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Hi haven't posted for a while but read posts every day and find them really helpful. I am about to start treatment for a 4th recurrence. Saw the consultant today and he advised I go in to have fluid drained from my abdomen and to have first chemo. I am glad as I had a pleural effusion a year ago and chemo had to was held up until l recovered so at least I know what the plan is. I wondered if anyone had this and how long they were in hospital

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  • Sorry can't share any experiences just wanted you to know I'd seen your post and send you my best wishes for your treatment. Sorry to read you have to step on that journey again. Big virtual hugs for you

    Take care

    Clare xx

  • thankyou

  • HI govanhill, I remember the name but did miss you. I am sorry you are back on the roundabout. and I wish you the very best with treatment. So you have a plan in place and that is good. I am sorry I cant help you about the effusion but a few ladies here have had them and got okay and I hope they see your post and reply. all the very best

  • thankyou

  • Hi

    I'm was in similar circumstances...have to keep having drains at the moment. I think you will find that depends on the protocol of your team as to how long you are in and of course how much fluid to be drained.

    When I go for a drain currently I'm in the unit for about 6-8 hrs..mostly waiting for blood test results and for ultrasound sound to be free. It then as I said depends on how much fluid and if they want to do it continuously or give you a break. I was going to have my 6 hours chemo straight on top last week but I went home for the night and came back the next day.

    Hope this helps and you will feel better after the procedure...good luck

    Dawn xx

  • thanks for that. The consultant said they would drain the fluid and then start my first round of treatment while I was in so I am hoping it won't be too long. Morag

  • Hi there

    5 years ago I spent one week in hospital having 8 litres of fluid drained before chemo. I was told the chemo would get rid of any remaining fluid. I certainly felt better after it. I wish you all the best


  • Thanks for that If you don't mind me asking did the fluid come back after treatment? Morag

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