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Caravanning - the 2018 season

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Well last year at this time, we had just sold our old van and were awaiting the delivery of our new one. Then ...... the dreaded diagnosis and everything put on hold. Caravan cancelled and life on hold. Well I'm still here, we've bought another van and enjoying life again at the moment. I'm 3 stone lighter, minus lots of body parts, traumatised by the experience, lost my mum and both of my dogs but still fighting!!!! Get lost Cancer, you are not welcome here!!!!!

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Bravo! Keep up your life! Keep on a healthy diet and rock on!



Excellent, enjoy your lovely new caravan, we’ve done it for years since our boys were little, we’ve probably covered most of this country and quite a bit of France and Belgium in our vans, we moved up to our statics about 10 years ago, which we love, but I do miss the going to lots of different sites and meeting lots of nice people (I don’t miss the towing bit but it’s necessary). I hope you get to visit lots of lovely places and that you have gorgeous weather and, most importantly, good health to enjoy yourself. Safe motoring lovely ❤️Xx Jane

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Thank you. Just need to stay healthy. Just drinking my water infused with lemon, cucumber and Mint. It doesn’t taste too bad, I’m sure it’s not doing anything though x

Hi Eriksendi,

You clearly have the right attitude. OC is a nasty disease but none of us here are going to give up fighting it, and we will fight together and support each other when we stumble.


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Thank you - very wise words x x

Keep fighting back and enjoy your trips in your lovely caravan

Wow, what a rotten time you've had! So sorry to read about your Mum and two dogs. Congratulations on getting your caravan. Hope you have some really lovely times in it. I see I t's a Bailey Unicorn, the same make as ours but a newer version. Is it a Seville?

Have fun, love Solange xx😊

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Eriksendi in reply to Solange

Hi Solange - it's a Vigo. It has the transverse island bed so I can get out easily in the night without having to climb over my long suffering husband. We had an old Bailey Senator before. Very pleased with it. Enjoy being outside, BBQ's, walks etc and we always took the dogs with us. When we started packing up they would sit by the caravan steps and wait they loved it. X x

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So pleased for you that you have not just a fixed bed but an Island bed!! My dream!! We can't have a double bed of any sort as all the caravans with them are just too long to get in our garden. My lovely hubby gamely makes up our two single beds into a double every night. Then I sleep on the outside as I'm forever up to the loo and he clambers over me if he needs to get up in the night. Happy days - or should I say nights? Long may you have super caravanning adventures. I'm sad for you, though that your two beloved dogs are no longer here to accompany you. Xx😊

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Our caravan stays in storage as it means we can't get our cars plus the caravan in the drive and the neighbours are not happy!! I'm thinking of getting a rescue dog but anxious as I don't know how long I will stay well and wouldn't want to let a dog down. X

Enjoy your new caravan! I love looking around caravan show centres and seeing all the layouts. My girls are obsessed with our local tent showroom - hours of fun on a rainy day 😆

Vicki x

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Thank you. I love looking round as well. We went to the NEC last year to the caravan show - 'just to look' and ended up ordering a new one. Sadly that wasn't to be due to my illness and we cancelled the order but we've gone ahead this year. Determined to enjoy life x x

Wish I was a good enough driver to have a caravan. Alas ......especially parking 😂


I'd never drive it, I have enough problems with my car!! Parking is easy, just make sure you have a motor mover fitted and you just stand there with a remote control and it does it for you. Too many bad experiences of parking in the past!!!

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