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I had my last second line chemo middle of February and when I saw my oncologist last week she's booked me in for a scan and says I'll need to start chemo again which is a bit of a bummer as I was hoping for a bit longer!! l'I've got fluid but it is continually changing, sometimes my stomach is really distended and hard and at other times it's not quite so bad. I feel I need to keep trying to take deep breaths and when I do I have real discomfort particularly on the left hand side. I was wondering at what stage can the fluid be drained off - do you have to wait until the stomach is really distended all the time?

I'll be on Topotecan this time - any info on the side effects of this would be appreciated. I was told only one in ten loses their hair - is this right?

Thanks. Cathy xx

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Hi Cathy

I am sorry I havn't any words of wisdom,or advice for you... but it is funny... you have been on my mind ..I was thinking I hadn't seen your name on any comments lately... the last time was end of may.. I was away then so missed it... I am so sorry you need to go on chemo again... I am thinking of you and send you my best wishes love x G x :-)

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Sorry to hear this Cathy. My thoughts are with you.

Chris x


Hi Cathy

Sorry to hear you've got to go through it again. I have had Topotecan and I didn't lose any hair. Will you be having the treatment weekly?

I am sure the scan will reveal how much fluid you have in your abdomen and whether it should be drained. I've had that done too and its lovely leaving hospital with a lighter stomach. More recently what they thought was fluid turned out to be a lazy intestine that was filled with gas - no they didn't puncture me like a balloon but I almost wished they had to provide some immediate relief!! Anyway its going down gradually of its own accord. You will get through it.

Thinking of you.



Thanks ladies for your good wishes.

Sarah, that's good to know that you didn't lose any hair - mine hasn't actually properly returned yet, I'm still wearing my wig all the time so it would be great if I didn't have that as well. Mind you, I wish my actual hair was as good as my wig - they make you look so good, even if they're a bit hot now it's got a bit warmer.

I believe I'm going to have the Topotecan five days in a row and then off for three weeks. I actually sometimes wonder if some of the problem is gas as well as fluid because I'm having a lot of 'trumping' out through my stoma just now and am forever having to open the stoma bag to let out air! Also I don't understand how my stomach can go up and down so much, it was pretty painful last night if I took a deeper breath and yet this morning I'm okay even though I'm still swollen. Strange!

Thanks again.

Cathy xx


Hi Cathy

I know what you mean about your wig... My hair is still too short....and I prefer my wig and hate my hair now.. so I still wear my wig when I go out.. Best wishes x G x :-)


Hi Gwyn

I'm the same - on the one hand I'm desperate for my hair to grow to a length where I won't need the wig at all but I'm wondering what it's going to come in like. At the moment I have what I call my Julius Caesar hairstyle - so not a good look! The last time it came in I was pretty pleased because it had a curl in it for the first time in my life - I've always had that soft, floppy hair that's difficult to style.( I'm not ashamed to admit that I loved my 80s long, shaggy, perm!). Unfortunately it didn't last as it got a bit longer the curl disappeared. Maybe this time I'll be lucky and the curl will stay. Here's hoping.

Love Cathy xx


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