cut into a elf like style 2 weeks ago as one last pamper treat before it all fell out. It started the great fall 2 days ago so last night hubby and I shaved it off completely and I quite like it - is that wrong? Getting ready this morning was a breeze and the most complicated bit of my regime was getting the limbo on and off to protect my picc from the wet. Will be interesting to see how it grows back as my hair has always been really fine and straight, it seems badgers are the new force to be reckoned with so teal badgers for 2013 here we come xxx


Hi, My hair has come through silver and black, such a change from the

blonde highlighted hair I had before....and its so curly.....just does what

it wishes too.

Many thanks to Linda for recommending Sea Kelp Shampoo it has

really helped my hair to grow as it was very slow in comming through

after chemo. Maybe its the shampoo Linda that has given us both curly

hair. I tried blow drying it the other day and ended up looking like a

Curly Sheep...not a good look !!

Love Angie xx


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