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Weekly Taxol plus Avastin

Hi Friends! I just found out today I have to start third line treatment next week. They have decided to use weekly taxol plus twice monthly avastin. On first line I had carbo/taxol. On the second day after treatment is when the severe fatigue set in and the ickys. Second line was avastin/doxil. I tolerated that incredibly well. Just the irritating nose bleeds from the avastin.

I'm wondering what side effects might come with just the taxol. It always stinks preparing for the 'first time' with new drugs to see how we might feel. Any advice is appreciated!


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I understand that the expectation is that weekly Taxol is better tolerated and few side effects are expected . I am in it but as I am having a multitude of other issues my experience is not 'the norm!'.

Hair loss too and I think tiredness.

Usual things to eat - fresh pineapple, ginger biscuits etc

Good luck and I wish as few side effects as possible for you

Clare xx


I am on weekly taxol , 3 0n and one off.have just started my 10th go. I have tolerated this well , yes I lost my hair ,but bandanas , wigs and in this weather , the natural look.

This is third line chemo for me too. My tumours have not grown and cat 125 is down from 6000 to 1700. So all of that made me happy. I am stage 4 and was passed to palliative care 11 months ago , reviewed sept last year and because I Was well in other ways ,my onc decided to do .more anD here I am hopefully Plodding on. Oh and low magnesium levels which contribute to the tiredness they give sachets and it's all monitored with your bloods , so not a problem ,Just listen to your body and rest when you need. Best of luck.

Linda x



Thank you Lindy! They are passing me to palliative care as well. Your email is encouraging because in my discussions with my doctor yesterday about my symptoms and test results......we are likely looking at a possibility of 6 months unless this combo of chemo works.

Keep plodding!!




You'll get there ,look how far we've come. New treatments c owmng up every day . I hope all goes well for you , please let know how you get of luck , sending virtual hugs .

Linda xx


Good luck Jodi. I'm sure someone will have had Taxol alone and give you advice. Ann xx


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