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Travel Insurance

Just been talking to an insurance company (linked to getting travel insurance through my bank so not a specialist). They won't cover PPC related cancer but will cover me for anything else. Partly down to recency of diagnosis and the number of times I've seen a doctor in the last 12 months.

Would you A) go ahead and travel anyway trusting that you'd have enough notice of recurrence to cancel in necessary or B) wait a while (I'm not planning on travelling until August at the earliest) and then contacting a specialist insurance company for extra cover.

If B any suggestions as to whom?

I had to contact these insurers today as the offer from the bank is only open for 30 days.

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Depends on whether you can cancel flights and accom nearer the time- if you can get your money back if you have to then it might be worth the risk. I insured with MiA . They would only take me less than 60 days before travelling but I knew I could cancel up to that point and get everything back xx


You could try insurancewith in addition to MIA. Word of warning be prepared to anwser a lot of questions which may or may not be asked with any sensitivity!



I only ever use the 'free' insurance that comes with my bank account. I have declared my cancer and I'm covered for anything as long as it is not cancer related. I always make sure I have enough money in the bank to return home in an emergency. Last year I traveled to Corfu, Lanzarote, Fuerterventura and Tenerife (I know I'm very spoilt, these were all between Sept and Dec) without incident. I only ever travel with my Onc's approval and I book last minute.

It really is a personal choice and you should do what you feel comfortable with. Why don't you get a few quotes and see what it would cost, it may make the decision easier. I'd rather spend the insurance money on upgrading the holiday :-)



Hi I tend to do the same as L4W and I annually travel to Tenerife and various parts of the USA, along with short breaks to Amsterdam, Paris etc . I basically go without insurance for the Cancer and tend to only book flights /accommodation following my latest check-up (I have 12 week check-ups). I have toyed with the idea of trying Insurewith as I have heard their costs are reasonable. I also make sure I have my credit cards with me in case of need.

Kathy xx

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I recently had the joy of travel insurance quotes, the questions are really soul destroying. Anyway Insurewith wouldn't insure me so I went through a broker recommended by the "yes to life" website, (There were a couple of recommendations on there at least) I used Insurance Choice and was given prices for insurance with or without previous diagnosis covered. We're off skiing in a week so I reckoned that it's broken bones or lost baggage that I'm going to have problems with not OC so I've taken a chance and went without.

However now I've done that my tummy is doing all sorts of funny things but I'm sure it's all in my head. My ca125 was still the same when I had a blood test done last week.

I think 2 years post treatment and the costs come down until then I plan to do the same as Katmal and only book for the following three months after a appointment (fingers crossed that I'm well that is )

I hope you find the best solution that works for you and you have a fabulous holiday




I got a week's travel to Germany for £36 from Get Going Insurance and it covers my diagnosis of OC. MIA quoted £124!

Found them through comparison website.

Hope you get it sorted.

Lynne 💞

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I have had the same response from my bank travel insurance but I got the impression it was because I was still on 3 monthly appointments. Every question was based on the last 6 months. I got yearly extended Europe last year with Staysure which covered everything but it was expensive.


Hi, I travelled to the USA when I was only 7 months post chemo in 2014. I insured with 'Insurewith'. They provided all the necessary cover for OC I needed. I'm going again July this year and went straight to them again as they were so good last time. They do ask loads of questions but they are all pertinent to our disease and are necessary and relevant to get the right cover, I have 10,000,000.00$ cover which is real peace of mind and really important to me. I couldn't travel without insurance and always get cover as soon as I book the holiday. We had to cancel in 2014 when I had my debulking surgery at the time I should have been in New York, my insurance paid up and we got all our money back minus the cost of the actual policy. Good luck with your insurance and have a fabulous holiday ❤xx Jane


I use eurotunnel insurance now... no questions apart from if you have been diagnosed as terminal.... even then I think they will cover you, may be a tad more expensive. I used to use Mia then insurewith but found them too expensive now I have a week away to tenerife for £17....

Have a good holiday



I had travel insurance with my bank and I was let down very badly when I had to make a claim due to PPC. I now take out insurance with Mia Insurance and find them very sympathetic with those of us suffering with cancer and more affordable too. I have recommended them on this site before.


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I think we all seem to do a mix of things depending on where we are going and for how long and I guess on where we are with treatment and how we feel. I happily go anywhere in Europe without cover for PPC. This is based on cancellation not usually being an issue as flights are cheaper than the insurance! However, long haul seems a bit different and I insure if I am booking well in advance to cover any possible cancellation costs. If I booked long haul just before flying then I would probably go without. I used Insurewith when we went to New Zealand and Australia for a month and they were very helpful and reasonably priced. Lets just keep travelling and enjoying life - insured or not!!! x


I went to Cyprus a few years ago without cover for cancer or my diabetes. As far as I knew I was in remission at the time, & had no problems during the holiday. A few months after that, I had emergency surgery to deal with a strangulated incisional hernia, & found out around the same time as that surgery that my cancer was back & had spread, so decided next time I went abroad that I wasn't prepared to risk going abroad without specialist insurance again. I have used MIA, though they wouldn't cover me for a cruise up the coast of Norway, saying they would cover me for a holiday on the mainland, but not for cruising. We booked that trip at short notice, & ended up being insured with Free Spirit, which were far too expensive. Will probably get quotes from MIA &/or Insurewith if we travel abroad again. Di


I now book with Eurotunnel. No intrusive questions very reasonable. X


Just wondered if you managed to get a quote in the end as I note your question was actually asked two months ago, and I'm trying not to ask yet another 'medical travel insurance' question on the main forum. I am looking to travel to Greek Islands in May, and due to call Insurance with shortly for a quote, but have just been quoted £62.26 with Boots medical insurance (albeit £350 excess) and I have PPC Stage 4 (as it spread to my pleura, but luckily no other major organs).

Be interested to know what you did in the end... x


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