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Travel insurance


Could anyone recommend a travel insurance company that won't exclude ovarian cancer? I have had surgery and my doctor says I am fit to travel but my yearly insurance policy said I am insured to travel (hoping to go to US) but that excludes ovarian cancer. I am worried that if I need any medical help whilst abroad I won't be covered and will end up with a huge bill. Would rather pay to make sure I am covered for absolutely everything.

Many thanks


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We got an annual policy with Eurotunnel with no complex medical screening. All that is required is that your doctor says you are 'fit to travel'.


Yes we use Eurotunnel as well but I know they don't cover the US Other people have spoken highly of Insurewith? Do they cover the States? X


Hiya, I've used 'insurewith' on more than one occasion, I used them first when I was 6months post chemo and we went to New York. They are really thorough with their questions but the questions are appropriate to our disease and they're not overly expensive. I had £14,000,000.00 cover so felt really safe if anything had happened which fortunately didn't.. I used them again this year on a return trip because they were so good. They even covered our luggage for loss.

Hope you get some cover and have a well earned holiday. Best wishes ❤️Xx Jane


Have used MIA, but have only been to Europe, don't know whether they cover USA or not. Di


Hiya I've used insure with no issues for the last 3 years, but they will only insure me for European travel. I'm not sure if it's my stage 4 diagnosis that does it but I can't get to USA at all? I hope you get the cover and it's not to pricey 😀 X


Hi Mary, have you had surgery more than a year ago? I got insurance to cover ovarian cancer from Boots on line. I'm going ng to NY. It cist me £195. Ann xx


If you are a member of the WI and 50yrs plus you can get a worldwide annual policy from Open Travel Insurance.

There is no medical screening and they cover all medical conditions. You can also add your spouse and children under 21yrs old.

For just me it was £155 for the year. I thought this was a great bargain.


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