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Bowel issues

Hi ladies,

I'm in need of some advice or comforting words.

I have had 2 scopes in the past week, there were question marks after the first one. Consultant has confirmed that cancer has spread to bowel and now they cannot offer me radiotherapy as was suggested a few weeks back. I'm devastated and hope to find out next week what the options are but from what was said it seems only surgery as an option, otherwise I end up with bowel obstruction. It will mean having a stoma. Bowel movement already affected so I don't think they are going to hang about. Very scared feel alone and lonely although I have great support around me.

Has anyone out there had similar experience? What can I expect?

Thanks for help.


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I had a stoma two years ago as recurred tumour was pressing on bowel. Supposed to be temporary but famous last words

To be honest it's very manageable. You throw the bag in the bin and stick on a new one. It was described to me as moving your bum to your tum and that's about right. I joined two FB groups which really helped

The colostomy association and I have a stoma and I'm not ashamed

Any questions drop me a message

LA xx


Lily Anne, thank you for your reply and for giving me hope. What happened with your tumor, did they remove it at the same time as surgery? In my case they have told me they cannot remove tumor as it would be too serious of a surgery. I think they might offer radiotherapy after surgery but it all feels a bit daunting at the moment.

Hope you are doing OK and I admire all the ladies out there that offer advice to others.

Take care.

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Westawake--I was told I might need one and did some research and not only are there lovely ladies on this site who have had or have and manage quite well but there is a woman out there who has one and started a "fashion line" of clothes, bathing suits, work clothes, etc. so that life goes on as it did before--that the bag does not hold you up in any way. It was not only comforting to see this product line but to see how well this woman was getting on and how manageable she explained it was as well as helpful. MSK in NY gave me a brochure. I can find it if you would like to know who she is but I found this too and just knowing life can go on pretty naturally once you get used to it helped me feel better about it.



Thank you Major, great help and information. I am just worried about another surgery as it will be my 4th major one in less than 3 years and the memories of my last are still too fresh in my brain.

Thanks again, take care


I had emergency surgery for a bowel perforation and have a stoma. I was horrified to begin with but as the other ladies say, it is manageable and not nearly as bad as the thought of it. To be honest I have had further chemo now and coping with the chemo has been easier with the stoma than before due to the problems I was having. My Cancer was wrapped round my colon which was making trying to go to the loo painful and impossible.



I am very grateful of your reply. I at least am been prepared for what is ahead of me and I haven't got to be an emergency case just yet,although in hospital now. Possible surgery on Friday so have plenty of support here who are trying to keep me calm.

Stay well.


I woke up from my surgery with a most unexpected and supposedly temporary stoma. They will not refer me for reversal as have to start treatment again. I would describe it as a nuiscance but manageable. I don't think anyone would approach the idea of surgery without worries but am sure they wouldn't be offering it again if they thought you couldn't manage.



Thank you for your reply. Sorry for not getting back sooner. Currently in hospital, got blood transfusion this morning, and waiting on Ct scan results before any surgery may happen.

Take care.


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