Fluid drainage

I saw my oncologist yesterday and he has arranged for me to have fluid drained from my abdomen tomorrow. I have been in awful pain for weeks and he wants me to have the fluid drained before restarting my chemo which was stopped just before Christmas when I was very sick

I am really nervous about having the drain put it

Is it very painful. I'm sure many of you will have had it done. I feel such a coward and have had so much surgery and chemo without this stress. I think it is cos just a local anaesthetic.

What is it like. Hope you can help.

So scared today. I go in at 10am tomorrow and sure I won't sleep a wink tonight.

Thanks for any replies.

Loretta x

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  • Hi Loretta

    I was expecting the drain to be painful but actually it wasn’t...just a bit of a weird feeling.

    I would explain to the Doc that you are nervous about it being painful and get them to agree to stop if you do feel pain.

    The good news is that you should feel a lot better once all that horrible liquid has gone! Best of luck Lyndall x

  • Thanks Lyndal for your reassuring reply. I know I am being soft over this.

    I think once the fluid is gone it will have been worth it.

    I hate the thought of it having a needle put in. Feel so soft about it

    Thanks xx

  • Hi Loretta, I had this last week before the starting chemo, it's more uncomfortable than painful and you will feel a whole lot better. Pam x

  • Thanks Pam. I hope I will be the same as you.

    Hope you continue to feel well x

  • Hi Loretta

    I had ascites drained just before Xmas. I felt a small scratch as the anaesthetic went in, but nothing more.

    I felt so much better after getting rid of all the fluid

    With best wishes

    Judy xx

  • Thank you Judy. I feel better now knowing it is not as painful as I'm imagining. Hope you are feeling well still x

  • Hi Loretta

    I had a drain before my chemo as was so uncomfortable , couldn't eat , walk or sleep . As others have said it isn't really painful just slightly uncomfortable initially . You will be fine and feel so much better after . I had a lovely nurse holding my hand and chatting away which helped .

    Try and get some sleep tonight and hope all goes well

    Kim x

  • Thanks - that is a comfort. I am struggling to walk and the pain is really bad. I hope it will help me. Hope you keep well. Loretta x

  • Hi Loretta,

    It's not painful and trust me,once you have been drained you will feel so much better.

    I was drained over a 2 week period,I am a coward and it didn't bother me.

    Just look at it as a means to an end,

    Best wishes,

    Carole xx

  • Dead Carole

    Thanks so much. I feel much better about going now. I hope you continue to feel well.

    Thanks again x

  • Hi loretta.

    I had a very distended stomach and could hardly breathe. This is when I was admitted via A&E. I had the drain done and didn't find it too bad. They had to do it twice as they just hit a small pool of fluid first go. The relief was amazing and they drained 9 litres. I had it done again three weeks later where they drained another 5 litres. Then I started chemo and it never returned.

    Please don't worry. Its a funny feeling but I found the biopsy I had was worse.

    Good luck. You will be ok. We are all thinking of you. You're a warrior. Xxx

  • Thanks Suzanne. I had a Ct guided needle biopsy and found it painful so I think the memory of that has stayed with me.

    I think I'll be okay now all you kind ladies have replied. I'm just being a wuss.

    Hope you continue to keep well.

    Love Loretta

  • My mum has had several drains done over the last 6 months and has never complained about any aspect of it. However one of the drains wasn't done soon enough which left her very uncomfortable prior to the drain. I'm pleased that your Dr's are being proactive and doing a drain first. It will help the chemo focus on the cancer if it doesn't have the fluid to deal with too.

    Careful about dehydration afterwards. We are told that this is very rare but mum has suffered from it every time.

    Hope all goes well


  • Thanks Joanne. Just about to drag myself out of bed and face the dayI feel better after the kind replies I've had b

    The battle goes on xx

  • Hi Loretta, please do not worry, I had fluids drained last September and it's done by consultant radiologist and it's a doddle. Not painful at all, just like you, it's the thought that makes you feel so anxious.. But believe me it's so worth it!! Once drained you are back to your normal comfortable self.. At least that's was my experienced with it.. Good luck and take care. Do let us know how you get on.. Xxx

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