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Endometrial Hyperplasia— On Provera

I joined this group as I was looking through google regarding my issues. This year has been a horrendous experience on the gynecological side. I was bleeding with blood clots everyday. It was the unusual thing happening I had at least 4 transvaginal ultrasound which only shows thickened lining of endometrium. My GP sent me for CA 125 marker first result was 63. I had hysteryscopy, biopsy sent and came back as cervicitis. Repeated CA 125 after the procedure elevated to 85. Last week, GYNAECOLOGIST prescribed PROVERA 10 mg continuously for 3 months. I started taking it and 4 days on provera I bleed with severely abdominal cramps, I felt I was in constanst labor pains. Now, on 6 days bleeding ceases, pain gone. My questions is will I experience the same pain again? When? Will my period now regulates ? Can you take provera for life?

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Welcome to the site!

But it is a site for women with ovarian cancer so we probably can't answer your question.

You could try contacting the advice line at the Eve Appeal, but they deal with gynaecological cancers.

CA 125 rises can be produced by a range of conditions, but If yours continues to rise, I would be tempted to seek a second opinion.

But it's good that a solution to the cramps and bleeding has been found.


Thank you !


Hi, we are mainly a forum for ovarian cancer and it’s numerous side effects, I don’t think we are able to offer you the best advice for your predicament but it does sound like you need more help than you are currently receiving.

The rise in the CA125 can be attributed to factors other that ovarian cancer so please don’t assume that is your diagnosis before further tests are done and hopefully eliminate it.

Go back to your doctor for answers , if necessary get a second opinion and you need advice on the provera long term.

I hope you get the answers you need very soon. Take care ❤️Xx Jane


Thank you!


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