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travel insurance

hi I am currently taking part in a PARP inhibitor trial study as i am BRACA1 postive . All going well and my Tumours have all shrunk to less than 1cm . So i thought it was about time i took a holiday ,but travel insurane is riddiculous in price just for europe. Does any one know of accompany which does insurance at a reasonable price . Was hoping to go to mexico in the nxt year . hopw someone can help

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Hi MIA is very good, a lot cheaper than most. Tel 011268782745 best wishes love x G x


I looked on the Macmillan website and tried calling some of their recommended ones. I still found they were horrendously expensive.... Around £500 for 5 days in France. This was without insuring the tickets (we'd bought those before I was diagnosed) and not covering accommodation, as we were staying with family. Basically, all it was covering was emergency repatriation as let's face it, the EHIC card covers most basic medical needs, you just have to make sure you see the correct doctor, in the correct hospital and get a receipt! In the end I didn't get any extra cover, we figured from France, my in-laws would drive us to a ferry and see us back to England!

Sorry to be of so little help, but I think basically, the insurance companies are out to sc##w us! One lot did suggest if I was in a long remission, with no strong painkillers either on repeat prescription on in my possession, it may reduce the cost to about a third! Another lot tried to scare me into paying for their insurance with some story that a sprained ankle would have cost him £20,000 if he hadn't got insurance, and the EHIC card was worthless! Like I'm gullible enough to fall for that one....NOT!!!!!

Good luck finding some. I'm sure we would all lie to hear about a company that isn't out to do us!



The company which seems to be best is insurancewith, which I think was started by a woman with breast cancer. Even so, they may be put off because you're in treatment. Much depends on what the possible consequences could be - is febrile neutropenia a risk?

I travel a lot to places like Indonesia and most recently Cambodia. Even with nigh 3 years NED, premiums are still prohibitive, and I decided just to take a normal policy, which excludes anything that may be a consequence of cancer. This was after taking medical advice that nothing was likely to arise suddenly abroad if I had been recently cleared at a clinic. I rationalise that it is extremely unlikely that something will happen that will prevent my flying home business class if necessary, which would cost less than an insurance premium. The funny thing is that on my last trip I did develop a fever on the plane home and wound up in Hillingdon Hospital for three days whilst they made sure I didn't have malaria or dengue fever. We were at first hugely relieved the fever hadn't struck 24 hours earlier in Singapore, but then we realised that, if it had, I would have been fully covered.

In Europe, the EHIC entitles you to different levels of treatment in each country. It might be worthwhile to check out exactly what you are entitled to before you decide on a destination and then accept the exclusion, which takes your costs right down.

I would take advice from the drs treating you and the specialist nurses. It strikes me that insurance really is a disability rights issue - it's absolutely unfair that illness should prevent us from travelling. Maybe one of the big cancer charities could take this up.

I'd say, if you want to go to Mexico go, and trust in God or fate. That's just me, but I am sure you can work out something reasonable for Europe. A holiday sounds like exactly what you need.


I travelled to America and Europe last year whilst I was on my parp inhibitor trial. I just took out Tesco travel insurance but was not covered for anything related to my cancer so the insurance was just the standard price. I was in a similar position to you and thought it unlikely that the cancer would cause immediate problems whilst on holiday but I was covered for accidents or other emergencies.


I have travel insurance with my bank account with Barclays. I rang them last week to disclose my Ovarian Cancer and this is now excluded but I'm unlikely to need emergency treatment with cancer so I'm not worrying about taking out additional insurance.

Some people have said that insurance companies will try to wriggle out of paying up saying that whatever you're claiming is related to having cancer. I've used this insurance for about 6 years and on the two occasions I've had to make a claim they've been fantastic. No quibbles.

I've just renewed my EHIC - thanks to you guys for reminding me to look at it. Hopefully the new card will arrive before I leave but if not apparently I just take my old one and the new number and that will be fine. My experience of having medical treatment in two different European countries for ski-related trauma is that it is way better than here. I had fantastic treatment in both Austria and France and didn't have to pay. They claimed direct.

I also take the view that from Europe you can get home within hours. Might cost a bit - but probably less expensive than taking out insurance for Ovarian Cancer.

Enjoy your holiday! Mexico sound rather adventurous. I'd save the cost of European Travel Insurance to make sure you are covered there. xxxx love Annie


Your ski holiday must be very soon now Annie, hHope you have a great time and some lovely sunny days to show the monutains and all that wonderful snow at their best.



Dear Sheila

Thanks so much for thinking of me and remembering the ski holiday. It just shows how much I prattle on this site!

We're off tomorrow! I'm so excited but haven't even started to pack my bags as we're doing the campaign at the local cancer centre which has taken up my energies this week. Will have to do a quick dash to the shops this evening!

I've had a look at the 24 hour web cam for Meribel and the snow looks good!

Shall be thinking of friends here. See you when I get back!

Loads of love xxxx Annie


sorry about the typos in my message - oops.

Have a great time. Sheila xx


Hi I did the same as Annie, I took out Barclays insurance and excluded the Ovarian Cancer. Im only going to Jersey but Annie did say that It is not NHS there so I would need insurance. As we all know the symptoms come on slowly so we could all get home in an emergency.

As usual Annie had the answer so thanks to you I have insurance.

Love Babs x x


i agree with Chrystynn and recommend Insurancewith. I have used them since finsihing my chemo 18 months ago. The premium has come down each time since then with the reduced risk. I have only been to Europe and know that all insurance companies seem to have a problem with America - but suggest that they are definitely worth a call. They are extremely thorough and covered me for cancer, chemotherapy side effects, depression (at the time) and it truly wasn't too expensive. Good luck and have a fabulous time! Eleni x


PS. I found insurancewith on the Macmillan list of suggested insurance companies........lots of the others were silly money! x


Hi, enjoy Mexico- I went after my initial treatment, and had a wonderful time, so am sure you will too!

Last time I went away, I ended up going with insurancewith as they were much cheaper than MIA even tho it was only to Barcelona. I personally don't feel safe going away without insurance, can't stand the thought of being stuck somewhere.

I know MIA only covers for £1000 cancellation, which generally doesn't cover for the cost of the holiday, if it's a big one like Mexico, but I think you can increase it if you pay extra.

Whatever you choose, have a wonderful time!



I have used insurancewith for travel to Canada and they were quite reasonable, even when no one else wanted to insure me at all.


Hello, can only add that I also used insurancewith numerous times to Cyprus and very reasonable premiums.

Have a fab time x


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