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I hopefully have my last chemo on Tuesday fingers crossed. My partner has suggested a holiday to celebrate when I feel well enough. I did a quote for travel insurance and it came through at £3000 approx. Can anyone suggest who I could get insurance with?? I'm having avastin for 18 cycles after chemo so don't know if that is causing the price to be so high. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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  • Hi Millie I've had 6 chemo and having 18 Avastin.. Just back from holiday and used MIA travel insurance £65.00 for 8 days.. they are a travel company for serious illnesses...Have a great time Love Michelle xx

  • Thanks Michelle, hope you had a great time. Will give them a go. Amazing difference.


  • I sure did.. on a motorbike to France, Germany and Switzerland covering over 2,000 miles with 30 other bikers... I was pillion, it was tiring but life's for living and it was awesome!! Good luck with your travel insurance xx

  • Amazing!!!!!

  • Get that holiday soon Mandy. Xx

  • I have used avanti. They do their own health checks. I had stage 3 phase 3 clear cell oc n had clear 5 yrs ago n have used them ever since. My last annual policy cost 85 for highest cover. Hope this helps.

  • Fab to hear u reached 5 years! Here's to All of us making it

  • I've got stage 3c OC & on avastin. I've used Insurancewith. Com twice for greece £60 & Spain £40. Set up by a woman who had cancer.

  • I simply told my existing holiday insurance company, who excluded cancer treatment. As long as I am well enough to travel they are happy.

  • Definitely insurancewith or JD Travel- good luck and enjoy hols x

  • Travel insurance comes up quite a bit. I still use my bank - barclays to get mine. They have changed the policy terms a bit but I can subscribe for 6 months @ £11.50 per month but anything directly to do with cancer isn't covered.

  • Hi there, I use eurotunnel insurance, they just ask if your fit to travel, and if you have been classed as terminal.. costs approx £ 17 per holiday for me...

    Have a good holiday😆


  • I used Insurewith for a trip to New Zealand. They were very good in that they checked with me what was covered on my Travel Insurance with my bank and then only quoted me for the Cancer bit! I think it cost about £60. I was tempted travel without the Cancer covered but for four weeks on the other side of the world, it seemed a bit risky. When we travel to Europe, I don't bother with extra cover as I feel I can make it home should I need to. It does seem strange to me that Cancer requires us to seek out additional cover when other illnesses, like high cholesterol or high blood pressure carry far greater risk of needing immediate treatment than we do. Good Luck with your search and happy travels. Val

  • Yes I have used insurewith a few times, really cheap

  • Hello . I rang all clear travel insurance . They advised me to wait until no more treatment planned as the cost will much more . I found the lady I spoke too so helpful , it may be worth you trying them . Wishing you good luck and I hope u manage to get away .

  • As always ladies thank you for all this amazing advice! I'm also thinking of going to Greece but was horrified at online quotes so now I can contact some others, there is hope x

  • Hi Milliec take a look at allclear travel on the Internet they are a comparison website and will search for the best deal for you. Hope you get sorted good luck xx

  • Thankyou all you wonderful ladies for your responses. There is hope for me. Yay!!!

  • Hi. Went through. Eurotunnel, excellent. No questions apart from not being terminally I'll and fit to travel. Good luck.

  • Spoke to someone today to whom I recommended insurance with and she got a quote of over £1000 so scrap that one!!

    She tried eurotunnel which was a lot better.

  • Hi - Like Valo above, I used Eurotunnel and they were great. No difficult questions. Everything covered. Cost around £85 for me and my husband. And you don't need to go through the Chunnel to use them - it's just a name! - and I flew to Europe a couple of times with this cover. x

  • This is really interesting. I want to get insurance for holidays next year in case I have to cancel at short notice. I'm intending to stay in the UK, so will do some shopping around.

  • I found MIA reasonable for a trip to the Netherlands and Belgium.


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