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Still Carpe Diem(ing)

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Hi all. Just to say I’m still attempting to ‘live it large’ as my son would say. I have just got to the milestone of two years since finishing chemo and thank my lucky stars that I’m still here. Latest Carpe Diem trip was a short break to Barcelona as a surprise for Hubby’s 50th. (Another bucket list tick.)

I hesitated to post as others are having such a rough time but thought it might be useful for some to know that there are ladies like me who are quietly still here post treatment. I try to quell the internal paranoia of recurrence every day and don’t come on the forum as regularly as I find it makes me worry about you all and then panic about every vague ache and pain I have.

Hopefully there are lots of ladies out there who are doing ok.

Love to all especially those struggling.



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Keep on carpe diem(ing) Em, it’s all we can do really, pack as much in as you possibly can, embrace all the lovely things, enjoy your life to the fullest possible extent. It is important we share our good times to give hope, Love and hugs ❤️Xx Jane

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Emsymits in reply to Cropcrop

Thank you xx

I’m doing ok with similar sentiments it’s three years for me 😊

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Emsymits in reply to Shellygirl

Here’s to many more years! Xx

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Shellygirl in reply to Emsymits

Definitely I don’t think I will ever be the same as I was but I’m a survivor 😊😢😍


Keep on keeping on, Em. I'm glad that occasions are getting ticked off your bucket list. Barcelona is on mine too!

It's difficult to know what to say when so many lovely ladies are having a bad time, but those of us who are still here, must keep pressing for awareness, keep helping others. I'm sure you do!

I don't come on here very often either, but I do a bit of volunteering with my local gynae cancer support group, supporting ladies who are going through treatment and organising events and treats for them.

I hope you continue with being well and getting on with that bucket list!

Love Wendy xx

PS ticked Florence off mine earlier this gorgeous!

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Purple-iris in reply to wendydee

Hi Wendy

Yes totally agree with you. I volunteer with Ovarian Cancer Action and have been involved with various projects, including fund raising and awareness building. I suppose it helps me deal with the guilt and I feel I owe it to those ladies who helped me so much when I was initially diagnosed and are no longer here to try and make a difference.

Am very interested to hear you help run a support group thats great. Did you need any special training ? If so could you PM me with details?

Stay well and enjoy your summer

Kim x

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wendydee in reply to Purple-iris

Hi Kim, I know what you mean, however, not one of those lovely ladies we've loved and lost would want us to feel guilty. As my lovely friend Annie (Whippet) used to say, 'I'll keep on campaigning for as long as I can, then it's over to you girls' Oh boy! Could she campaign!

Our support group was started by a CNS and the consultant, after I was treated at the hospital, to give ladies with Gynae cancers a bit of support. I think it's unique in that. I only went along the first time to do a talk to the ladies about my experiences and volunteering with Ovacome and TOC. I kept going back because it was good to help ladies who were going through their own journeys. Of our committee, there are two of us who are OK so far and one who has had a recurrence and breast cancer too (unrelated and non-BRCA) A few of us patients and ex-patients do the day to day running of it. We have a monthly coffee morning in the hospital, always attended by a member of the CNS team, in case anyone has a wobble or wants to ask a question. We do a lot of fundraising and have free complementary therapies, donated by volunteer therapists. It's a hugely supportive group with loads of fun outings etc. We have a management meeting four times a year with the consultant, a member of the CNCs team and anyone else from the committee who can make it.

Don't get disheartened if you have to start slowly and build up gradually. Maybe start by talking to the consultant or CNS at your local hospital? ( the fact that we're there buys them equipment, resources and saves times on appointments's a win/win)

Have a look at our website. It's

Anything I can do to help, just ask! Good luck xx

PS excuse any typos, my predictive text is a bit unpredictable at times 🙄

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Purple-iris in reply to wendydee

Thanks for the info Wendy, great to hear how it got started and is now supporting so many women. I’m lucky I’ve had a great support network through Guys cancer centre, which runs a monthly gynea support group and can access complimentary therapies and counselling through Dimbleby. And also attended the Ovacome support group with Anna at Barts.

As you say I think it helps others to hear from someone who’s been through treatment and I regularly meet up with a few ladies locally and we support each other through our ups and downs!

Started thinking it would be nice to have something more local and organise some activities. Probably the ex teacher in me ! I’ll start making some enquires.

Thanks again

Have a great day Kim x

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wendydee in reply to Purple-iris

Another ex-teacher? Me too....sounds as if you're doing a great job now too.

Where do you live? If and when you get going with the organisation of a support group and, if it's not too far and possible for you, do come along. If you catch a train you can come and see our support group in Southend hospital, I could pick you up at the station. We always welcome visitors. xx

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Purple-iris in reply to wendydee

Thanks Wendy. I’m in Bromley so not too far x

😀 Florence is on my list too! Just need to save some pennies!

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wendydee in reply to Emsymits

It's just fabulous! I've waited since I was 15 to get there!

Hi Em

Keep living it large girl ! And making memories. Great to hear you’re doing ok. Went with my son to Barcelona for his 21st, great place 👍

I’m just ahead to you and almost 2 1/2 years since chemo finished. We’ve just come back from an amazing week with kids (22 and 27 ) at Watergate Bay Cornwall. So lovely all being together. Watched the sunset on the beach and Celebrated my daughter getting a First for her graphics degree. Just ordered a new dress for her graduation, something I didn’t think I would be around for at one point. 💜

Just had my 3 years since diagnosis Anniversary so many emotions, guilty that others are no longer here or struggling, fearful for the future that my new found happiness will suddenly be snatched away with a recurrence and so so grateful for every single day. 🙏

Hope everyone can do something they enjoy today even if they are not having a good day.

