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I'm on weekly taxol at the moment and have to have an intravenous dose of piriton before it starts half an hour before along with a steroid. Taxol can cause an allergic reaction which is why it has to be done apparently. Now I'm feeling well , I'm 44 but the piriton knocks me for 6 and I feel like I've been drugged, I can't keep my eyes open although it's hard to properly sleep as I'm doing the cold cap. It's not a nice feeling and I'm like it now in the car on the way home! Does this affect anyone else out there like this?

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  • Hi

    When I first had carbo/ taxol I had a severe reaction and I have just had my first recurrence. The same chemo and I was given piriton, cortisone, and something to line my stomach before starting the chemo. The nurse said the piriton would make me sleepy and it certainly did. I slept through each of the six sessions hopefully not snoring but if I did everyone was too polite to say. No horrible reaction this time.

    Love Maureen

  • Hello! You're not alone, my Mum knocks out a few minutes after they give the pre meds :) she doesn't have the cold cap so she sleeps through most of her chemo! :)

  • I also had to have Piriton before Taxol (18 weeks).

    I was informed not to drive on the day after having the treatment. Because of the Piriton it can effect your driving and your insurance can be invalid.

    Good luck with the treatment.

  • Hi Jo! I had weekly taxol and had Piriton + the other meds before my chemo infusions, I found the piriton made me feel pleasantly sleepy, I didn't actually go to sleep though, I didn't use the cold cap as i also had carbo every three weeks and both drugs make you lose your hair so I didn't see the point in adding another element to the whole experience. Hope your cold cap does its job and especially that your treatment works well. 🤞🏻❤ xx Jane

  • Hey Jo!

    I had the same reaction on my first Chemo and my pirotin was increased as a result! I wasn't using the cold cap so I slept through the first few hours of the infusion which was great! I take pirotin sometimes for hay fever and it has always had that effect on me! In fact there was a couple of times during treatment where I used it as a sleeping aid cos I was having trouble sleeping!!! 😂


  • Yes it makes me dizzy and tired. I use the cold cap too and am quite glad I feel sleepy.

  • Hi Jo

    Like other ladies I had taxol/carboplatin every 3 weeks and had Piriton before my session. I would fall asleep for a while it was relaxing! And made it bearable (strangely) I could see other ladies falling asleep and knew they were having the same meds. Is there anyone who could drive you to your session and pick you up afterwards?



  • Hi I had the intravenous piriton before every every treatment, this was due my body being sensitive to the Taxol. I had to continue with piriton tablet form for 12 weeks post my last chemo.

    The piriton makes you very sleepy due to the high dose you are getting.

    Ellsey xx

  • Oh, I know that feeling well. I was most surprised when it first happened. I feel my head going half-dizzy and half-woozy but I amuse myself by fighting it and sitting up straight, looking around me, reading a book, answering emails, replying to my Ovacome friends, practising pushing the drip-feed stand (I'm sure it's got a more technical name) to the loo without bumping into anything, etc. etc. anything but give in........

    I should get out and about more, I know!

  • I was automatically given Piriton before each infusion when I had weekly Taxol, & sometimes fell asleep. I was also advised not to drive afterwards. The most annoying thing I felt was that the Piriton sometimes made me sleep in the middle of the day, then when the effects wore off, the effects of the steroids seemed more obvious & I couldn't sleep very well that night. Di

  • It makes me sleepy every time. Other patients are very jealous of my ability to sleep through the whole thing. I'm not on cold cap but the periton helps me to relax and get through the chemo.

  • Hi - I had this with my first line treatment. They had barely finished giving me the piriton and I would be asleep for about an hour- and this was with the cold cap!!! I would feel groggy for the rest of the day until I started having reiki healing after I had finished chemo and this used to perk me up again!

  • Hi Jo,

    I had a bad reaction carbo/taxol and was given piriton and the only way I could cope is have a nap when it was given.I got myself there and back with a sleep during treatment,a 40 min train journey there and back with a cab journey also. Family insisted they accompany me,but I am fiercely independent and did it myself,

    Have to say I didn't have the cold cap,chose not to ,so it may be different for you,

    Wish you the best,

    Carole xx

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