Benefit of good friends

Just a giggle moment for you...

I'm going for a spa day with two friends at the weekend as one who was widowed a few years ago has no children for the week and this is her 'summer holiday'.

Anyway, in common with lots of you ladies I was having a bit of a panic about what to wear on my head. I've still got half my hair left following chemo but not enough to want to sit surrounded by strangers looking half bald and whispy.

My two friends have just told me they have ordered three turbans so we can all sit in a row and I won't be the odd one out! They've sent me a picture of them and they are bright (highlighter pen colour) orange, blue and pink!!!

They're insisting we all swim in a line too and pretend to be synchronised swimmers!

So much for not being stared at! The poor spa people aren't going to know what's hit them 😆

You've got to laugh eh!?



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  • Ahhhhh!! Such good friends. Have a blast and enjoy yourself.

  • Now that's what you call friends! Lovely, enjoy! xx

  • Please send photos!!!!

  • Fab friends!

    Plz send pics c

  • So lucky to have special friends like that. Have a wonderful time!! 🏊‍♀️🏊‍♀️🏊‍♀️

  • Hi Em

    That's so funny lol, what great friends you have. At least now if people do stare it's because they think you're all barking mad!! ;)

    Have a lovely time

    Teresa x

  • Fantastic what amazing friends 😀Yes you must send a photo. Have a great time love Kim x

  • Lovely! Much better than friends who shave their heads in order to make us feel less different - and much more fun! I like your friends x

  • Friends who make you laugh are the best friends to have. Please post some photos. Enjoy your day😘

    Dil x

  • Aww superb.. bloody great idea!! You'll have a good laugh!! x

  • Fabulous! My sort of humour,friends get you through,mine turned up at my front door(in front of the neighbours) in brightly coloured tinsel wigs,it was my first day wearing my wig and so cheered me up.

    Go with the flow,enjoy yourselves and collect it as one of those life memories that won't be repeated😀👍

  • That's just awesome, you've got really good friends there. Hope all three of you have a fantastic holiday. ❤️Xx Jane

  • Sounds lovely Em, what wonderful friends you have. We certainly find out who our friend are when it comes to this sort of thing. I bet you'll all look lovely.

    My son shaved his hair off when I told him I was going to lose mine. He said it was to keep me company. He had longer than than me too. It's a great sentiment.

    Have a lovely time and tell us all about it when you get back.

    Zena x

  • That sounds great, what fantastic friends. I remember the first time I took my granddaughter swimming, I'd bought the most outrageous retro swimming cap possible, such brightly coloured rubber petals, the only thing it lacked was the chin strap which we used to have. I was the only one wearing a swimming cap in the pool and I thought to myself, all those people are doubtless thinking, poor old lady, so little taste! Little did they know, I was completely bald!

  • That would be the madness I'd do too 🤣

    When my special person was diagnosed and she started loosing her hair I said 2 her you can borrow 1 of the kids pirate bandanas if you want and be a pirate lol 😂 xxx

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