I think it was Harpist who posted

“Fear does not prevent death, it prevents life."

Carpe diem

Just told my husband we need to book our next trip for Sept !

Love and best wishes

Kim x 💜

Best of luck to you. I tell my mom the same thing, the future is guaranteed to no one. Cancer diagnosis or not. We need to make every day count❤️❤️

Congratulations, that's fantastic, I too have been here 5 yrs since chemo. So keep on living, all the best to you and family. I had a milestone, I retired, the 28th of June. Congratulations again ❤❤Liz

Hi. I would like to add to the good news stories too, and say that I have just had my six month check up, and am still clear too. I was diagnosed early 2016, stage 3b. I can't believe my good fortune, and reading the positive posts from the other ladies, wanted to add my own good news to show those of you starting treatment, that there is always hope.


Hi Em, so glad yr doing well and enjoying life. Life is for living, those no longer here but forever in our thoughts and hearts would have no doubt agreed with that sentiment. I live each day to the fullest, ive had a few city breaks this year already, a holiday to Venice, one to Tenerife and after scan in 2 weeks if all ok im off to Vegas. Ill die skint lol told kids they can have the house wen ive gone but any cash will have been well and truly spent on life lol. If I get to Oct Ill have made 12 years since diagnosis , I intend to make more! Carry on carrying on. Onwards and upwards as one lady who is no longer here used to say! Take care and enjoy the good times, the crap we will deal with wen it happens ! Xx Kathy xx

On a (slightly morbid? 🤔) philosophical note.....a great old late friend of my hubs' told him, 'You run out of time before you run out of money.'

Or, my late mother in law used to say, 'there's no pockets in a shroud!' 😳

How often do we quote those two wise women!

The past is unchangeable, the future's uncertain. Enjoy the now! 🥂💐☀️ xx

Congratulations and well done you so great to hear two years is a big milestone. Keep on celebrating. If you don't m I nd me asking have you had debulking surgery or has it all been cleared by chemo?

Thank you. Yes I had loads removed including omentum and lymph nodes as it had spread ☹️ Then chemo which I hope and pray zapped anything left. 🤞🙏🏻 Now I just follow a much different diet and panic every time my six month review comes up.

Hi Em. That's very good news. I feel just like you being 6 years since diagnosis. I read what some say but it can be upsetting. I like to think the long term survivors just don't post any more as they've moved on but I will keep here as long as I can give others some hope that there is a chance of living a normal life again. It never quite leaves you though.

Carry on with the holidays etc. I've just booked a cruise for next June and hope to book many more holidays.

All the best wishes for the future, Zena xx

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Emsymits in reply to ZenaJ

By the way I hope you celebrated your 6 years x

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ZenaJ in reply to Emsymits

I celebrate every day. xx

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wendydee in reply to ZenaJ

That's a good attitude. I think it's important to show that some of us lucky girls can have a life after all the panic and worry. (we never stop worrying though, do we, when there's an odd twinge or sensation) .

I was told on here (ages ago) that I ought to move on and not post any more. I stayed away for quite a while but then came back when a question rang a real bell, I felt I could help. You're right to keep trying to support others 🌸 Xx

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Emsymits in reply to wendydee

I think you should pop by every so often to give others hope. It certainly helps me to know there are other ladies out there who are marking months and years after finishing treatment. Long may we all continue! 🙏🏻🤞

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wendydee in reply to Emsymits

Thanks 💐 xx

Congratulations! It made me happy to read all these posts. It’s true that many people on here are going through terrible experiences or have moved on from their suffering, but one thing we all share is a special appreciation for living! I’m 5 months out from frontline and often struggle with anxiety about recurrence but I totally agree about seizing the day. I admire those of you who are volunteering your time for ovarian cancer causes. 🌸🌺💐💕

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Emsymits in reply to delia2

Keep in enjoying life post chemo x

Lovely thanks for posting xx

I have had 4 recurrences and am now on a parp inhibitor I was diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer in October 2012, and yes love your life to the full and enjoy every day !

Keep well! Are you BRCA? I am, so am interested to hear about it. X

Hi I am braca negative

Thanks. I just wondered if PARPS are helping non BRCA ladies too and they obviously are! X

Hi Em, that’s great news. I am also lucky enough to have just completed 2 years NED. Keep living it large! Xxx

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Emsymits in reply to Andrea63

So great to hear! X

Hi Em, great to hear you are doing so well and enjoying life. You certainly view life differently after a ca diagnosis! Im almost 3 years since finishing chemo with no recurrence (I say with everything crossed!)Taking the children to Disney Florida in a few weeks which is exciting! Long may you stay well. Jo xx

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Emsymits in reply to Jo-Jo1-UK

Fabulous your doing well! What a coincidence- we are going to Orlando too in a couple of weeks but my boys are older so not fussed about Disney. 😂

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Jo-Jo1-UK in reply to Emsymits

Yes that is a coincidence! Have a fabulous time! xx

Good woman! Keep it up!!!

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