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Second line Caelyx and bowel obstruction

Hello ladies, can anyone help me, I had second line Caelyx three weeks ago and ended up over the weekend in hospital with a bowel obstruction, luckily it pushed through itself as I was told it was inoperable, still not sure if it's scarring or tumour as scans seemingly are black and grey and not that clear. I lost a lot of weight but was told yesterday that my next Caelyx can go ahead week Monday but without anti sickness as this can cause constipation.

The thing that terrifies me is that they have put palliative care nurses in place and arranging home visits they say to help with any symptoms, is this what happens is it just extra help or is there something I don't know. I'm feeling a bit terrified at the moment trying to eat low fibre diet to avoid another blockage and get through the next chemo.

Thanks and sorry for the moan fest. Fiona x

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I had a bowel obstruction when I was on second line caelyx. I did end up having surgery and it was scar tissue. It’s good That yours has resolved itself. I continued with chemo as soon as I was out of hospital and it was fine. After every chemo I religiously took movicol for a few days and drank as much as I could. I also started eating 2 or 3 prunes a day and I had no more issues. I remember being in hospital and them talking to me about palliative care and it terrified me because of the associations we have with that word but really it’s just the team who help with symptoms and pain management. I even got some sessions of acupuncture through palliative care last year!

Good luck with your next chemo x

Becky xxxx


Oh thank you Becky for your reply, you have made me feel much more positive, I think it was the word palliative that has thrown me into panic. And thanks for your bowel tips.

I hope your treatment has gone well.

Thanks again Fiona. X

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Bowels have become my pet subject since having a stoma. Palliative care shouldn’t worry you it’s just a pigeon hole name if there’s help take it. I’ve just had 2 weeks in a hospice and am now home on better meds and less pain

I avoid brown and whole meal anything have 96% fat free milk one portion of fruit and one portion of veg a day. It takes some practice but it does make for less poohgate dramas lol

LA xx


Thank you Lily-Anne, I had my stoma last June following debulking surgery and thought I was coping well but this has been a real knock back. I've had some good advice from you and Becky which I will follow.

You have both really put my mind at rest about the palliative care so thank you both and glad you are feeling better.

Fiona x

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Hi, I had a blockage while on Caelyx and also ended in hospital, this was course by a very bad case of constipation this can be one of the problems of chemo and if not treated can be very painful also.

I still have constipation so need to drink plenty of water I take Coloxyl also have Movicol in the house and Dulcolax, I also drink prune juice I never let myself not go over 2 days.

Don't be worried about Palliative their there to help you with treatment and any help or advice you may need.

Take care pf yourself keep in touch..Lorraine xx


I had this while on carbogem and ended up with a bowel resection. The problem was caused by adhesions, which I learned is a common side effect of surgery.

I had my chemo pretty much to schedule even though I could barely walk and was still in incontinence pants garnished with massive accident anxiety!

I'm not sure about having no anti-sickness. Yes, avoid ondansetron. Steroids? Personally, not sure they're constipating. I've found Domperidone to be very tolerable.

As for the involvement of the palliative team, it's great they thought of this, I think. Some of us, including dear departed Annie, feel strongly we should get to know them as a matter of routine early on in our diagnosis, even if we end up not needing them, or not for a long time.

I was advised if I thought I was heading for problems again to stop eating and drink small sips of water.

Good luck! x


Thank you ladies you are all so helpful, I cant have the one anti sickness on day of chemo or the two usually given on the next two days but he said if I feel sick I can have the Domperidon.

I've been reading your posts since I was diagnosed March 2017 but only felt confident enough to contribute when I reacurred this February and am finding all your advice invaluable.

Thank you all. Take care x

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How funny. I didn't join either until my first recurrence! Forgot about cyclizine which also agreed with me. x


I think I somehow thought mine was different, I don't know maybe a year of denial. Lol x


I take cyclizine as well for anti sickness and that doesn't seem to cause constipation (I have a stoma too). Works well for me along with the domperidone. Perhaps you can ask your team if this may be suitable for you?


Oh thanks, I'll ask about that, I'll keep you posted after my next one a week on Monday.

Thank you ladies.x


Exactly same happened to me...put on low residue diet my tube down nose into tummy...placed on palliative care. They did tell me less than a year prognosis sadly and if bowels play up again sooner. Never take them for granted and do all you can to keep them going with the hospital and ladies in here's advice. I'm ok at moment it's gone the other way now....tummy bug were thinking....cant catch a break lol. Good luck to you xx


Thanks Angie, I developed one on Monday night so rang palliative care tues they got me into see a doctor to save me the dreaded a&e, I've probably had three or four since my last post and spend a few days nil by mouth. They have given me steroids, stool thinners and movicol which is what I get in hospital and have said I can manage it at home as long as I'm not vomiting. So here I am sitting in bed minus the pink hospital nightie praying for stoma output.

Had a little last night so fingers crossed. X

That's how I feel, just need a break the Caelyx is bad enough with out this bowel crap. Pardon the pun.

Hope your tummy feels better.

Love Fiona.x

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Bless ya ...such an unfair disease ggrr xx


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