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Travel insurance nightmare!

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Now my treatment is over, I want to do a bit of travelling. Just spent half an hour giving details to Insurancewith who insured me before only to be told that they cannot unsure me after my reoccurrence. Has anyone tried Okaytotravel or Freespirit? Very frustrating indeed.....

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Hi Since diagnosis I travel with insurance but don't cover my O/C. Have visited States several times and Europe. Maybe an option for you? xx

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Lockygill in reply to Katmal-UK

Thanks. I was wondering if that would be an option.

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Hi Kathy - could you tell me please which company you use. Think this is going to be my only option this year. x

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Currently I use the free travel insurance through my bank account but in the past have used Barclays Travel Insurance x

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Thank you

We are going on a Caribbean cruise end of February and I will still have one more cycle of chemo when we get back I have just got cover with ... World-First very easy just answer questions on web page , but be honest . First I tried for an annual one but they declined that so I did one just for the cruise as it was long haul I went for the best one £316 ... for my medical screening it was an extra £171.33 .. but I had extra cover for the cruise Itself which was £237.

So on the whole I didn’t think it was to bad

But I have had Boots travel insurance before .. Hope this helps x

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Thank you x

MIA have been good for me so far. I offer a’fit to fly’ note from my oncologist... they insured me even on watch and wait xx

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Thank you x

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Yes, me too and I had had OC for 8 years at the time of travel and was stage 4 as well. But perhaps they have become stricter, I don't know. Good luck!

I’ve had reasonably priced insurance from holidaysafe. I’ve never had to claim through them so I can’t comment on that but the price was very reasonable. X

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Thank you x

I needed travel insurance at quite short notice a few years ago for a cruise up the coast of Norway after finishing chemo. Insurewith wouldn’t insure me, said it was too soon after finishing chemo, & I still had cancer. MIA would have insured me if we had been staying on land, but wouldn’t for a cruise. I ended up with Free Spirit, but they were very expensive. I haven’t been abroad since. But if I do, I would be tempted to try some of the others first because of the price we had to pay. Di

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I use the Open Travel Insurance WI travel insurance policy. Annual worldwide, very good price and no medical questions. Just so long as you have not been told you are not fit to travel or that you are terminally ill you are covered.

Hope you have a great holiday.


Thank you. I’m a WI member and didn’t know this x

I have used "good to go" for last 6 years been to south Africa NZ Malaysia Indonesia Hong Kong cook Islands. Had Ivor Lewis 8 years ago and a major op for a sliding hernia as a result of the I V op 5 years ago ..Cost £237.00 give them a call

Try insurewith.

They are great.

Or google insurance companies that specialise in illness. There are loads about now! I got a years insurance multitrip no problem.

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