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Holiday Insurance

I just want to let everyone know that if you want to go on holiday and am worrying about insurance there is good news for Nationwide members. I get free European travel and so does my husband as I've made him a joint account holder. For World Wide travel I had to pay £20 for a years cover. This was for both of us not each and it covers all the normal things. I'm not covered for anything relating to my cancer but otherwise luggage, broken legs etc are covered. I had a smile from ear to ear as I thought I'd find it impossible to get insurance. I was on chemo at the time as well. Other companies might do the same but I didn't check any further. Zena

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Hi Zena. I have always managed to get worldwide insurance excluding the cancer. I am, however, going to look at MIA as they will cover cancer. Hope you are going somewhere nice! Kathy xxx


I'm off on a cruise. I was worried about insurance because some of my neighbours are having nightmares. Ive just come back from Oman and it was great. Hope you have a good holiday. They're certainly uplifting if you can.


Hi Zena,

Am part of the Nationwide and getting the same as you,

Happy hols😀Xx


It's great isn't it. xx



I am also with Nationwide and they did cover the cancer when I had been treatment free for a year and there was none on the horizon. Unfortunately I have had a recurrence so back to their normal cover this year. It's a great deal.

Enjoy your holiday.

Maureen xx


So sorry to hear of your recurrence. Something in the back of all our minds I would think. Good luck with your treatment and here's to many more holidays.

Zena x


I used Aegus,v helpful. No point in looking for cover for cancer on holiday as u say. Does that change after 5 years? Or 10?

Also must add 2 things. Trying to downsize, Lloyds's were the only bank to lend to me based on the home equity I already own. I have now bought a small home ready to move into when I sell. So helpful. & we all know I may need that money from my larger home in the future-our treatments are among the costliest out there!

Secondly, Boots in Jersey actually brought in a top specialist when I presented half blind (slight exaggeration)& panicky on a break after 6 chemos. An hour & a half of extensive tests & reassurances........£12!!!!!! Amazing kindness & so glad I have used them all these years.

Oh, & it was just a massive floater at back of eyeball


I had the same with my eyes. Floaters. The eye sight test at Boots was excellent. Thanks for your response. It's good to know there's help out there.


I managed to have insurance going to Norway for a week with Insurance with. I was covered with my Oc stage 3c for £46.00 which I thought was brilliant. Xx

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That's great. Hope you had a good time there. I went for Christmas and New Year once. It was one of the best holidays I had. I also had stage 3C and I'm also going to go on many more holidays. xxx


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