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Good news post! 👏

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Morning all, good news post I think! Had over the phone appointment with gynaecologist yesterday and after being told the cancer was in my lymph, womb and cervix all biopsies have come back clear🥳 I have it in the ovary fallopian tube and peritoneal but I will take that as good news!!! Seeing chemo Dr Wednesday to sort out starting my treatment at last😊😅 its been a long 6weeks but I'm ready to get kn with the next step towards cancer clear xx

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That is good news! Great to feel positive even before chemo x

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Newbery3 in reply to Lyndy

Thanks lyndy x

That’s excellent! Mine was in both ovaries and the omentum, they’ll take everything away that they need to in the operation….good riddance! It sounds as if it’s been caught early enough for you to make a good recovery. Fingers and everything crossed for Wednesday xx

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Newbery3 in reply to wendydee

Thanks Wendy x

hello that's great news I have a rare type of ovarian cancer.😪

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Newbery3 in reply to dolphin37

If I'm honest I have no idea what type I have! Stage 3 is all I know but I'm trying to take anything I can as a positive. I try not to look up anything unless it's a good news story. I hope your treatment helps you get it under control as lots of ladies on here with different diagnosis have surprising results and give hope 🤞 sending you lots of hugs xx

thank you. and to you to yes positivity all the way and love reading good ending posts 👍xxx

Fantastic news, all very positive its not spread which is brilliant. Hopefully you'll have the next step very soon. Thats really great news you'll soon be sorted hopefully . God bless & lots ofLove SheilaFxxx

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Newbery3 in reply to Realistic

Thanks x

Good news. Onwards and upwards

Thanks x

That really is excellent news!! I had dozens of swollen lymph nodes removed and my surgeon was amazed when they all came back clear. It was such a relief. Good luck with your onward treatment! xx

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Newbery3 in reply to samantha101

Thanks and you xxx

Good news think positive

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Newbery3 in reply to Chocky16

Thanks x

That really is good news for you. Great you have such a positive outlook, this disease isn’t great but sounds like you’re going into the next steps with a good ‘go get em’ attitude which will help carry you through the whole process. We’re here to help you as you proceed and remember no question is a daft question. Take care, love and hugs ❤️Xx Jane

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Newbery3 in reply to Cropcrop

Thanks Jane x

Best of luck with chemo. Hopefully it will be gone soon!

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Newbery3 in reply to delia2

Thanks 🤞x

Good news . I hope your journey is not too stressful and you get good outcomes . Sending love and positive thoughts to you and all the other new teal ladies xx

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Newbery3 in reply to Sandramo

Thanks 🤞 xx

That is great news. I'm sure your positive attitude will get you through whatever is ahead. No matter what stage or type we have, we are all in this together. Good news is always welcome but don't ever feel you can't reach out if things get tough. You will always find love & support on here. Sending hugs. Irene xxxx

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Newbery3 in reply to AuntyOrange

Thank you Irene 😊 x

Hi , just sending my best wishes for a successful chemo journey. Keep up your positive attitude and you have many friends on here to support you through everything. Sending a hug, Donna U.S. xx

Thanks Donna x

Any good news is great. All the best Sue x

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Newbery3 in reply to SUE7777

Thanks sue x

That is great news but definitely consider full hysterectomy and debulking surgeries. Then start chemo with a new outlook on life

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Newbery3 in reply to Rlenesue

My gynaecologist has told me that I have to have chemo 1st then surgery but seeing oncologist tomorrow to see exactly what's what, I have made enquiries for surgery 2nd opinion so we'll see x and yes definitely new Outlook on life and living to the full xx

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Rlenesue in reply to Newbery3

That's all you can do. Live life to the fullest. Chemo first is fine too. It will keep the cancer at bay and just might eradicate it all on its own. So keep doing you. After all, it's gotten you this far! ❤️

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