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Day 2 post surgery

Still in hospital having had a left ovary and tube removal via key hole surgery for diagnosed stage 1a borderline tumour. Biopsies taken of other ovary, omentum, liver and kidney. Hope to get results back in 10 days!

Just waiting to brave having my first shower and removing the bandages! Obviously putting it off by writing my blogg first! I've been drawing strenght from all you ladies who have been through far worse than me and come out the other side. Thank you.

Wish me luck !!x

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CERTAINLY DO!! You'll be fine.

Isadora. xx


you give me hope because I'm soon to have the same op. Let us know how you get on, keyhole surgery is the best to have. xxx


Good Luck. i had borderline 1C in 2002, you are lucky to have keyhole surgery. I have a seven inch battle scar down my tum! Hope all goes well with your recovery. Remember to treat yourself kindly, lots of self-indulgence, rests and time for yourself to get used to what's happened.

Keep in touch

Love, Wendy xx

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I agree with the girls. I never thought that I would reach this stage, just been signed off with annual check-up after five years (yippee), as I had Grade 3 phase 3 clear cell. When I was first told they didn't know how far it had gone and I didn't have the courage to ask until 4 mths later! Good luck and I just know you'll be OK.

Love to all

Wendy x


Hello ladies, thank you for all your kind words. I came home yesterday and am now feeling much better.

Sue, yes key hole surgery is definitely the best to have. I'm having my stitches out next week and should be back at work in 2. Apart from trapped gasses and a bit of discomfort, I'm pleased to say that I'm feeling quite well.

Fingers crossed for good results from the biopsies!



Glad to hear you're back at home, even though you had keyhole surgery, you have still had surgery, so don't go overdoing things. Good luck for your biopsy results.

Sally XX


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