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Travel insurance USA

Hi Guys,

Has anyone managed to get travel insurance for America?

I have been to Europe with insurance from MIA, who were good, but they said that it there is any spread they can't cover America because the health costs there make the risks too high, even though I am in remission.

I'm not thinking of going yet, and obviously wouldn't book anything until really close to the time I would travel, but I don't want to get my hopes up if the insurance is ridiculously expensive, and wouldn't travel to America without, especially after reading all the horror stories previously posted here!

Thanks so much



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Hi Sue

Here is the web address from an article in the Telegraph in July with all insurance companies that will insurance cancer patients.

Hope this is helpful to you.

Good luck!

Love Linda xx


Hi everyone,

This insurance scam really hacks me off, I travelled to Canary Isles for a hol soon after finishing my first round of chemo in 2010, we didnt have any problem with insurance but the more I read about others experiences the more angry I get. Hearing about people having to pay the cost of the holiday again on Insurance is unacceptable, we suffer enough.

Health costs on a holiday, surely if we ladies going through the OC journey dont feel well enough to go on hol then we wont, the symptoms dont suddenly become life treatening (in my experience) and can wait till we get home to visit Dr. I have gone through second round of chemo finishing 9 months ago, daughter planning to get married in Vegas next September, I have not started looking into flights/insurance yet as I want to wait and see how I feel nearer the time (common sense). Anyone else share my view or am I on my own here?




Hi Joanna

Yes, I'm with you all the way!! If I feel okay and my doctor has said I'm fit enough to travel, surely nothing is going to happen in two weeks.

I've used MIA a few times and they're very good and reasonable, however, last year when I finished chemo, because it was February and I wanted to go to the Canaries, I was told I'd have to have 12 weeks clear before they'd insure me. Anywhere else in Europe was 4 weeks but of course at that time of year, you're not guaranteed the warmth. I expect it's because it would be much more expensive to get you home from the Canaries if you needed an air ambulance because it's so much further away. But how likely would it be that you would need that in the space of two weeks?? In the end we just waited until June and went to Majorca but I have to admit I was very disappointed - every day is so precious nowadays.

I want to be really brave like some people and go without insurance but haven't yet plucked up that much courage!!

Cathy xx


Hi Joanna, I don't think your on your own. As you say Cancer patients have enough going on without the extra stress of being 'ripped off' when they do feel well enough for a holiday. It isn't something I have looked into yet as I am only half way through my treatment. Hopefully you will get a reasonable quote when the time comes. As you pointed out you wouldn't go abroad if you didn't feel up to it, the only place you want to be when you are ill is at home. It's just another way for insurance companies to increase their profits.



As you say insurance is a rip off. I was in a remission 2years ago, with family in LA. we wanted to cruise there.... 3weeks, then have a week driving and 2 weeks visiting. Holiday of a lifetime for us. No company would insure that length of time. 3 weeks max. They didn't like USA either. In the end we took the bull by the horns and travelled with an exclusion on the OC. Unfortunately by the time the cruise ended neither of us were vry good. My husband got sciatica and couldn't walk, and though I didn't know it then I had ascities for the first time. We still managed to get too my sons and have 10 days before we booked another flight home. If you want to travel without insurance just make sure you can pay for a flight home if necessary!!!!!,


Hi Sue!

I got reasonable insurance for Europe 2 years ago when most companies wouldn't touch me! I will look them up in my files and post when I get up! Makes me mad as we are less likely to have medical emergencies than fat, beer swilling, burger guzzling 40 a day addicts! However I think it is the higher risk of cancelling at the last minute that worries insurers!

I have given up on long distance hols because of the insurance burden! One can, of course, come clean and insure to cover everything except the cancer but then they would only try to claim that that slip on a banana skin resulting in a sprained ankle and broken wrist was due to the Ovarian cancer making you inattentive! LOL! Insurers always try to avoid paying!

Beware of going uninsured to the US though! My Onc advised not to travel without because of the possibility of needing repatriation, which is costly!

Good luck! I'll check up and post while I am waiting for the irrigation to work!

Love M


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