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I've been on the move on holiday in Scotland for a few days with only limited access to wifi, (but glorious weather!) Good wifi in this Perth hotel so thought I'd thank whoever it was on here who recommended MIA Insurance. I was really pleased with the deal I got for my 3-week trip to the US and Canada planned for September, about £400 cheaper than a quote I got from a firm I have used previously and with the same cover. You have to be within 60 days of the departure date when you buy the insurance, which I can understand. Great to have that sorted and to be able to look forward to the trip.

Love to all


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  • Hi Linda, That is some saving eh? Angie and I were planning to try to get away in September. Insurance is horrendous though isn't it? As Angie will still be on chemotherapy anyway, we were looking only at Spain or something so it would be quite easy to get back if any problems arose. Its hard to believe that we had 3 weeks in Oz and 2 weeks in Jamaica last year and paid less than £100 for insurance for us both for both trips! Of course, that was prior to diagnosis. If only we could turn the clock back eh? Hope you have fun on your have £400 more spending money now. ;)

    Andy x

  • Hi Andy. I do hope you and Angie are able to organise something that you'll both really enjoy without paying over the odds for insurance. I think I've heard that Spain can be a bit problematic in that respect but hopefully not. Good luck. L x

  • Hi Linda glad you have got that sorted and hope you have a wonderful holiday. Perth not that far from me as near Glasgow . Hope you are enjoying the lovely weather we are having



  • Thanks Ally. We're moving over to the west coast tomorrow but it looks like its going to be rain and fog there for a couple of days. Oh well...

    L xx

  • Hi hope you are still enjoying the sunny weather


  • Hi Linda,

    I have always used MIA (well since diagnosis) what I like about them is the fact that if you have other travel insurance (say for instance with you bank) you can knock off what you are insured for (i.e. baggage etc) then it brings down the price (so you are not insured twice) have a great time and you are very fortunate that you've been away while this site has been down (you've missed all the stress) LOL love x G x

  • Well, I did see some of the aggro but hadn't the time or inclination to weigh in. I hope the dust has settled.

    How are things with you?

    Love L xxx

  • Hi Linda,

    On chemo again in excruciating pain, so have a good holiday for me 8-) love x G x

  • This was a reply to your question further up DOH! 8-)

  • Sorry to hear you're having such a rotten time. I hope things improve soon.

    L xx

  • Terrible to be in such pain Gwyn. Can they not give you anything to help? I'm so sorry you're feeling so rough.

    Love Annie xxx

  • Dear Linda

    Thanks for the advice on travel insurance. It's always good to keep refreshing that sort of information as it's so helpful. I recommended your post so I guess as this site develops it will become flagged as significant in some way. I noticed the tags are 'travel insurance' and 'Canada'. Have you discovered how to add your own flags? I couldn't fathom how to do that.

    Enjoy your holiday. What a shame Scotland has rain and fog. As I understand it the high will return and sit over the whole of the UK in the next 24 hours so hopefully the weather will be just as glorious on the West Coast. Are you visiting any islands? I absolutely love them and will be going to Skye next month. So far I've visited Arran, Bute, Mull and Cumbrae. I'd happily take our boat up there and spend a few months exploring the others.

    Enjoy! Enjoy! xxxx Love Annie

  • Hi Annie

    The site selected the tags and I didn't do anything.

    As we will be in Arisaig we might take the ferry over to Skye. And if the weather is good there are day excursions to some of the small isles so here's hoping. We've done a lot of the islands over the years, mostly in good weather, and they are wonderful. Hope you enjoy Skye next month. I'll send you some tips for nice places if you like.


    Linda xx

  • oooh yes please! I'm only there for two days. I'm flying to Inverness to meet my penfriend and wife. We tend to have one or two holidays a year together.

    I'm staying with people who ran the ski chalet where we stayed in Merribel. They were delightful people. They run a B & B in Skye in the summer and a chalet in the alps in the winter.

    I'd love to hear of any places you've enjoyed.

    xxxx love Annie

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