Fluid in Pelvis?

I am on second line chemo after a remission of a year after being debulked December 2010 and having first line chemo in the first part of 2011. My CA125 started to climb quite quickly in June 2012 from 13 to around 125 and is slowly coming down. I have just had my fifth treatment of carbo/gem but a CT scan after the third treatment has shown fluid in my pelvis. At the moment the tumours are shrinking which is incredible, has anyone had a fluid build up in their pelvis, as yet they have no idea as to why there is the fluid build up. I understand that we are all very different but if anyone else has had a build up of fluid, I would love to hear what treatment you may have had. At the moment I would not know there was a build up of fluid as it appears to be symptomless at the moment.

Love Wendy x

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  • Hi Wendy,

    Sorry I am not much help...I am sure ther will be someone that can help.... if not you can always give OvaCome helpline a ring on Monday and speak to Ruth Payne she is very good at giving advice... tel 0845 3710554 ....but just sending you my best wishes love x G x

  • Hi Gwyn,

    Thank you for the number for Ruth, I will give her a ring.


  • Hi wendy,

    Fluid in the pelvis....... I've had abdomen, and lungs but nothing as low as the pelvis. I hope they sort it out for you. Fluid build up doesn't present problems until it starts pressing on other organs in the area, and your clothes get tighter !!

    Good luck

    Love n hugs


  • Hi Viv,

    Your reply was very helpful, and clothes fit ok at the moment, just have a constant grumble in my tummy.


  • Hi I also have had second line chemo carbo/gem after a remission of 6 months. Did your onc say whether this treatment gives a better outcome? Mine dosent say much and is very pessimistic. I had fluid in stomach and lungs, and had a lung adhesion not sure why. Hope they sort out the fluid build up in your pelvis, sure they will al l the best love nikki x

  • Hi Nikki,

    My onc has said very little about the treatment outcomes and started to mumble at my last consultation that he was not happy with the results, I think this is because my CA125 has been up and down. He has put my on Avastin as well and is also talking about another line of treatment. I try very hard to go with the flow on all of this and will see what he decides next week. I could not have taxol as highly allergic to it, so assumed that the Gem might be there as a replacement for taxol. Sorry to hear that your onc is pessimistic and does not say much, I wish you all the very best and thank you for taking time to reply to my question. It will help me with further questions I can ask onc, next week.


  • My mom had fluid build up (one of her few symptoms if cancer)

    Diagnosed with primary peritoneal cancer

    If your peritoneal gets irritated or gets cancer on it it causes fluid to build up in your abdomen (ascites)

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