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Fluid around the lungs

Hello everyone, I was wondering if anyone could shed some light?

My mum is awaiting to have chemotherapy, i think its carboplatin / taxol, 3 courses over 10 wks, after which she will have surgery (hysterectomy).The diagnosis is that its spread to her lymph nodes in abdomen area and is difficult to remove surgically.

She has ascites and large swollen stomach which is causing some breathing problems. Last Friday she had 4 litres of it drained, however she was still breathless and it was discovered by X-ray that she has fluid around her lung. She has been kept since saturday in hospital with oxygen to help with the breathing. I guess they will also need to drain this prior to the chemo.

Sorry to sound rather vague, its because my mum and dad now live in Italy, (lovely Tuscany ) where she is being treated and i only get 2nd hand info from Dad who is very stressed at moment.

I am flying out to visit on wednesday and hope to speak to the Drs out there on the whole treatment plan etc. I will also ask for a copy of the medical report with scans and tests etc, i plan to get a 2nd opinion here in London (for peace of mind).

My concern and question is, if this fluid has reached her lungs does it mean that it could develop into lung cancer? Sorry to sound so negative but being so far away i feel powerless to do anything for her.

Many thanks for your time


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Hi Mau

I'm so sorry that you are feeling like this.

I'm not a doctor , but you may wish to consider calling the Ovacome specialist nurses who are extremely knowledgeable and will be able to advise you.A second opinion is always a good idea.

I hope that things resolve soon and that your Mum begins to feel the benefits of her treatment.


Charlie xx


Hi, the fluids build up because the areas cannot drain properly. (or so I was told last year when I had problems with ascities) the fact that it is in the lungs does not mean lung cancer. I'm sure you will be very relieved to see your. Mum, and as you are so far away, a second opinion would help set your mind at rest. I'm sure she is getting fantastic treatment and will be pleased to see you.

Stay strong and be positive.

Love n hugs



Hello Mau,

I empathise with your situation as I live in England and my mother who lives in France was diagnosed with OC last December 2011. It's great that you have found this site which I have found helpful and supportive,

Last December, my mother (73) had the same symptoms that you describe, including the pleural effusion. The pleural effusion was drained before the chemo started as my mother was out of breath.

As far as I understand the fluild build up around the lungs (pleural effusion) could be caused by the irritation around the diaphragm pressing on the lungs or it could be ascites liquid that has permeated through.. It is not lung cancer as such.

My mother was also coughing and the coughing eventually stopped after the third cycle of chemo.

Talking to the the ovacome nurses is a great piece of advice as everyone's situation is unique and the nurses are very comptetent.

Do stay positive, it seems the chemo generally works quite well for fast developping OC.

All the Best to your mom and you.



No it doesn't mean she will have lung cancer. I had fluid around the lung its called a pleural effusion. I had a litre drained off my chest (very painful) before surgery and they found cancer cells in the fluid but no disease in the chest or lungs. The chemo therapy should dry up the fluid I only have a think line now


Hi All,

Thank you for your kind responses, mum had the fluid on her lung drained yesterday and is feeling much better, not sure if she will come home from hospital today. I would imagine that she would have to regain her full strength before she can start the chemo?

I am flying out tomorrow and will talk to Drs. Also is it worth mentioning the use of Avastin of which i have heard of positive results?


I had what they call gross ascites late April, had a CT scan and they said I had a plueral effusion (fluid in the lining of the chest/lungs. They drained 11 litres off which made me feel better. However the fluid started to build up again but as soon as I started chemo it started to go quite rapidly it was amazing how quicklt the chemo worked. I had 3 cyccles of chemo with 3 weeks intervals and then surgery (hysterectomy and what they call Debulking to get rid of the cancer) I am 3 weeks post surgery and feel really well it was not that bad at all. Start chemo again next week another 3 cycles and then a scan its likely your Mother will have similar treatment as its fairly standard. I had another CT scan prior to surgery and the fluid had gone including the fluid from my lungs so try not to worry there is a lot they can do.


I think Avastin works best in the late stages to prolong life


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