Some wonderful people out there! !

Good evening ladies - well hubby is glued to the footy so I thought I'd take some time to share something lovely with you all.

I'm due to start 3rd line treatment on Tuesday - no matter how many times you hear those dreaded words that this beast is back it still hits like a 10 ton truck! It's been a pretty up and down week or so trying to ram the big girl pants on again like us women do; have had to break the news yet again to my 22 yr old daughter - floods of tears on both sides and understandable fears about what the future may hold.

In the midst of this the most beautiful flowers arrived ( if I was more technically minded I'd put up a photo ). They were from a lovely lady I've found here on HU - we started messaging last year and now talk most days. We've never managed to meet as yet but we will!

As with many other ladies on here I've lost a few friendships along the way through this disease and it does make you sometimes question the sincerity generally of the human race but my god - this simple act of understanding and thought has really brought me round and given me hope!

She hunted high and low to find out my address without my knowing - incredible xxx

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  • That is so kind, you have obviously got a lovely friend who thinks a lot of you.

    Good luck with chemo hope all goes well xx

  • Thank you so much - fingers crossed xx

  • It means a lot to know someone is thinking of you . I've recently finished third line chemo, and I will be thinking of you on Tuesday. Good luck with everything and try to stay positive xxx

  • Thank you and yes I'm still firmly sat on the emotional roller coaster at the moment; once treatment starts I'm hoping to plateau out a bit! 😊 xx

  • Hi maz sorry to hear that bout ur daughter it's just awful for them!

    But how lovely of ur HU friend to send u flowers🌸🌼🌷🌹🌺💐🌻 here r some for u and your daughter xx

  • Thank you Alison - your post had me weepy too; such a lovely thought and I've told Emily about it!

    Good luck for when your treatment starts xxx

  • We cannot always have what we want, but not having it is made easier by the kindness of others.

    Thank you both for being kind enough to share.

  • So sorry that you have to go on 3rd line, but I know what you mean about friends and acts of kindness.

    Having lost my husband as well in January, it's interesting to see who still calls me to see how I am, give me support, and make arrangements to see me.

    A lovely act of kindness happened the other day, I sold my complete dinner set which included tureens, gravy boats, cutlery set, cheese platter, glass cake stand, cake slice etc etc stacks of it. Put it for sale on a local FB site £20, it was a bargain.

    It was bought by a young lady, maybe in her late 20s, hard to tell, she was very pleased with it and felt guilty that she was only paying £20.

    I explained that now my husband was gone I would never be doing meals again, life had changed drastically, and my health was not good, and cupboards are bulging.

    I came home the next day to find a bouquet of Lily's and roses outside my door and a message from her on FB to say how pleased she was, so sad that I was selling under these circumstances and although I don't know her, but if she can help in any way please do contact her.

    I think it was a lovely gesture, and am happy that it's all gone to a good home.

    Good luck that your next chemo gives you a good remission.


  • That's lovely Trix and as you say - kindness so often comes from the most unexpected sources! I've often wondered to myself how to some people when you're diagnosed with this crap, you become less of a friend and more of a problem and they run for the hills! !

    Anyway I'm so glad you found a tentative plan in London - fingers crossed for us all! ! Xxx

  • what a lovely pair of stories to start the day... as well as blue sky and

  • So good to hear these stories of kindness from total strangers. As you say we have all lost friends along the way who found it too difficult to carry on supporting us so these acts of kindness do make the heart sing xx

  • Thats good i met a lovely lady when i had my operation last year she had bowel cancer and like you we've stayed in touch ever since its great cus i think alot people just dont no what to say to you... i went back to work sept full time and i found people were different with me they maybe did'nt think they were but going through what we are we notice it but were all fighter's on here babe good luck next week keep us posted love loads xxx

  • Good luck with your next treatment cycle. Hopefully 3rd time will be the charm!! I, too, have experienced loss of friends whom I thought would be with me through all, but I guess this journey was more than they bargained for, but others who unexpectedly rose to fill their place. Hurts and is wondrous at the same time. Wishing you the best.

  • Absolutely Martina and beautifully put xxx

  • Oh Mrs Sherlock I will refer to you as from now on! ! That post had me wailing yet again and yes you're absolutely right - the big girl pants will be well and truly in place under the karate suit and the butt ain't half gonna get a kicking! !

    We all need reminding sometimes that feeling down and backs to the wall isn't the way to deal with this, and having people around like you my dear batman with your fabulous turn of phrase is what will help to see us through! !

    Sending much love; am now going to select a suitable play list on my Ipod of shit kicking tunes! !!!


  • Love it. I'll go suitably attired on Wednesday now. Maybe not Miss Whiplash but some kind of angry bird and yes good luck to everyone on the chemo train x

  • Haha no - my choice is nearly always anything by Calvin Harris - bouncing along to a heavy drum beat always perks me up! !!


  • ❤️❤️❤️

  • 😘😘

  • Good morning jo and thank you - hope the sun shone for you all in Guernsey! Xxx

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