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Operation looming

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Hi there all you brave and lovely ladies

I have just returned from Miami and the Caribbean where I had an amazing holiday with my hubby, pic attached ( excuse the windswept wet look as it’s an action shot on a jet ski!)

We decided to bring it forward as thankfully I feel completely well but unfortunately I have to have a large op on 17th November. As per my previous post a while ago I have a large cyst on my liver having finished chemo (3rd Line) on 4th July, also there is still some bits and pieces in my peritoneum and on the surface of my bowel. I need a liver resection done by a hepatobiliary surgeon and the gynae part done by a gynae surgeon. There’s a strong possibility I will wake up with a bag also which they tell me will be 98% temporary - say 6 months.

I’m so pleased we went away as I managed to almost put it out of my mind completely but now I’m back I’m all too aware it’s coming up fast. They tell me it will probably be 8 hours and I will wake up in hdu.

Not really sure why I’m posting this other than it’s fair to say I’m pretty petrified and walking in feeling fine and waking up NOT fine takes some getting my head round but I do understand it’s for my own good long term. I’m a bit of a wimp when it comes to anaesthetic and always scared I won’t wake up! (Pathetic I know lol !)

I’m sure there are lots of you out there who have had big ops for this horrible disease so any words of wisdom would be great 😃

Take care brave ladies

Jo xxx 💗

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good to hear Jo and you look so well.....fingers crossed that the po/ goes brilliantly and you'll be back there before too long! Chris xx

sorry, just pressed send before I realised had pressed wrong keys...chemo fingers! Hope you got the positive vibes nevertheless! xx

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Jo2305 in reply to chrissapam

Thank you so much xx

Fabulous pic! You look so healthy and happy. You can do this Jo. You are a fighter and survivor. Beat this beast back to hell. Have the surgery and be good for the big holiday.

XX Carol

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Jo2305 in reply to caf132

Hi carol, thanks for your reply, that’s the ridiculous thing I do feel completely healthy and before hols was running 3 times a week. Anyway it needs to be done so I need to get brave! Lol xx

Hi Jo I’m also booked in for a large op 10/11 also not sure if I’ll end up with a temp/ perm stoma it’s pretty scary so I can certainly empathise with you! Which Hosp are you having surgery?take care jo x x

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Jo2305 in reply to Jonich

Hi thanks for your reply, I’m having my op at the Bristol Royal Infirmary , how about you? Yes it’s very scary isn’t it! Xx

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Jonich in reply to Jo2305

I’m at the Royal London it’s so daunting not knowing what the outcome will be until you wake up.. x x

Hi Jo Great photo, so glad you managed a lovely holiday before your op. You aren't a wimp, you are facing the unknown basically and that can be scary. I'm sure that once you are over the op you will wonder how you got through it but you will and then start planning for the next great holiday!. Wishing you all the very best. Kathy xxx

Thank you Cathy much appreciated, wish it was this week in a way so I could just get on with it! Xx

Hello my birthday twin friend

You look so happy and carefree in that lovely photo, what a lovely trip you've had....but I know it's all about the wobbles inside you now are back to reality 😏. It's not what's on the outside ( as many people think or confuse but what's going on in your head and trying to destroy your body 😡)

Ask the anaesthetist to be careful with your throat. I remember weeping just before I went under. He held my hand and asked me gently what I was worried about ( more blubbing / passing the tissues😪) . I said I didn't want to wake up with the really sore throat and cough which followed the laparoscopy procedure 3 weeks before....

Also I asked to wrapped as I remembered being uncontrollably shivery and cold when I came round before..

I had been doing the Headspace Ap of meditation and breathing which I tried to apply on my way down to theatre..

Consequently, no sore throat and warm as toast made a big difference to help me deal with one very sore abdomen! Hmm meditation went out the window for a bit 😘

Hope it all goes well... let us know how it pans out. Janet x

Ps If you have one take your own fleece or wrap-around take it for bed lounging. I'm all about comfort and coziness. Hugs and more...

I think if we're honest, the thought of surgery is scary for all of us, but like us, you will get through it and cope with whatever you wake up to. Take care. Ali xx

Hi Jo,

What a goegeous happy picture.I can totally understand the almost absurd notion of taking yourself into hospital a fit woman for this huge operation. During my own battle with the beast within, I blamed myself for the situation I was in! I thought if only I hadn't gone to my GP none of this would be happening and I'd be walking round right as rain!!! But obviously (as my Consultant told me) 3 months down the line I'd be in big trouble.

You look so well and you are obviously very fit so this will help you hugely in your time in hospital. I hope the next few weeks aren't too difficult for you. It's great getting away isn't it coz you can almost pretend none of the OC stuff is happening!

Wishing you all the very best.

Catherine X

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Hi Jo

There is nothing pathetic about being scared of a major operation, you wouldn't be normal if you weren't! But try to remember, you're in expert hands. In a few weeks time you will wonder just be glad it's over and you can get on with your life.

All best wishes and good luck with op.

Juliet x

Hi Jo

Great pic and so pleased you have had a great holiday and were able to escape for a while . You look so well and healthy . Still at a loss as to how we can look so well on the outside and be so seriously ill inside. Before my 8 hour debulking around this time last year I was also feeling relatively well despite the chemo and it is difficult to get your head around going into hospital for an op when you feel so well . So can totally understand why you are feeling nervous .

As others have said as you are fit and healthy you will cope well with the surgery and make a good recovery .

Maybe get ahead with some Christmas preparations so you can focus on rest and recovery after your op .

And sort out your wardrobe so you have some comfy loose clothes as it's getting colder .

Sending you a big hug and best wishes for the 17th . Love Kim x 💜

Hi Jo' What a lovely fun & happy looking photo. I wish you well with your op & I know that we will all be thinking of you. Take care,xxx

Fab pic so envious of your lovely holiday, wishing you all the very best for your upcoming operation, you'll soon be back on the jet ski.xx

Hi Jo, I don't know if my words are words of wisdom but I do know that it's normal to feel the way you do,as you know It will be for your own good long time and I hope this will give you the results you want..Best wishes and take care Lorraine xx🎉🎉

You are not a wimp. I had a 7 hour op earlier this year, was told it was risky, & the surgeon wasn't sure how much he would have to do until he opened me up. I felt so daunted that I wasn't sure at first whether to go ahead. But decided that if I chickened out I would regret it, because it was expected to be a big help for my future. Yes, I did feel sore at first, & needed time to recover from the surgery, But once I'd recovered, I felt much better over the summer. Hope all goes well for you. Di

What a great picture. I would be too much of a wimp to get on a jet ski so you must really be a brave lady. Wishing you all the best for the op.

Hi Jo and omg what a lovely and carefree photo!! You look fab and the colour of the sea is stunning!! That's something to aim back to when you're climbing over that surgery hurdle!

And you WILL get over that hurdle and fun times that shine through in that photo will return!! It's a tough lug now I always find - the wait for the op; it's coming to the wire however we deal with it! Try to keep calm and peaceful lovely 💕💕💕💕.

Love Maz xxx

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