Three days post surgery

Three days post surgery

3 days after my surgery & it's been a bit of a rollercoaster. Was doing great at first, but then had a really uncomfortable night yesterday. Probably my own fault, as I waited too long before mentioning the pain was increasing.

My advice to anyone else is to flag it the minute you notice any breakthrough pain, that way it's easier to manage it, as I think it's much harder to get under control once you've reached a certain level. In other words, don't try and be a hero!! ASK for painkillers ASAP.

Luckily I've had a much better day. Even managed the stairs twice, & had three walks around the ward floors.

Still no sign of any movement in the bowel department. Doesn't help I've not really eaten much. Today is the first day I've had any kind of appetite. Been trying to eat prunes, greens and had weetabix for breakfast. Have managed to stomach a few peppermint teas but I really hate it! Surgeon suggested I maybe try suppositories later, as I've not passed any wind at all. Burping yes! But that's the wrong end... 😕 Fingers crossed 'something' happens tonight, or possibly tomorrow. How long did it take others to see 'movement' after their debulking surgery??

Also...just had the best shower, so feeling all fresh & clean which is wonderful. Possibly the best day yet!!

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  • Mines never moved for 7 days they was with laxato 2 morning 2 night then they moved xx

  • Don't worry you'll go in the next day or so. Think I went on day four but I remember others going home and they still hadn't been. Hope you recover well xx

  • I passed wind a lot😲! Post surgery. I didn't have a "movement" until I went home on day 4. I find it difficult to go when I'm away from home. Sorry possibly TMI😄

    Best wishes

    D X

  • Oh my gosh it was 7days for me and that was really difficult. I felt my stomach wouldn't move and so couldn't push if you know what I mean. I drank lots of prune juice when home and that got things moving a little.

    Good luck, but it will happen in time ☹️


  • You are so right about the pain it soon gets out of hand.... I hated peppermint tea like warm chewing gum uck .... think I went on day four that was with the poop tablets I called them not sure what they were but they were yellow and white .... hope you sleep better tonight 🤗

  • Ahhh...that post surgery shower feels like a trip to the spa 😍 Hope you are able to 'go' very soon - I had the suppositories, and it wasn't pretty when things started shifting along 😷 Haha! My husband spent that hospital visit spending more time staring at my empty bed as I hobbled off to the bathroom than he did looking at my beautiful face...

  • Oh, and hold a pillow over your incision site when you poo, puke, cough or sneeze - it really helps!

  • Day 3 or 4...I started passing gas... then bowls moved with diarrhea 😩 .

    It takes a while to get things moving, as long as you are not throwing up that is a good sign.

  • I am marveling at the nice, soapy shower so soon after surgery! I was in the hospital 10 days and had to suffer thru sponge baths, which they seemed very stingy with. When I finally got home even showers were restricted for 3 weeks and baths for 6 weeks. I am sure I smelled as bad as I felt.

    I was on a liquid diet for 8 of the 10 days and on day 5 I returned that liquid back to them joyfully. I had awful gas leading up to 'D-Day' so was glad to 'move' on from it. 😁

  • Oh dear Mommoo65 that sounds horrendous. Am pretty lucky in comparison. Hoping you're well now x

  • Wow you great and smiling! tbh that was the last thing I felt like doing is smile, I just felt so bloody ill after surgery... in the bowel department was 6 days after Laxido and then suppository... fingers crossed for you. Love Michelle xx 💐

  • Hi, you lucky girl being allowed a shower, I had to wait until the clips were out so it was a whole 2 weeks. I'm sure new life forms were developing on me 😂 I stunk to high heaven despite lots of washing, and as for my hair, well it was beyond description but McDonald's were becoming interested for their chips 🍟 😂

    As for the poo, don't get too hung up on it, your bowels were really messed around with while they did your surgery, bowels do not like being messed with and tend to go on strike. I found things started to get going once I got home but had to help things along with laxatives, loads of fruit and veggies and bran. Have a cushion to hold your tummy as well, that really helps too.

