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Keep abdominal fluid under control?



My mom starts to have abdominal fluid while she is on Olaparib.

And she had the fluid drained two weeks ago, but is there way to keep the fluid under control, instead of having it drained regularly? Go back to chemo?

She might have been much behind the schedule on draining the fluid, since she developped bowel blocage last week (Not sure bowel blocage is the right term in english to describe the condition though)

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Welcome to the site all the way across the oceans. I am sorry I cannot answer your question, I feel it would be more for your mothers team. We are a very supportive group without any medical knowledge but we do have experience. It is only now we are getting the Parps so there may not be a wide knowledge of side effects as to ascites yet. I hope some of the ladies on Parps will be able to assist you. Wish you and your mother all the best

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Thank you, Suzuki.

But is there any general way to control the fluid, regarless of the treatments the patients are receiving during the process?

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Your Mums team will be keeping a close eye don't worry and it does take a while for treatment to kick in

Hello there,

I’m not sure there is much your mum can do to relieve the fluid. It builds up of it’s own accord. There may be ‘alternative’ remedies (I don’t know of any without researching) but I don’t know how helpful they would be, and you’d want to check with your mum’s Healthcare team before she tries anything new.

I hope it eases off once the Olaparib starts working.


PS Bowel blockage (or bowel obstruction) are the terms we use in English, so you got that right!

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Hi, Vicki!

Just read your story on ONX trail. What a great news!

Wish you all the best!

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