Nearly Christmas! !

Happy Sunday to everyone! I haven't posted in quite a while but tend to come onto the forum most days. Seem to have been an awful lot of posts recently about the NHS and its good and bad points; I know that there are an awful lot of ladies out there who are feeling crap and going through a bad time - I myself am going through 2nd line treatment; have had 4 cycles of caelyx with 2 more to go with some sort of liver procedure looming in between! Caelyx has given me every side effect going ( how very generous ); I'm battling a whopping mouth ulcer at the moment which is annoying but hey ladies - not going to get me down!

We're all still here and we're all still fighting through so cmon ladies - let's crack the chocs and mince pies with a hefty dose of something alcoholic to wash it all down! Never know - might kick my mouth ulcer into touch! !!!

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  • Happy Sunday to you to, I like your idea of opening the chocolates and mince pies.

    Know how you feel I've been on Caelyx, just had 2nd cycle and this weekend haven't felt great but I'm feeling better today than yesterday!!!!

    Looking forward to Christmas without treatment until January so I'm goingt to make the most of it. Hope you have a lovely Christmas, enjoy x

  • Sorry to hear you are having a tough time of it. It's not easy to stay positive when you are getting lots of side effects and mouth ulcers so irritating ! You are dead right though...need to enjoy the good days when they happen and because it's Xmas make them extra special . I was really lucky this wend in that going to see Santa with kids and night out for dinner coincided with good days ! Feel so blessed ! Will need to remind myself of this next week when I get the 3 drugs and have to spend time in bed . Enjoy the chockies and pies..sounds like you deserve it ! I am really indulging at moment !..calling it the chemo diet ..basically spoiling myself with treats when I feel like it cause I know hard days are around the corner ! All though the nausea never stops me eating !

  • Haha Susan - sounds like a carbon copy of me! Fabulous chemo diet! 😃 😃 😃 👍 xxx

  • Hi,

    I've just had my first Caelyx last week totally forgot about the after days which don't start straightaway but normally the day after chemo feeling crap and all that. Weekly taxol was much easier . This is my fourth line chemo so options slowly running out and no remission in sight as such but have had times where the disease has been pushed back.

    The weather here is glorious in New Zealand but Christmas and summer still can't get my head around that . At least I get to see Santa 13 hrs before you lol.

    What are you using for mouth bicarbonate good and the old remedy salted water. In thinking of getting straws in just in case I get ulcers.

    Take care


  • Hi Fiona - New Zealand - wow! Can totally understand the weirdness of Christmas and summer! Weather where I am bit rainy but mild.

    Caelyx is a bit of a bugger in my book but you know what Fiona - we're all still here and fighting this b.....d! Have tried all the usual remedies - I get it in the same place every month which is strange! It's slowly improving ready for the next blast!

    Hope you have a lovely Christmas xxx

  • When I had mouth ulcers, which was my side effect on Carboplatin, I sucked polos which I know sounds a bit odd but it seemed to help. Cheers to the alcohol, I haven't braved any wine yet since my operation, but am determined to have a glass of bubbly on Christmas Day.

    LA xx

  • Thank you Lily Anne - I have found chewing gum has helped; isn't it weird? ?

    Glad you're feeling better xxx

  • Good morning Maz, for mouth ulcers I tried a combination of preventative cleaning teeth after every meal, gargling after cleaning teeth with dispersible 300mg aspirin (spitting it out after not swallowing), and treatment of 'painting' on 'Iglu' mouth ulcer treatment (from chemists) and in the end the oncologist prescribed from the hospital pharmacy a 'steroid anesthetic' mouthwash (lidocaine + a steroid) which, because of the taste, I just dabbed onto each mouth ulcer with a cotton wool bud. By the last couple of cycles this combo was managing to keep my mouth in a decent enough state to find parts in which I could chew food without too much soreness.

    I hadn't found this website when I was experiencing these little blighters so these other things maybe just as effective. Good luck.


  • Difflam mouthwash can be prescribed and I found it amazing as it both completely numbed the discomfort and also healed mine really quickly when all other attempts hadn't really helped at all! Good luck X

  • Thanks to both - I've got difflam which does ease it a bit tbf; and I'll attempt the gargling but it isn't one of my strong points! 😃 😃 xxx

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