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Good News

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Hi lovely ladies. I was diagnosed stage 3C in June 2013 and get regular CA125 tests. The good news is that I'm still on 9 and live to tell the tale.

I hope you are all as well as you can be and know there is always hope for us.

Best of wishes, Zena

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That is such great news ZenaJ, long may this continue. x

Absolutely fantastic Zena, this is so uplifting and gives us all such hope.Thank you! Xxxxx

Ps How often are your CA125 tests? X

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ZenaJ in reply to Frenchhouse3

Hi, sorry for the long delay but I don't get notifications which is really annoying. I have CA125 tests every six months just to settle my mind really. I have a very understanding doctor. Take care x

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Frenchhouse3 in reply to ZenaJ

Hi Zena, thank you for this reassurance, I will ask my doctor to keep an eye on mine if I’m signed off at the hospital at some point.Denise xxxxx

Thank you for this lovely uplifting post, it’s great to hear you’re doing so well xx

Hi Zena,

Really pleased for you, I am still here too, 1c mucinous in 2014, don’t come on here much, but love to hear good news as I’m sure others do on the start of their journey, yes, there is hope.

Best wishes,

Carole xx

That is super Zena! It’s lovely to hear positive news! Hope you are planing something nice to celebrate ! Just wondering if your CA125 has fluctuated much over the years.kindest regards,


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ZenaJ in reply to Dollie22

Thanks Dollie, no it hasn't fluctuated at all which surprised me. I'm always 8 or 9. I don't think I was very high with my original diagnosis. About 135, I think.

Take care, Zena x

Brilliant news!

Brilliant Zena you are an inspiration xx

Great news, Zena. So good to hear positive news. Good to see you have been able to get back into your account too xx

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ZenaJ in reply to LochLevenLass

Just about but because I can't seem to work out how to get notifications, I keep forgetting to look, that's why there's been such a delay in my responses. xx

That’s brilliant news Zena thanks for posting x

Keep it up 💕

Hi Zena, it's great news. It gives us hope too. What kind of OC you had?Thanks

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ZenaJ in reply to Comedy123

Hi there, I don't know. I didn't even know there were different types until I came on this site. I only know it was probably due to carrying the BRCA gene and was stage 3C. xx

Thank you for posting. It’s always uplifting to hear positive stories. I can remember how much hope it gave me about a year after I was diagnosed and read a post from a lady who was 20 years post diagnosis (stage 4). It gave me something to hang on to, because at that point I was feeling pretty low - I was diagnosed at stage 4 as well and the statistics were bleak.Three years further down the line my last CA125 was 6, next test in about a week 🤞🏻.

Long may you go on Zena ❤️

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C1audia in reply to JayGeeCee

Thank you for posting too 🙂 I was diagnosed stage 3B in spring 2018, was doing well for over a year, and then learned that the cancer had spread to 3 sites in fall 2020. Along with chemo, I'm following a vegan diet, exercising more and have never felt better. I really believe there's hope, and hearing your story gives some of us the hope and affirmation that we need! Wishing you continued good health! 🙂

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ZenaJ in reply to C1audia

Thanks Claudia, I think there is always hope and being positive really helps. I wish you all the best and so pleased that you feel so well. xx

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ZenaJ in reply to JayGeeCee

I guess you have that result now as I've been a bit slow checking my news. I do hope it has remained the same and that you go on to have a very long and active life. xxx

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JayGeeCee in reply to ZenaJ

Hi ZenaSorry for the delay in responding.

I saw my oncologist on Friday, CA125 is still 6, so no blood test or appointment for 6 months instead of 3.

This time I saw a different doctor and he speaks good English ( my usual oncologist and I Franglais).

He had read my notes carefully and asked me if I was aware that my situation is remarkable. He said they almost never see the kind of response to treatment that I have had and said it is miraculous.

I knew I had been lucky but hearing him talk this way made me feel quite emotional.

I now feel confident to travel over to the UK for the winter to spend time with my girls and grandchildren. I was not looking forward to my first winter alone here in France since I lost my beloved husband in March. Sadly he didn’t respond to treatment as well as me and only survived 2 years from his diagnosis which came about just as I’d finished my treatment.

I hope you stay well and happy.



Bless you for your fantastic positive post, your just marvellous and long may your recovery continue. Gives me and others positivity & hope for the future. Sending love ,& hugs SheilaFxxx

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ZenaJ in reply to Realistic

Thanks very much Sheila. xx

That is brilliant news Zena. Gives so many of us hope. X x

Such uplifting news. Stories like yours give us all hope. Take care x

That is such good news Zena. I'm also BRCA 2 +.Do you have any kind of maintenance drug? I am taking PARP Olaparib.

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ZenaJ in reply to mrstadpole

No, I wasn't offered anything. I'm not sure it was available at the time. I only learned about the BRCA gene from this site and asked for the test. I think you can only have the maintenance drug at the beginning of the treatment but I'm not sure. By the time I found out about it, it was too late but luckily everything seems to be going well in any case. xxx

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mrstadpole in reply to ZenaJ

Zena The only reason I knew I had the BRCA gene was because I offered to take part in the Genome 1000 research. I was asked if I would do this just before I went into theatre. I'm so glad I did as this knowledge has helped me hugely. There is no history of this type of cancer in my family or breast cancer. I doubt that I ever would have asked for a BRCA test.

Fabulous and long may it continue xxx ❤️❤️

Good for you Zena, long may it continue. Sue xx

Excellent! That is great to hear. It’s so important to hear such good news. Keep well! 🤗😘🌟

Fantastic news!

That is fantastic news ZenaJ and lovely to hear gives us all hope xx

Great to hear such positive news Zena. Long may it last. Jackie.

Brilliant news Zena. So important for us all to read these uplifting stories. Did you have any reoccurance at all during that time? x

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ZenaJ in reply to Robbo16

I've been very lucky Robbo, no recurrence just a fat tummy. Hope you are okay. xx

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Robbo16 in reply to ZenaJ

Thank you Zena

That's amazing news, you're very lucky xx

Excellent news, keep on keeping on Zena. I’m annually tested too and my latest CA125 in August was steady at 6. Stay safe lovely ❤️Xx Jane

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ZenaJ in reply to Cropcrop

Great news Jane. Take care, xx

Hi Zeno. That wonderful news. Long may it continue! 🌻🌺🌼

wow. congrats. tell us what your protocols have been. hugs from paris

Great news Zena !! Keep it up , it brings hope to all of us who are coping with this beast .Gill/Mookie Fox

Great news, so pleased for you!❤

Wonderful news Zeno! So happy for you, Donna

Whoops, Zena

Great news Zena, I was diagnosed with Stage 4 in March 2018 and after extensive surgery and chemo my Ca125 is 7 and has been stable now for 2 years. I feel so good and try to make the best of every day. I hope to visit the grandchildren in France at Christmas for a real family celebration. I am so happy for you.

Thank you for sharing this….it’s giving a lot of ladies s much hope and inspiration, including me! All good wishes to you x

This gives me hope has I'm feeling down after my last scan and finding cancer not completely gone, and going to have more chemo. So glad for you long may it last🙂

Wonderful news. So happy for you 💐

What treatment did you have Zena? Are you taking any drugs now? I was also diagnosed in 2013 with stage 3C cancer. 3 lots of chemo and 3 operations and I am well. I take Niraparib and have a CA125 blood test every 3 month.

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ZenaJ in reply to Winks

Hi Winks, This just shows how different things can be. I had 18 weekly doses of chemo and 1 operation. I don't take any medication and get tested every 6 months.

I'm really pleased things are working out for you too. It's still a worry though, isn't it?

Take care xx

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