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Last night I ran my fastest 5k time since my diagnosis a year ago and I was over the moon and I didn't feel like throwing up once or feel overtired.

I've been feeling a little better the last couple of weeks not feeling so nauseous and I've even lost a bit more weight. I'm still getting pain under my ribs on the right side (and sometimes the left) but it varies with intensity from a dull ache to a sharp pain that radiates down my side and sometimes round my back but ah well.....

New relationship seems to be going well with the odd hiccup but we've updated our relationships status on facebook I think this is the modern equivalent of some sort of commitment.

I have my liver ultrasound and MRI later today and I'm hoping its going to be a good result. I'm running the Great North Run next month for my local hospice and I don not want to have to pull out. I've missed out on too many races due to my cancer.

Anyway that's all for now.......

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  • Hi ScardyCat,

    Well done...I hope everything goes well this afternoon..I would say that the pain in under your right rib is to do with your gallstones.. as I had that when I had a gallstone..I lost two stone in two weeks as I was so ill..I could hardly eat anything..when I had my gallbladder out I put all the weight back on boooooo!...I hope you don't have such a long wait at the hospital sending you my love x G x :-)

  • I definitely have gallstones but my consultant wasn't convinced because I don't get pain after eating eggs or fatty founds. I think they just want to investigate the lesion on my liver in a bit more detail but I don't understand why I'm having an MRI and an ultrasound instead of just an MRI as I though they were more detailed.

  • That's is a lot of weight to lose I've only lost a couple of pounds

  • Hi scardy Cat I am so proud and jealous of you for being able to do that run... Before my diagnosis i was running 3 miles 3 times a week now i cant run at all.. :(( the pains in my legs are just to bad and i cant tell you how down i get about it.. So i think your amazing to be able to do it..

    I hope all is well with you scan today i am sure it will be fingers and toes are crossed..

    And congratulations on the relationship going well long may it continue.

    Lots of love and thinking of you



  • Is the pains in your legs muscular? I had almost a year off from running and after all the surgery and chemo I had to go back first principles and build up gradually again. I get pains in my quads (DOMS) and my knees ache today but that is all part of my body adjusting to the running again.

    Have you tried following a couch to 5k walk/run program? I frequently mix a bit of walking with my running and it makes me feel good about myself.

  • im having the pains investigated.. im with a physio but she says she doesnt think that it is muscular skeletal at all so she has given me some exercises to do and then she wants to send me back to my gp.. it is really painful at certain times of the day and especially at night if im honest it is better than it was but still bad.. i have tried a bit of walking on my treadmill but should probably try to do more.. xx

  • You are fantastic! I hope the results are good, but ultimately how you feel and perform and enjoy life are what counts; and it sounds good on all of those.


  • Wow! Mega impressed! Good luck for the scan and with the running.



  • Hi Scardycat . Fantastic wow way to go . Glad you are getting back to fitness . I have never been a runner but walked at least 5 times a week before all this and soo looking forward to getting back to this . Hope all goes well with the scan and nothing to worry about and best wishes for your next one . Want an inspiration you are



  • Tiring day at the hospital. My ultrasound as I feared was a complete wate of time and resources but luckily they were able to squeeze me in for a liver MRI so I didn't have to go back. I asked the Registrar who did my ultrasound a load of questions. I asked her if my liver looked normal and if it was enlarged. She was very careful to say it wasn't enlarged and I overheard some of the conversation between here and the consultant radiologist.

    My CT scan showed some small lesions and there was some calcification - I don't think that is uncommon and it can be to do with previous infections but it can also be associated with tumours. She was struggling to find the area of calcification referred to in the CT scan but she did find some abnormalities which she felt didn't look like a cyst or a hemangioma.

    I must admit I'm a bit more worried than I was this morning and next week can't come fast enough for the results.

    In anticipation of your excellent advice I shall cross that bridge when it comes to it and I shall carry on with my week as planned. I have a busy schedule of runs, lunch and coffee

  • Yes, I know it's hard to stop yourself worrying but you now know us all so well, you can guess what we're going to say! Love it! ;-)

    Seriously though, I'm sure there may be explantations that are not sinister at all for the lesions and calcification. I do hope so. When will you get the results?

    Anyway, the sun's shining. The Olympics is enthralling. The weekend is here and I suggest a nice bottle of something chilled later on! purely medicinal, you understand :-/

    Cheers :-8

    Love Wendy xx

  • This afternoon I will be mostly baking. I didn't appreciate how tiring yesterday afternoon was and in spite of saying I'll try not to think about it I didn't sleep well last night

  • I'm in clinic next Thursday so I hope they have the results then

  • Hi Scardycat!

    I am so delighted that things are going so well for you right now. I can rmemberbwhatbit was like at the beginning of your posts and how awful things seemed to you then. You have really come a long way! :-)

    I am very impressed with your running too. I did a walk of 13.5 miles a couple of years ago and raised some money for Ovacome, with two friends who generously volunteered to raise funds for me too. I cannot run now though as I have some back trouble and something like sciatica :-/ I loved running in my former life!

    Anyway, just wanted to say well done! May things continue to go smoothly and life hold more fun for you

    Love Wendy xx

    :-) :-O

  • Thanks Wendy I felt a bit down when treatment ended - it just felt like I'd been abandoned a bit but I asked for support and I got it.

  • Hi there ..

    I do so hope your MRI results will be ok ... as life is going great guns for you at the moment ...loved your post re your running are doing so well !

    Love Jan xx

  • Hi there ..

    I do so hope your MRI results will be ok ... as life is going great guns for you at the moment ...loved your post re your running are doing so well !

    Love Jan xx

  • Hi there

    So sorry that you have this additional worry , but fingers and toes crossed you will feel so much better when you get your MRI report. You have been doing so so well and hopefully this is just a temporary blip in proceedings.I have had numerous liver cysts that the radiologists say many of us have without realising !

    Keeping really really busy is my main coping strategy , interspersed with lots and lots of healthy treats. I am still keeping up with my running and so look forward to it most evenings. You were such an inspiration for me when I started , can't imagine ever being good enough to do the Great North Run.

    Roll on Thursday.

    Love and cyberhugs

    Charlie xxxx

  • hi

    good luck with your results.. hope and pray they ok

    best wishes


  • Hi Shen,

    Just thinking about you and wondering how you are doing...sending you my best wishes and praying for you love x G x :-)

  • Hi ScardyCat,

    Best wishes for today..thinking of you love x G x 8-)

  • Thanks Gwyn x

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