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Bowel blockage


After 12 hours of the most severe pain I have ever experienced, I finally went to A&E. Turns out my bowel was blocked. Lucky for me they have not done the surgery that they first thought they may have to do as my blockage seems to have passed. They are now trying to find out why. Could be adhesions or diet related. I suspect seeds could be the problem as I’ve just switched to an organic muesli and it is full of them. I have a colostomy. Anyone else had this problem. Another night in hospital 😱

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Oh bad luck! But so glad it has resolved itself. I have recently realised that seeds are not my friend... have diverticulitis... but let’s hope it was that and you can be back to normal shortly xx

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Thanks Lyndy x

Oh poor you.!I know exactly what it must be like for you.Just before Christmas I was admitted with a bowel problem and after five admissions they seem to have it under control.Mine was diagnosed as an acute bowel blockage ,distended bowel loops etc.I kept vomiting and was unable to keep medication down.I don't have a colostomy though.

Syringe drivers were administered as well as different types of enemas,medication etc.The dietitian came to see me on the ward as I was unable to eat anything and lost weight.She suggested a low residue diet,not very exciting but it is working.No seeds,pips or anything (roughage) that may cause bowel to block.They also have prescribed a different kind of anti sickness pill after my chemo as so many of them caused constipation as do many pain killers.

Thank goodness they are keeping an eye on it all now as this initially caused my chemo to be delayed.I hope your problem is sorted out very soon.Take care

Ann xx

Thanks Ann x

Poor you, thank goodness the problem was resolved without the need to resort to surgery. Blockages are another delight from this awful disease that just keeps giving.

There seems to be increasing evidence that some people need low residue diets to avoid blockages, it sounds really contradictory as we’ve all been told for years that fibre and roughage are our bowels best friend 🥴.

I hope you are able to avoid further complications and find dietary relief that helps you. Take care lovely ❤️Xx Jane

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Thanks Jane x

Glad you didn’t need surgery to rectify it. I had a stoma for 2 years and mine kept blocking. I had to have a low residue diet no pips, nuts, skins or seeds. It’s now been reversed but I still have to manage it very carefully. Think it’s part of this disease that some of us have to cope with.

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Thank you 😊

So sorry you have ended up in hospital, I have been struggling with bowels for months, recently it got much worse and a oncologist suggest a low fibre diet and home enema! I reluctantly went back on a low fibre diet. this NHS link tells you all you can/can't eat.

I stuck to it for a week then tried the home enema which I thought I would never ever do, but think the diet and enema combined cleared a partial blockage - thank god!!

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Thanks Lyn. I’m being discharged later and am determined to try a different diet...

Oh me, hope your on the mend, and feeling much better x

I had the same problem as you. I eat a lot of seeds but have managed to stay clear for a few years now although I was told it could come back at any time. I was in hospital for a week with no food and it cleared itself so they suggested if the problem occurred again to starve myself and see what happens. I was also told to eat less fibre which I thought was strange.

I hope you get it all sorted out as it's uncomfortable to say the least especially the projectile vomiting.

Best wishes,



l am in hospital with exactly the same problem.

Day 9 for me with a brief failed discharge along the way.

They also initially suspected an obstruction due to the cancer but after lots of tests have decided it’s an impacted colon with distended bowel loops. So conservative treatment with lots of enemas, laxatives and such like.

Things are starting to move but it is very slow. Pain and vomiting have now subsided thank goodness.

I am under the surgical team here so I do not expect too many answers from them as to why it happened and how to avoid it happening again. Hopefully I will find out more when I see my Oncologist.

Currently I can only cope with a light “goo” based diet so custard, smooth yoghurts, soups. I have not had any specific dietary advice but will stick to low fibre until told differently.

Good luck with your bowel!💩💩💩


PS I think my problem is coleslaw based rather than seeds. I was eating tons of homemade coleslaw the week before I was admitted.

Hi Julia. That’s a long time to be in hospital. I was very lucky that my blockage cleared after 2 day by itself. I just couldn’t face another op at the moment. I’m back home, eaten real food and have “been”. Although my Tummy is gurgling away. H opting to get back to normal in a day or 2 and definitely watching what I eat. Good luck to you. I hope you feel better soon. Gilly x

I’m wondering if milled linseed would actually help? It makes everything quite slippery but isnt the same texture as seeds. I get it from Lidl and it’s full of protein and fruit.

I need to keep my bowels under control as they get very sluggish and painful if I don’t have lots of green leafy veg and these linseed/flaxseeds. My husband is recovering from bowel cancer too and this has helped him overcome painful constipation.

Wishing you the very best


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Thanks Alex. I may try that x

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