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Holiday Insurance for Cruise?


Hi - My partner has stage 4 OC and we finished the second line of chemo in March. She has been told that she is in remission and fit to travel, albeit that the CA125 is still slightly elevated.

We have been offered the opportunity of going on a two week cruise in the Med in June, but trying to get insurance is proving to be a nightmare. I have tried most of the suggestions made in the posts about insurance a few months ago, but costs are coming in at around £2000!

I wondered whether anyone had any experience of cruise specific insurance companies for cancer patients, I'm struggling to believe that it's so difficult for someone in remission to get reasonably priced insurance.

Thanks, Colin

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Hi Colin

There are a few previous strings on this with loads of recommendations - plug the word travel into the search box top right. I know you may have done that but: What I found was the only affordable option for me was to exclude OC from the insurance - others have found a few other workarounds I think. I have seen no reference to a cruise specific service but reckon one of the main providers cancer peeps use will find a policy for your partner.

Ironic isn't it that when someone needs a rest and a holiday so very much that they are penalised. Some firm, somewhere, is missing a big trick there - we would flock to them if they came up with a reasonable offer...

Good luck!


Sue xxx


I tried all the insurers and got nowhere no matter how much I could pay . Rubbish isn't it. X

Dear Colin

I'm sorry to read about the problems you're encountering getting holiday insurance for your cruise. I guess it might depend on where you're cruising as I'd imagine holiday insurance covering repatriation or treatment for cancer would be astronomical outside Europe. As a keen sailor I might add that any emergency rescue at sea is an uncomfortable and unpleasant process.

I agree with Sue. If you feel your partner is well and unlikely to have any problems I'd just take out a holiday insurance that excludes treatment or expenses related to Ovarian Cancer. I have a holiday insurance with my Bank but I'm not insured for anything relating to Ovarian Cancer. Some friends on the site have had bad experiences in the past where insurance companies have tried to wriggle out of legitimate claims. It means you should chose a reputable broker/agent and read the small print very carefully.

Many of us have had wonderful holidays despite the restrictions. I really do hope you feel the risks are minimal and you can still book your cruise.

best wishes. Annie


Hi Colin

I also am in remission from stage 4. Not sure where your Med cruise will take you but my husband and I travel to Europe and I've always managed to get insurance with MIA (01268 782745) for around the £100 mark for a couple of weeks and that includes my husband. They even insured me at the end of my chemo before my scan results. We have also found it astronomical if we want to go outside of Europe. So if you haven't tried them yet give them a ring.

Hope you manage to get away, you both deserve a break.

Love Chris x x

Hi Colin

Since being diagnosed four years ago have enjoyed five cruises( off again in 4 weeks). Just finished 5th line chemo so feeling really well. My Onc encourages these trips and on one occasion he let me have a treatment break to go away, and on another postponed the start of chemo with no ill effects. As far as insurance is concerned we have annual insurance with Churchill which costs under £200. But doesn't cover me for cancer. As long as we can afford to fly home if I start to feel unwell I'm very relaxed about travelling. Ive also spent two long holidays New Zealand during this time. Cruises and other holidays have helped keep me going and give me something positive to think about. . I hope you enjoy yourselves.



Hi Colin,

I use JD Travel to arrange my insurance for both my husband and I, the telephone number for them is 0844 2474749 and they cover everything but my cancer for about £70.00. They are professional and out of everyone I rang they were very good to speak to on the telephone. It gives me some kind of reassurance to have the insurance but if I feel well, I am well! I am stage 3C and have had second line chemo and found the benefits of travel and holidays something far and above anything else in terms of well being. Not sure if I expressed that very well. I am also on Avastin three week maintence and still travel, I take a load of medicines with me and was glad that I had oral morphine for my last trip as I had a bad tummy upset and found that a 5ml dose of the oral morphine settled me down again.

I have just come back from Malta and found the only thing that phased me was waiting in queues to get on the airplanes, I need to do something about that for next time. At my local airport the let me get on last after all passengers had boarded. Not so good the Malta end but I will work on this for next time.

Good luck with insurance, I remember after first line chemo feeling brilliant and then finding out about insurance and the negative message it was sending me. I have risen above this now and nothing will stop me from travelling when well! I did have to make the decision not to get cover for the cancer and my husbands take on this as is mine, is if needed we can book a flight home if I am unwell.

I know you want to go on a cruise so I wish you well with that, I have no experience of this but is it worth checking out what the medical back up is on the ship?

All the very best,



I agree with Chris I've used MIA in the past ( but I haven't been on a cruise) I shouldn't think a med cruise is too much of a risk, if you give MIA a ring they are very good and don't hard sell or anything... I have travel insurance with my bank so MIA knocked off insurance that I didn't need like baggage so it brought the price down as I was only insured by them for medical wishes love x G x

I'm off on holiday in 11 days (yippee), but am just starting to look for insurance. I think if I was ill I'd want to fly home so as long as that was covered. I'm not sure, but from my experience the OC doesn't cause any sudden immediate problems.


Pay for travel insurance at the normal rate but declare that you would not claim for any pre existing illness . It is important for your insurers to know about your cancer . I travel frequently and pay low rates . I can claim for accident , baggage , and all other illnesses that are not pre existing .

I have specifically chosen cruises because they offer their own insurance and if you book your flights through the cruise line they are covered as well. They do have a pre-existing clause but it is very broad and i have always qualified for full coverage at reasonable cost. Below is an example of their policy and it looks like your time frame would qualify you.

Pre-Existing Condition means an illness, disease, or other condition during the 60-day period immediately prior to your effective date for which you, your Traveling Companion, or Immediate Family Member who is scheduled or booked to travel with you:

1. received or received a recommendation for

a diagnostic test, examination, or medical treatment; or

2. took or received a prescription for drugs or medicine.

Item (2) of this definition does not apply to a condition which is treated or controlled solely through the taking of prescription drugs or medicine and remains treated or controlled without any adjustment or change in the required prescription throughout the 60-day period before coverage is effective under this Policy.

I have been on to money supermarket and have a quote of £25, they offer cruise cover too. Does anyone have any experience of holiday insurance with Barclaycard?


Hi All - thanks for all the responses. I've seen here and elsewhere MIA recommended but they won't quote us until after the next lot of blood results. I agree with Wendy about the attitudes of insurance companies having a really negative affect on peoples frame of mind. My partner was feeling quite positive before all the insurance company rejections, including P&Os own insurance company who refused to cover her.

We are however making progress and have got a price of under £500 from Insurance Choice ( We'll keep plugging away and try MIA after the next blood results!

Thanks again, Colin

Hi colin have not had experience of cruise specific insurance but a few years ago I used a company called MIA went we as a family went to USA and there insurance was really reasonable considering where we were going' hope this helps and enjoy your holiday x nessie

Hi have you tried Insurewith? My friend with O C has a v reasonable quote for her and famly to go to Florida and it covers the O C. Good luck with your search .


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