    You've done brilliantly well so far so keep up the good work and take lots of care of you ❤xx Jane

  • Shower def makes you feel more 'human' AM lucky as I have a brilliant waterproof dressing over the wound site. That's coming off today so we'll see what happens after that x

  • Hi Sarah- Ahhh, I remember it well. Did you have the full cut or lap surgery? when they do surgery they pump you up with a lot of gas so a lot has to pass for you to feel better. Walking helps but I was really bloated from the gas. after 5 or six days I did succumb to the enema.

    It took a while but I eventually started to pass gas. What a relief!!! you will get there. One of my docs said not to use a straw when you sip liquids. You swallow all the gas in the straw before you get any liquid with each sip. that just adds to the gas load.

    Sending best wishes for a speedy recovery. you can do this!


  • Thanks Carol, first time I've heard not to use a straw! You def need it in the beginning, but I certainly don't now, so I'll stop straight away. Great tip to know!

    Had full cut, dressing coming off today.

    Nurse just given me concentrated peppermint, as I don't like the tea. Also had a reflexology foot massage this morning, & asked her to focus on my bowel/digestive system. SEE!! How lucky am I!! Not everyone has access to that. My hospital offers it, four complementary & then you can pay. It's brilliant!

    Fingers crossed now. No lunch as I'm just not hungry 😕

  • Ahhh, the memories, smiling... I did have 3 areas of colon retracted so I am sure this slowed things down even though I was doing lots of walking. I remember them listening to my tummy and saying the colon was still sleeping. Then on Day 7 they gave me Phillips magnesia and then the game was one. Please ask if you need to be on a low residue diet or a regular diet... and lots of water

  • Bless you Sarah! I read your initial post and thought "wait for it!" as I found that while I was in hospital with pain management it was ok! I went home on day three and it got worse before it got better.

    Managed to wee on my own in hospital but didn't pass a motion till I was home and it was quite a few days later - definitely no straining due to my glued vertical incision.

    Be careful with stairs! I went upto bed and didn't try any stairs for at least a week .

    Take care


  • Clare, the stairs were def not my idea, the physio made me ha ha! Don't worry AM taking them very slowly... & def not alone, always with someone

    Re pain management would ideally like something a bit stronger to go home with and am staying another night in hospital for now x

  • Hi Sara

    Mine never moved the full eight days I was in however I didn't eat solids until day 4, they gave me the lovely tube and I went. Let home the day after I went.

    Ellsey xx

  • Despite the hospital laxatives- mine didn't move till day 7 @ home after eating lots of veggie soup and half a tin of prunes! - but I do remember the beauty of the shower on day 3 - especially as my catheter (removed on day 3 as I insisted) leaked constantly and I smelled like a seedy public toilet! I did have increased pain on day 3 - it was after the high dosage painkillers had got out of my system (I remember the nurse saying) combined with feeling returning to some areas that had been numb. Here's hoping for a speedy recovery/return home Ali xxx

  • Day 6 here, had suppositories and laxatives, but nothing. Was in a fair bit of pain from the constipation (reminded me of labour pains TBH) so succumbed to the enema...getting used to these having had my first one pre-op and finally success! Not the best poo ever but def good to go! Burst into tears shortly after, partly relief, & a bit from the sheer exhaustion of everything. Felt so much better after both!

    Am def going home tonight whatever, to my own bed, peace & quiet, my husband & my kids, not to mention the cat!

    No-one really prepares you for all this do they? You've just gotta take it one step at a time, know that it's very up & down which is 'normal'.

  • I cannot understand how they expect us to go to the loo and provide a bowel specimen when we are not eating. This also happened me after surgery, I did have wind up and down but only allowed water so how on earth was I supposed to go when my bowel was prepped for the operation, So hopefully at this stage you have had more luck. Take it easy baby steps hour by hour day by day

  • Agree Suzuki, having had an enema before the op, & then barely eating after, plus the side effects of the morphine, you'd think they'd have a better 'plan' to help people's toilet habits post-op as I'd say it gets to a point where not only does it make you miserable, but it's almost worse than the op itself!

    Good news is, I'm writing this from my own bed! Bliss!!! x

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