Free fluid 8 weeks post chemo?


On my first holiday post June surgery, chemo finished Nov 4th 2016.

Maybe a skiing holiday was a bit of an ask but all was going fine the scenery is beautiful and it's great to be doing something 'normal'.

Yesterday lunch time I was hit with awful cramps and vomiting, the local doctor suspected severe onset norovirus. Because my white blood count was low and he couldn't get the pain under control (was a lot of shouty swearing going on) the doc sent me to hospital.

The hospital did an ultra sound which showed a bit of free fluid near my kidneys. He said it indicated a problem (cancer) but said he could not see anything more.

Does this mean I've relapsed already? I'm not seeing my oncologist until the 27th of jan for my 3 month check up. Do I wait to tell him or do something sooner?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Lisa x

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  • Oh gosh Lisa I'm so sorry to hear this 😧 How worrying. I'm not sure I can answer your question but I pray you're ok and get home safe & sound & your medical team get to the bottom of it for you. Massive ((hugs)).

    Jemima xx

  • Thanks Jemima, much appreciated. XxX

  • Can't answer your question however I suggest you ring your CNS tomorrow and run this past her, requesting an earlier appointment with your Onc. I'd say you don't really want the stress of continually recalling what the ultrasound operator said and peace of mind is so important.

    I hope everything is ok

    Take care and a virtual hug too

    Clare xx

  • I didn't even think of calling my CNS, she's fab and always responds quickly. My brain is mush. Thank you Clara,

    Lisa x

  • I think you should try and bring the appointment forward, explaining what has happened.

    I don't know what the free fluid might be but we don't seem to have ultrasound once we've had our diagnosis, only CT scans and the like, so it may be nothing or something to do with the op / chemo. In case it is though, if you wait until 27th Jan your oncologist will then have to order a scan etc. and then you'll have to go back for the results so well worth speaking to his / her PA or your CNS I would think. Even if it's to be told that an ultrasound is meaningless for us.

    Really envy you with the ski-ing and the scenery.

  • I hope you got a letter coming back to give to your gp and a report on the ultra sound, I would pass them on immediately while keeping a copy for your consultant. Maybe bring your appointment forward with your consultant to be on the safe side

  • Tell him immediately I think

  • I had symptoms similar to yours twice during treatment. First time there was fluid accumulating from debulking surgery. They installed a temporary external drain. Second was actually worse as I had sudden onset norovirus contracted whilst caring for my elderly ill parents who lived in assisted care home at the time. Call your doctor today.

  • Hello, thanks for taking the time to reply, did you have fluid build up from the Norovirus?

    Lisa x

  • Not from norovirus. I later had colostomy take down- Hartmann's Reversal- and my intestines had adhered to my vagina, there was some fluid build up from that, which drained through a hole that had been torn in vaginal wall. The fluid drained out and the hole repaired itself over 8 weeks time. I apologize for the graphic detail, but nowhere else have I found women who will share their truth with other Ovca patients. My goal here is to be honest in the hopes of helping other women. Tesla

  • I really appreciate your honesty. I don't know about you but I spend most of my time sugar coating how I feel or what's going on to make everyone else feel more comfortable, it's nice to have somewhere to share the truth of it!

    Thanks, Lisa xx

  • Thank you for the replies, it's amazing and wonderful to be away from home and still have access to such lovely supportive people with a wealth of knowledge.

    I have had a few moments of real overwhelming sadness this week, usually at points where I've been truly enjoying the moment and then I'm just overcome with how lucky I am to be here now.

    I am usually ultra positive and I'm sure I will be again once I'm home and find out exactly what is going on.

    Thank you again for being there!

    Lisa x

  • I had fluid on both my post op scans. I may still have it as I e not had another scan. Oncologist told new anyone with a hysterectomy etc would have fluid for a while x

  • This may be beside the point,but there are also lymphoceles which are, as I understand it, fluid filled sacs not uncommon after pelvic surgery. I had ( have?) some....

    Hope you're more comfy and reassured soon. x

  • Thanks for that, I've had issue with my lymph system after lymph node removal so worth asking. Xx

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