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Hello everyone

A little about me 😊

I'm nearly 50.

Bleeding heavily more or less all the time since February this year,tried various progesterone nothing worked.

Had an external and internal ultrasound done in may, had a call back two days later off the GP to come in for a CA 125, this came back as 260.

Referred in the 2 week urgent referral and saw a consultant, who said I have a bulky uterus with. Cystic solid mass of 15 the same time I had a aspiration biopsy done as well?

Sent for a CT scan .

Got a call today off the nurse saying biopsy clear,

Appointment Wednesday to discuss findings CT consultant can't make a diagnosis off this?

Any help would be fantastic ,what will they do options? I want some knowledge so I can prepare ,

If you read to hear your amazing


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Hi lovely and welcome even though we would all rather not be here x

I’m not your oncologist or a dr but I would imagine you would be discussed at an MDT and maybe you will need a total hysterectomy, to truly diagnose the issues, where was the mass?

Stockportsun in reply to BeeWild

Thank so much it says in my Letter which is my copy that distended abdomen, with a large abdominal pelvic mass, solid cystic bulky uterus, which is retroverted, and possible desperate from the mass ?

Just so confusing isn't it

Many thanks


BeeWild in reply to Stockportsun

Are you being seen by a gynae oncologist? With your user name I take it you’re in Stockport?

Let me just reassure you that if it is something sinister you couldn’t be in a better pace, the Christie is outstanding in every way I can’t speak highly enough of the place I feel so lucky to live near them x

Make sure you write down any questions you can think of before your next appointment and take someone with you who can write down the answers I find this really helps to keep me focused and get exactly what information I need from each consultation x

Do let us know how you get on xx

Bev x

Stockportsun in reply to BeeWild

Ty be well my appointment is with the original consultant who isn't a oncologist but I was told my results were being seen by the MDT at Christie's does this sound right?

BeeWild in reply to Stockportsun

Yes it great you’re being looked at albeit virtually by the Christie’s team and yes they have their MDT’s weekly so shouldn’t be long until you have a plan x the waiting for results etc is the worse time x

Keep us posted and ask anything on here it’s a great support for everyone xx

Stockportsun in reply to BeeWild

Ty I will ofcourse report back Tom XXX

BeeWild in reply to Stockportsun

Good luck xx

I don’t have any answers for you, Stockport, but sending you lots of positive vibes. We’re all here for you. Good luck x

Thanks so much XX


Well i can't believe my luck.

CT results

I have a rugby size something.

They also picked up that I have a suspicious growth on my pancreas,maybe be related ?

So now I'm waiting on a MRI scan to look at that before I can start any treatment 😪

Was really expecting right let's sort you out take it away hysterectomy etc but no more stuff to worry about

At least I know why I'm so tired all the time list weight as well as it's difficult to eat as it's pushing everything up, any advice guys?

Positive news is that if I hadn't if had a full CT Christie's wouldn't have picked it up,

Many thanks

Sorry to read this - hopefully they push the MRI through quickly and you get a plan in place - is the mass in your womb or on ovary?

Re being unable to eat , when I was in for my surgery there was a lady with huge abdominal mass who couldn’t eat much and they prescribed her some nutritional drinks so worth asking your gp about this as you do need to keep strength up for surgery and any treatments - wishing you all her best xx

Oh it's ovary ,sitting behind womb,I have to work and I worried about that,the suspicious area is the tail end of the pancreas which doesn't look right, I'm on an urgent referral for the MRI too, Ty X

If it's difficult to eat try small, frequent meals. Sometimes just a bite. Hugs. XXOO

I'm a chef so surrounded by food I do try to eat but at least I know why after a few mouthfuls I'm full Ty X

Hi, Just add my best wishes I live in Australia but the ladies on here have mentioned Christie as a very good hospital so hope all goes well.

writing down the question and taking some one with you is a good idea, sometimes when I've come out of an appointment my daughter or husband had to correct how I heard it. Take care XX

Well MRI in Friday to get to the bottom of the suspicious area on my pancreas ,

Haven't been in work this week I've been so tired and still can't eat ,plus like everyone suffering with the heat! I'm a chef so I can't physically do my job as I'm feeling sick ,I'm trying complan but it's gross 🤢

Just thought I'd keep in touch as you have all been lovely 💙

Good luck with the scan - yes it’s far too hot - struggling as I’m not a warm weather person - we had to move my son over last week and weekend and I ended up dehydrated - try and stay in cool and do things to take your mind off it all as much as you can xx

Thank you

Erggg was starving this morning but I couldn't keep it down all I'm doing is drinking I just want everything to stop

Can't help not worrying about work too but I know I couldn't manage it ,I'm a chef so it's physically demanding ,

Feel sorry for myself day 😪

I'll be fine after a nap xx

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