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Desensitization protocol later today


Has anyone else gone thru desensitization protocol so they could continue with a chemo drug they had an allergic reaction to?

I am on first recurrence as platinum resistant. So only 3 months after my first 6 chemos here I go again.

First time around had severe anaphylaxis reaction to only two drops of Taxol so switched to gemzar/carboplatin. Now gyn/enc wants Doxil/Avastin but I had allergic reaction to the Doxil although not as severe as the Taxol. I am going to go thru desensitization protocol which is supposed to be a quick way to make my body accept the Doxil with out so much allergic reaction. I have researched about it, understand the basic procedures, trust all my docs but still nervous. Allergic to a lot of things that should have finished me off long ago lol, so never like the idea of playing around with it.

Anyone else that has gone thru this?

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I was similar, reaction to taxol on initial chemo, third round... so just continued with carbo after the big op - but was able to come back to it a year later when given extra premeds and given weekly and always slow drip to start. I was always near the nurses station and watched like a hawk.

Is this desensitisation as I am not quite sure what it entails?

Well good luck with it , let us know what happens.

Janet 🌈

Hi ecappiello,

Yes, I had to go down this route during first line chemo. I had an anaphylactic reaction to Taxol within the first minute, then I was tried with Docetaxel instead and had another anaphylactic reaction to that within 5 minutes. Then my oncologist suggested to try Docetaxel on a desensitized protocol, with a lot more steroids and anti histamine. I was extremely nervous the first time we tried it, but it went through fine, took a long time, but I was able to have 6 full cycles that way, so there is always hope for a positive outcome xxxx

I had severe reaction to Carbo for 2nd line treatment, onc tried Desensitisation protocol, but had another severe reaction, so start on Cisplatin & Taxol next week.

Ellsey xx

Thank you to and for the replies.

I went thru the desensitization with no problems. Now just waiting to see if I get any of the other side effects to deal with. Have to say I'm really relieved to know that I didn't have to lose out on another chemo that can help me fight!

Good luck to all!

Liz C

Tabor in reply to ecappiello

Wonderful, you are still here for a reason. Fight stay strong and positive!!! Good luck


I've done two lots of carboplatin desensitisation with no problems.

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